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  1. Alright time to reintroduce myself, Hello everyone my name is Areku! I, like many other, came from Void Elsword which sadly shut down today, I was mostly known as "Areku" in Forum and "Ibushi" Ingame. Even though it is really heartbreaking for me to see Void Elsword going, I might as well return to Code Closers after a long time. As of right now I mained Seha and Bai so far and I will definitely stay with Bai for now, as she is the most fun for me. I will be looking forward to a great time with everyone~
  2. Ohh alright I didn't knew about that thank you!
  3. So I got this problem with my Bai, I reached Lv.64 and finished the Story Quests in Planar Gate but I can't find the next Story Quest anywhere (I am currently still in EP:04 Story Quest but I skipped them because I already was a higher level) I would actually be doing Story Quests in Han High School with my Bai. So is that actually known or something?
  4. Hello there! My name is Areku, I already have been here in Code:Closers, but never considered to create a forum account. Im currently starting over (since I just forgot my username for my old account) and hope I will have a good time here!
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