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  1. Can't place my characters on the furniture in my union camp. It's been like this for a long while now. Help me pls😃
  2. Uhhm everything is great enjoyed the new dungeon and the outfits and what not but really surprised you guys haven't released bod for mirae and chulsoo yet. I thought given the teaser about darkness and everything you guys would release rattus bod alongside new dark themed dungeon. Is it coming soon or no eta. Thanks!
  3. ive been having trouble connecting to the server ever since update it was working fine yesterday then now i cant connect to the server help pls
  4. Pls I have 8 more summer tokens I can't use.
  5. Crafting bot. Look for the event tab. If your levelling a Luna the 1st area craft not doesn't have it you have to get to 2nd area.
  6. You can even get 3 warp fragments per run but its rare though haha
  7. Thank you for your hard work.
  8. It depends on the character. BOD for Tina cyber levia cyber Yuri cyber seulbi. Still waiting for new swimsuits to come here on cc. Zenith wings as well planning to get that for my violet.
  9. While gearing is important cosmetics is and always will be the true endgame. My goals are to get all my characters rare outfits. Got my violet BOD and currently getting cybernetics for my harpy. Still 3 out of 6 ( RNG hates me)
  10. ummm i dont know if it was intended or not but i cant upgrade my special crew outfit to 3 stars pls help.
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