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  1. I get this from time to time as well and almost always the solution is as simple as power cycling my connection. I find that the icon is unreliable, to the point where it will still indicate a strong and stable connection despite my internet being completely dead.
  2. Just wanted to let you know that Soma's package also comes with hair.
  3. Yep; the old team lead stepped down and was replaced, and also several new people were added to the staff team. Besides the staff shift, we had a massive content update and a decent summer event. Gacha rotations are also happening on more of a consistent schedule now. Player suggestions and concerns are also being addressed a bit more frequently than before.* Since there's no event going on most people are just doing dailies and/or leveling alts. Server population varies from "ghost town" to "can't see myself in this sea of people" depending on channel and time, though on average it's pretty tame. Server stability is doing well, and the staff is doing maintenance more consistently than before. Future prospects for content is also relatively promising.* There should be few things, if any, where the translation is so bad that you cannot understand even a semblance of what is written. In fact, the most part, translations are decent. There are a few hiccups here and there, and certain things are worded very awkwardly. Also some things are just outright not translated. That said, none of this should affect your gameplay. It's as it's always been; you don't need to pay to do well in the game. Paying helps, of course, but not paying doesn't automatically disqualify you from being able to get anywhere. There are tons of people who don't pay a single cent yet are still rocking it in endgame. In addition, just about everything you can get by paying will be given away for free at some point in the form of events. Basically, the benefit of paying is to be able to avoid having to wait for an event (which are few and far between, maybe 2~4 per year).* The latest content we have is Beelzebub raid, which means we are about 4 major updates behind KR (Puri 2, Busan 1, Beelzebub 2, Busan 2). In this case, a "major" update is anything that changes the meta in terms of gear and equips. I've never played Closers NA so I can't really say. But based on what I've heard, C:C is has lot less paywall. C:C also has a few custom crafts and items that other servers don't. *These things are mostly or fully based on my opinions and experiences. Other players might disagree, and if they do they can feel free to express that.
  4. Did your costume pieces disappear? Or are they simply not appearing when you try to use Dark Synchro Fiber? If it's the latter, can you check to see if the pieces appear if you use a different type of Synchro Fiber?
  5. You have to manually put the pieces into the slots by navigating to the Base/Fodder tab and right-clicking on the pieces you want to use for conversion. When doing conversion, at least one of the pieces must be for your character. If nothing is appearing under the Base tab, it is because there are either no costumes or no usable costumes available for your character. Furthermore, nothing will appear under the Fodder tab until you put something into the Base slot.
  6. Crit damage does not ignore defense, sorry if I somehow conveyed that idea in what I wrote. The thing about crit damage is that there is as hidden stat which defends against crit damage, and the only way to bypass that stat is through debuffs from certain characters' skills. The thing about crit damage stats is that they aren't normalized, making them a lot more efficient to build. Crit damage stats also tend to have higher values in their tunes than other stats. The forums are kinda dead because everyone is on Discord. Link can be found here:
  7. The most relevant hidden stat is [Crit Resistance], which decreases the amount of damage taken from critical hits. Even though this is a defensive stat, it cannot be bypassed by True Damage and can only be lowered through debuffs from skills. There are also a bunch of other defensive stats that aren't listed in details, but they are mostly irrelevant. In terms of stat caps, the only ones that are confirmed to have a cap are [Cost Reduction] and [Cooldown Reduction]; both of these stats cap at 40%. However, this is a soft cap meaning the game will still allow you to stack the stat over 40% but doing so will not yield any actual effects. Though none of the other stats have (confirmed) caps, a lot of them are normalized. This means that the higher the stat is, the less effective subsequent increases will be. This mechanic is most relevant when it comes to [Damage During Empowered State] and [A/B/C Damage]; all of these stats are normalized, therefore the higher they are the more difficult it will be to increase them. It is for this reason that you ought to focus on critical damage stats instead, since those are not normalized. [Phys/Psi Power] also isn't normalized, and should in most cases be prioritized as it is the basis for all damage you do. In terms of [Defense Penetration], the stat does exactly what it says, it penetrates the enemy's defenses; it allows your attacks to ignore that percentage of your enemy's [Phys/Psi Defense] stat. It does not, however, do anything against [Damage Reduction] or [Critical Resistance]. When it comes to seeing the effect of reduction stats, the numbers in your skills' descriptions will change in real time with those stats. If you aren't seeing changes, the reason is either because you've gone over the soft cap or you have a skill that is unaffected by either stat. As I mentioned above, the only stats with confirmed caps are the reduction stats. I personally don't see a point in removing the cap and doing so could definitely lead to a lot of gamebreaking stuff, but feel free to suggest it if you want. Aside from that, what sets C:C aside from officials stat-wise is the 300% bonus EXP/Item/Credit rate. I hope this answers your question, and if anyone else reading notices any mistakes in what I have written please point them out.
  8. Yes that's exactly how it works. It goes something like: you trade them seals > they seal the item > they trade you the sealed item for your money. On that note, please be aware that there are an increasing number of cases where people are getting scammed out of things like seals so it is in your best interest to record the entire trade.
  9. If I'm understanding correctly, you're upset because the staff changed the daily reward rotation before you could get the last +14. If that is the case, then all I have to say is that the rotation was specifically set to 6 weeks (42 days) so that everyone had a fair chance of getting every daily reward. It was also no secret at all that daily rewards would be rotated today; they told us right from the start that the rotation would last 6 weeks, and even reminded us 2 weeks ago that the rotation would be ending 2 weeks from then AKA today. Not only did you have more than enough time to get everything, you were literally given the exact timeframe of the rotation. The staff kept their word and rotated it exactly when they said they would. Blame them all you want, but this one is all on you.
  10. Not sure if anyone has mentioned this before, but it's been an issue for as long as I can remember: the animated parts on Crimson Rocket Wings become misplaced when worn by certain characters, specifically WH characters besides Wolfgang. It seems fine on every other character, tho I haven't tested this to be sure.
  11. Rulebook

    Hi People

    Hello, welcome, and enjoy your stay!
  12. As you can see, it very clearly states in the description that the box is unusable. For the record, none of the costume boxes for this event will work on Seth because none of these costumes exist for Seth (yet).
  13. The Yuri emote thing is something that many players are experiencing (myself included). I think the devs will need to address that one and there's nothing much we as players can do. As for the server kicks, that is most likely a clientside thing. Depending on what prompts show when you get kicked, it's either a memory issue or a connection issue. Alternatively, it could also be that one of the files is malfunctioning so perhaps a diagnosis would help.
  14. You must complete all the main missions in order to progress in Puri. Chances are you completed the missions for Yod/Nito but not for Tindalos/Harpas.
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