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  1. hyunz

    Memory Leak

    well dude u can just stay online 2 hours after that the lag start thats why i just did daily hell and contamination =/
  2. hyunz

    failed to login to server

    do u not wrong on write the password? i got this was my password that i was mistake words
  3. hyunz

    vip status bug

    hello since i use the vip status are saying 5x ressurect capsule per day this wont give this is a kinda bug ?
  4. hyunz

    Disconnected from server

    well i got this when i first play this game i trying to spam cause i ddn have damage now i have and stop this dcs i think is depend how much u spam into this dungeon if was in hell or of is normal is a issue from game even kr have this
  5. hyunz


    someone know when this event will end? cause we get the item but if the event was a end fast we need know to use them before they remove right without saying a word
  6. hyunz

    christmas event bug?

    hit with z not with skills
  7. hyunz

    Down time?

    the bad from a private they dont give compensation like originals one i was in middle hell was around 2 week trying farm thse but always a issue if not was dc was server down for maintenance =/
  8. hyunz


    now the server was off ?unable to login
  9. hyunz

    Yod's Domain disconnect

    me too just lv 5 and lv 6 that dont give errors
  10. hyunz

    Bai First Promotion Dungeon bug

    first promotion if i recall u need to end some main to open new maps
  11. hyunz

    dc at hell

    hello guys idk how but everytime i got dc hell not just me all party and just one left to complete cause left 2 but before end i got dc i wish know how u guys get hell equips if the dc is constant at this dungeon =/ 3 weeks trying get materials and cant is so bad
  12. hello when i try open this item the game say can not use new bug at event?
  13. hyunz

    sieg v error

    cant complete soma quest well i login relogin close open again and everytime i say everytime from 3 to 3 min get this trying doing soma special agent quest login get the quest sieg v login again sieg v =/ one hour to complete these quest that the normal time was less than 4 minute sad
  14. hyunz

    new maintenance again?

    well i was middle event dg and get dc and now cant connect anyway lost the 8 items ppl are saying this event was a quick every run counts to get 500 event coin
  15. hyunz

    bug at special agent bai

    yes this error also at soma main quest too even not spaming keys =/