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  1. Hello, me & my friend are unable to craft the new recruit's box, despite having enough fragments, but whenever we try to choose the amount we would like to craft, it always stays at 0, no matter how many tries we attempt to change it, just in case you wish to ask, we are attempting to do so on already created characters, but are unsure if that's the exact reason why we're unable to craft it as it does say that we have one crafting attempt available.
  2. Hien

    Best core for Luna

    Yeah, my current average item level is 80 for right now, so I'm doing story quests to get it up if possible
  3. Hien

    Best core for Luna

    Ah, alright, I didn't know is all Thank you @Icarus
  4. Hien

    Best core for Luna

    Alright, though which area is the equivalent of Union HQ for the Wildh├╝ter members? Like where would that raid be at?
  5. Hien

    Best core for Luna

    The disaster core?
  6. Hien

    Best core for Luna

    I see, I didn't know which one to get, I was planning on getting the blunt core, but got the agile one instead, but i still wanted to know which one was better
  7. Hien

    Best core for Luna

    Alright, so Agile Core then, thank you
  8. Hien

    Best core for Luna

    What core is best to put on Luna, I'm trying to determine which Crater core to craft from the Ops Center Please help
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