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  1. Hello we non casher expend 7 kk from open slot of this new pna is so expensive , game saying 300% credit but u just farm a low money so 60 kk for open all slot well i am not new player but what i can say is the new players will need to focus and many things , but focus on this pna they wont is so expensive unless they are cashers hope u guys put reduce the price of this .
  2. server get maintenance now
  3. all tfs have this bro maybe is a issue or they remove
  4. hyunz

    new client

    hi there, the new client is that 6g update from launcher ? i cant find that new client into site
  5. dude how u login server is now on?
  6. well hello , i can answer some questions so 11- no is normal grind need many mats from gears ( also u need find ppl to help u to u get mats alone new player is impossible - 12- some come from events - 2- i can agree nobody put good things there since the last event not much u can get some costumes from game - 1- is a private server so u need wait from them bring new contents no ETA date, 4- maybe because ure ping is high -, 9 is private bro i was answer some guy and him think i was rude but not ,
  7. agree with u but the fact is that the server is private , is not the same from official so is that how works here i play here since release if u want compensation ya know change to NA if not just stay here and wait like everyone else for events ok
  8. dude is a private server u expect compensation? haha i agree with u nobody to contact
  9. well + 14 just event + 13 still selling at black market but now that is empty server ppl wont seeling not even + 12
  10. u already answer ure question at indo the latency is high so use vpn to play another games , my mate is from indo him always use vpn to play even the kr that dont need vpn bcause of high latency
  11. hyunz


    depends where u live, if u are indo maybe is the reason many indo are reporting that cant play because of lag
  12. maybe august they release something we waiting too long
  13. welcome did the new task forces will take long to rlease like 2 mths release 2 more 2 release another 2 or will come together ?
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