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  1. A general tip to help deal with the double hurdles: after the stage starts and before the Gremorys are done readying up, run and hide under the giant bear head. You'll want to be running in from the right side and stick as close to the bear body as possible. You'll know you're in the correct position when you are no longer able to move left. Doing this will accomplish two things. First, it'll cause both Gremorys to be aggro'ed at the same time which means their walls will overlap and you won't have to deal with double hurdles anymore. Second, it'll prevent you from being blasted to the left of the map by the Gremorys' shockwave which means you'll have a easier time reaching them. Do keep in mind that this strategy isn't foolproof; there's a small chance that one of the Gremorys can get delayed and they won't aggro at the same time. However, it does make the stage a lot easier to deal with (at least in my experience).
  2. Welcome back and enjoy your stay, hope to see you in-game as well!
  3. You will have to ask PGC directly about this. Log into your account, click the CONTACT tab, and submit a ticket under SUPPORT SYSTEM.
  4. As far as I'm aware, that was a one-off thing coinciding with an event/holiday. On the other hand, the current calendar will remain as is for the foreseeable future. I would also like to reiterate the point that these login rewards require minimal effort to obtain. Thus, players should expect them to be a small bonus at most. Every once in a while we might hand out some really good items, but that won't be the norm.
  5. The item in question is specifically designed so that you have a low chance of getting +14. You use it the same way you use any other booster, and there's nothing that "compliments" it to increase its chances of producing +14. The reason you aren't given three normal +14 boosters instead is because that would be too OP. Keep in mind that you get these rewards simply by logging in, which takes next to no effort. The +14? boosters serve as a balanced and risk-free way to try for +14.
  6. Thank you for reporting. The points about Mirae's ZW emote are known issues and will hopefully be addressed in a future patch.
  7. Please refer to this post:
  8. This is not intentional. It'll be looked into to see if there's a way we can make them stack.
  9. 1) Most items are limited per account while some are limited by character. You can check what the limit is by looking at the "Craft Restriction Window" which pops up when you select a craft. In the case of the SP Books, those are limited by account so you can't craft it on every character every day. 2) What you craft first depends on your priorities. If you want to focus on gearing and stats, then just craft as much as you can from the "CODE: Summer Event General" tab. That said, you can consider ignoring the following items if resources are tight: Enhancement Buff Ticket (you can get this from Code:Fusion instead) Overclocked Equalizer (the Alpha version is more important) Gremory's Common/Greater Dimensional Box (not very useful to new players) Maid Service Voucher (not very useful to new players) Gardening Voucher (not very useful to new players) It's fine if you want to craft all the pets, and it might be helpful in the long run. If you have the resources and want to craft them, then go for it. On the other hand, if you want to focus on aesthetic instead, then you might be more inclined to focus on the crafts from the "CODE: Summer Event Costumes" tab. Check the following guide to see which box gives what costume: 3) If you clear the dungeon on Skirmish 2 times and craft Bugs 15 times every day, you should have enough bugs to craft everything in either tab as often as possible and have enough left over to craft some items from the other tab. 4) The dungeon has 2 difficulties: Recon and Skirmish (the other difficulties are greyed out because they aren't meant to be accessible). Skirmish has a level requirement of 80, so if you can't access it chances are it's because your level is too low. In terms of drops, Skirmish drops 2x as much Bugs as Recon.
  10. Another few suggestions in case the others don't work: restart your computer make sure your computer is fully updated empty the contents of your %temp% folder turn off any other nearby devices that might be running interference I recently encountered this issue. After doing these four things in conjunction the issue was resolved. I don't know which one worked specifically, so maybe try them all? Hopefully they work for you but I wouldn't be surprised if they don't.
  11. Do you get any specific error message? Or does the game just automatically close as soon as you clear the dungeon? Or is some other scenario?
  12. Based on that screenshot, it's possible that some or all of the rewards have a bugged description which is causing the crashes. I'll do some tests and get back to you with the results. EDIT: Some preliminary findings on the crashes based on my tests: It doesn't seem to be caused by going through dialogue too quickly (as was suggested in your first post) since the crashes happen the moment "Mission Complete" is clicked AKA after all the dialogue is done. It doesn't seem to be caused by bugged reward descriptions as those are all working fine. It doesn't seem to be caused by the the rewards themselves, since other quests that give the same (or similar) rewards do not cause crashes, plus the rewards are still given in full despite crashing. Having gone through all the quests for Luna between Ep.29 and Ep.31 multiple times, it seems the only quests that cause a crash are "Worst Case Scenario" and "Laboratory Restoration". If I had to guess, I would say that there's something wrong with whatever code or mechanic is responsible for automatically starting the next quest when the current quest is completed, and that's what's causing the crashes. It is totally possible that the cause is something completely different with a very simple solution. That said, if my guess truly is the case, then until the issue is fixed internally the only "solution" is to bear with the crashes. Since no rewards are lost and the questline still progresses after crashing, chances are this will not be a high-priority issue. I know none of this information is really helpful, but in the interest of full disclosure I'm letting you know regardless.
  13. Can you provide screenshots of where the game gets stuck?
  14. The recommended TCP for BB2 is 99,999,999 if I'm remembering correctly, but obviously that's not an actual recommendation and more just to indicate how "hard" the raid is. In actuality, most parties look for people who have 4m TCP or higher. Some will even accept people with as low as 1m TCP. That said, rather than focusing solely on TCP, the main determinant of whether you'll survive BB2 is how well you know the patterns. You could be the most geared player ever and still die in seconds because you aren't familiar with the patterns. I recommend either getting someone to teach you or watching some videos of people doing the raid. I'm sure there are also written and visual guides out there as well, so make good use of them.
  15. Hello and welcome back! Most people are on Discord so if you need help and/or want to find a circle to join that would be a great place to start. The link can be found here:
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