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  1. had that too yesterday maybe u try to set ur network from private to public or otherway arround also try empty the contents of ur %temp% folder setting DNS to or <- this kinda worked for me but since u said it doesnt work for you its redundant also check if ur windows is up to date welp...
  2. nah i played very much only with my phone hotspot in els back than .... it didnt consume even 500mb same is with C.C so u will be fine
  3. well rather increase it just a bit ...not on par with puri... prob everyone want a higher succes rate on that gear also u have to count in the droprate in the duns were the gear drops... u cant compare that with puri anyways no one said to make the succes rate like puri .... atleast increase it like that, that it is more possible to have a succes instead of 1 month(or more) attempting to do t5
  4. hm dunno if i can put the actual link here but just search for dll-files .com (there are many sites where u can look for it but i think this is the savest from all i gess) there u can search for each dll file ur missing
  5. i had that also back then, only i did was searchin for each dll file and installed them this should fix the problem of missing dll files Edit: just put the dll files in a random folder, should work actually
  6. same here pal.... i use it since a month since i got pretty much of them from the small package but either i dont get thus
  7. well u cant donate pgc with paysafecard anymore i always did it like that ....welp u can try donate it with ur mobile phone per mobiano this works also also try it on firefox if u use mobiano cuz mobiano is well known not to work on chrome
  8. nah reinstall doesnt work had that problem too if it is a story quest just skip it and it wont happen again also try to not even click on the quest ! this will causin game crash too wait until fix or big update after the luna update the issue was fixed for me
  9. well i have the same issue but the lag is only after a few hours ......uhm like 4-5h mostly i have to relog, after that the lag is mostly gone until it comes again after few hours actually i dunno why it lags so much tho or why i also starting missing textures from costumes or the stage doesnt get loaded and it lags as hell mostly it happens in PG lol
  10. Well as the title says.... I try to get since 3 weeks a set of Modules for seulbi Still i got in these 3 weeks 2 drops Harpas module and Core What i want to ask if there is someone with the same problem Since those drops are like 3 weeks ago and the last 2 weeks i got no seulbi drops I do them everyday and still i get nothing rip
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