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  1. ok thanks for the answer.one you find the issue and is let me know so ik it is fixed and i go back to that sector.
  2. https://vimeo.com/379371436?ref=fb-v-share&fbclid=IwAR1dYy7JFItPWEs9kP-sHa0YsoFXjSGAaQKdLBvumjP-Tl3_DIoigiPMkJo
  3. did that and didn't work.apparently there are some enemies that didn't spawn
  4. in the launcher it shows diagnose and start.the diagnose to check for any missing files.i did click on it then launched it and i am unable to move sector and i did a mistake on the picture sorry about that i will fix it right now there are no enemies i go to that spot it takes me to the spawn.i go to the right side where it is actually the blue wall thing to go to the next sector but it keeps staying there.this happens after i kill the first wave of the terrorist group
  5. i did diagnose and yet i can't fix this.i don't have a clue what file i might be missing because i am running it as admin.
  6. .https://m.facebook.com/trollensten/posts/pcb.10218742856256144/?photo_id=10218742855816133&mds=%2Fphotos%2Fviewer%2F%3Fphotoset_token%3Dpcb.10218742856256144%26photo%3D10218742855816133%26profileid%3D1041776062%26source%3D49%26refid%3D17%26_ft_%3Dmf_story_key.10218742856256144%3Atop_level_post_id.10218742856256144%3Atl_objid.10218742856256144%3Acontent_owner_id_new.1041776062%3Athrowback_story_fbid.10218742856256144%3Aphoto_attachments_list.[10218742854896110%2C10218742855816133%2C10218742855456124%2C10218742855576127]%3Astory_location.4%3Astory_attachment_style.album%3Athid.1041776062%3A
  7. while in this sector i kill all the terrorists and then after it the blue arrows go nuts points to the right side and it takes me to where the bombs are where they spawned rather than load the next area,i tried escape command other sector level but same the same issue shows up.
  8. I will try that thanks i still think it show the signal icon well since im the only one using wifi right now.if it works or not (i will edit this message) it didn’t work i tried something else so far is working ok.well now i crashed and says SigsegHandler any ideas what is that? I restarted my pc and is working again (just in case i dont have a router) i did what you told me step by step, turn off pc,then go to the modem and unplug it,after that i waited 60 seconds then i turned the modem back on.i wait till all the lights are stable and then i turned my pc back on but the issue still persist
  9. as all you can see my connection is fine i didnt lost connection but i keep getting this with all my characters.i read j causes this type of crashes after some time so i got him deleted but this just keep happening.i hope it will be fixed.any further questions about this,don’t hestitate anyone to ask i dont mind answering it step by step how i get this issue.what i do know is that this is not my connection issue.Edit:this happens everyday with any character after a time also happens when i head to my home suddenly it shows that same thing and the only way it works is always closing it
  10. Ah that was necessary ok thanks i didnt know how it worked ill give my name in it.then
  11. Ok thanks ill try it out.Edit: i checked it out waited the 10 mins in discord to be able to send texts and in the end the general chat says is just to read.i can’t manage to send anyone anything in there.my only luck now is here to wait for someone to show up.still thanks for the help.
  12. Hi i have been in code closers since 2018 and i can’t manage to find anyone to team up with.if anyone is willing to play with me let me know i accept anyone.it is very difficult to get someone to play with.
  13. thanks for the reply but yesterday after i turned off pc and today on well it is working fine the sign in screen.i don't know what was the deal with Xigncode.
  14. thanks for your reply i turned off pc and well today when i turned it on it works fine i don't know what is the deal with Xigncode.
  15. when i get to 64% so far i tried J and Saito i have these two things one is when it loads i see the bar where is supposed to show the character all grey,and second it reaches to 64% and says after a long wait connection lost.if anyone can help please do so and thanks
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