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  1. So my nata is doodoo I was thinking of a new character to play as well but seems like I kinda should since my damage probably not that high.
  2. So I was hoping to find a tier list for the characters in the game currently (including the new character coming if possible). And no I don't want anyone telling me play what you like since I already do that but I just wanna know character tiers. Also please give me official ones or tier lists that aren't your personal thought on them.
  3. That's great news man thank you so much for your work!
  4. So I've been trying to find an up to date guide for current nata after I returned to the game. Last I played was when tiamat was still the highest tier dungeon. So if possible I'd like to get a new skill points guide and PNA guide for nata (and if possible, gear guide too!) So I can start catching up to all the up to date nata's!
  5. This is very helpful thank you very much
  6. the title speaks for itself but i want to know how to get al the SP possible for Nata specifically. i did all the main quests except for the Lambs Bridge Keeper and Munition Factory. at Lambs Bridge Keeper im at EP 17 and Munition Factory im at EP 23. I wnated to know what other ways are there to earn more SP. I am a Level 70 Nata. Thanks for your help!
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