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  1. Satou

    Lucy's skill tune

    Anyone know what skill to tune for Lucy's mod and core? And is V tune worth on Shoes/arm/waist p.s. I was told it's your 3rd resolver skill but not sure
  2. It came back after I relog once more
  3. after I log out and logged back in, all of my golden accessories just disappeared. 1 golden glasses and 1 golen eye I'm wearing on the character Satou, and one golden glasses in my wardrobe, all gone. Not sure what else was also gone with it
  4. Wecome Agent Daya, Circle [Eon] might be a good place since we have players from new game to end-game. Give us a try if you want.
  5. I didn't try the red eyes, but with the blue eyes, it simply won't let me upgrade it.
  6. the 1800 is basically just 10 items, and 200 is 1 item. Buy 10 get 10% off, basically
  7. which mean they will have to make future event the same difficulty? since that'd be fair
  8. So if the crafting cap wasn't intended, does this mean you can pretty much get enough SP book for max all your skills? Wouldn't this be extremely unfair for the new players later, or even the later characters to even compete with the old characters.
  9. Circle's dead again </3

    1. Icarus


      We are already aware. Sorry for the inconvenience!

  10. So I created the thread right before I went to bed, and it blew up. Thanks guys.
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