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  1. Shelb

    Can't launch

    thanks everyone for the help! i got it working
  2. Shelb

    Can't launch

    i've tried all of that, and it still doesnt work. am i doing something wrong? or rather, is there anything else i can do-
  3. Shelb

    Can't launch

    https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/445122328033230848/648645260250972160/unknown.png here ya go
  4. I've tried everything suggested, even reinstalling. I keep getting the error 0xc000007b. Any other ideas? I'd really like to play.
  5. soma, she's my main on kr and i'm waiting patiently for her to get to c:c
  6. Levia for sure, possibly side-maining Tina? Not sure tbh, I'll have to see how I like her playstyle when she comes to CC.
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