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  1. i see the big problem was my father was dying i know is a personal issue so is kinda sad talking about , but i try my best to login at those 6 weeks xd as u can see just one day left but is ok i try to get at another time xd
  2. hello there left one day to get the + 14 enhanced when i was login they bring new rotation haha ty so much admins never have a good event that give this enhanced when was the final day, they put maintenance to bring more cash stuffs and ......
  3. that issue is about corrupted visual c library well i study a lot of this issue and not work for me , but if u install the SO again will work
  4. Hello i was playng code as usual but the problem is char got stuck at loading screen and game wont close wont force close just a black screen i try many ways , the only work was reboot computer this is a new bug? i play normaly daily and never found this bug lol
  5. i know bout that this issue is kinda hard to fix , in the last pc i had i just fix from format my computer some dll maybe still corrupted some files.
  6. Hello we non casher expend 7 kk from open slot of this new pna is so expensive , game saying 300% credit but u just farm a low money so 60 kk for open all slot well i am not new player but what i can say is the new players will need to focus and many things , but focus on this pna they wont is so expensive unless they are cashers hope u guys put reduce the price of this .
  7. server get maintenance now
  8. all tfs have this bro maybe is a issue or they remove
  9. hyunz

    new client

    hi there, the new client is that 6g update from launcher ? i cant find that new client into site
  10. dude how u login server is now on?
  11. well hello , i can answer some questions so 11- no is normal grind need many mats from gears ( also u need find ppl to help u to u get mats alone new player is impossible - 12- some come from events - 2- i can agree nobody put good things there since the last event not much u can get some costumes from game - 1- is a private server so u need wait from them bring new contents no ETA date, 4- maybe because ure ping is high -, 9 is private bro i was answer some guy and him think i was rude but not ,
  12. agree with u but the fact is that the server is private , is not the same from official so is that how works here i play here since release if u want compensation ya know change to NA if not just stay here and wait like everyone else for events ok
  13. dude is a private server u expect compensation? haha i agree with u nobody to contact
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