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  1. For account-related concerns, please make a topic under Account Support (User-to-Staff only). Be sure to provide all required information, and give as many details as possible in regards to your situation.
  2. Yes she does. I believe the ideal is between 1.3 to 1.35 in hub.
  3. Are you wearing any timed gear, costumes, or accessories? If I remember correctly, wearing any of timed in a gear slot or a main costume/accessory slot will disqualify you from the TCP board.
  4. What specifically do you mean by "publicly display"? Are you perhaps referring to the TCP board, or is it something else? In any case, can you please provide a screenshot of what you're talking about and where it displays the zero?
  5. What specific problem are you encountering with reviving? Does the UI prompt not show up? Does it show up but the revive button doesn't work? Is it giving you an error message? etc. Does this happen with any other dungeon? If so, please list all the dungeons you've encountered this problem in. Can you please provide a screenshot of the moment you try to revive?
  6. Can you provide some more details? Do you d/c on a specific part of the dungeon, or just randomly at any point in the dungeon? Do you d/c in other dungeons as well, or just that dungeon specifically? What are your exact actions at the time of disconnect (for example: do you notice that you always d/c after a specific skill)?
  7. The image you provided is broken, please reupload. As for the item description, the "0 Evolution" is a visual error and the item should actually give the correct amount of materials.
  8. A general tip to help deal with the double hurdles: after the stage starts and before the Gremorys are done readying up, run and hide under the giant bear head. You'll want to be running in from the right side and stick as close to the bear body as possible. You'll know you're in the correct position when you are no longer able to move left. Doing this will accomplish two things. First, it'll cause both Gremorys to be aggro'ed at the same time which means their walls will overlap and you won't have to deal with double hurdles anymore. Second, it'll prevent you from being blasted to the le
  9. Welcome back and enjoy your stay, hope to see you in-game as well!
  10. You will have to ask PGC directly about this. Log into your account, click the CONTACT tab, and submit a ticket under SUPPORT SYSTEM.
  11. As far as I'm aware, that was a one-off thing coinciding with an event/holiday. On the other hand, the current calendar will remain as is for the foreseeable future. I would also like to reiterate the point that these login rewards require minimal effort to obtain. Thus, players should expect them to be a small bonus at most. Every once in a while we might hand out some really good items, but that won't be the norm.
  12. The item in question is specifically designed so that you have a low chance of getting +14. You use it the same way you use any other booster, and there's nothing that "compliments" it to increase its chances of producing +14. The reason you aren't given three normal +14 boosters instead is because that would be too OP. Keep in mind that you get these rewards simply by logging in, which takes next to no effort. The +14? boosters serve as a balanced and risk-free way to try for +14.
  13. Thank you for reporting. The points about Mirae's ZW emote are known issues and will hopefully be addressed in a future patch.
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