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  1. Shkuma

    Any other J mains around?

    Woooot J mains everywhere.
  2. So I noticed the moment I abandon a quest, I automatically get disconnected from the server, this has happened multiple times.
  3. Shkuma

    Any other J mains around?

    Good to see there's others at least.
  4. I noticed J is the most unmained character in this game, is anyone else maining him besides me?
  5. Considering Mistel ignores grabs, there's no point in playing my main in PvP then lol.
  6. Aren't both of those ranged characters with huge burst damage though? Lol I'm a J main.
  7. I've played against all of the them with who I'd consider the hardest character due to his crappy range compared to the rest of the cast.
  8. He's pretty broken considering all of his moves have huge range, he can suck you in and ignore grabs, can legit set mines to get free combos and can spam dash loop and do half your health lol. He's the most broken easily.
  9. Easily the most broken character in the game. Don't play him unless you're a dick, just saying.
  10. I'm glad the staff is already working on fixing stuff the moment something goes wrong. Very efficient hard working staff displayed already.
  11. The name's Shkuma, been playing on a lot of MMOs lately, the moment I heard Closers dropped. I pounced, hope to make many friends here.
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