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  1. Rulebook

    Code closers feature(s)

    The OA costume from Code:Fusion is upgradeable (though I'm not sure if this is true for all characters), and many event costumes are as well.
  2. Rulebook

    Code closers feature(s)

    Code:Fusion would probably be the biggest thing. It's a way to craft stuff for free that would otherwise be difficult to obtain and/or cost money. It also lets you craft permanent versions of OA/SA costumes. Several other custom crafts have also been added here and there which make certain otherwise-expensive things cheaper and easier to get. iirc the SA quest has also been nerfed so that you need less materials to complete it. We also get events from time to time which let you craft consumables and costumes for free that would otherwise cost a fair bit of money to obtain.
  3. Rulebook

    Costume Synthesis question

    100% with 2-star costumes is only on Brilliant Synchro Fiber, and is only available for Wildhunter characters.
  4. Rulebook

    Rep 11 potion

    The description is inaccurate on that item. You use the item by right-clicking on it, and using it will recover 11 Fatigue. The item cannot be used while your Fatigue is full.
  5. Rulebook

    Soma transition bug

    Does this only happen on certain maps, or every map? Also, would it be possible to screenshot the moment where she sinks into the ground?
  6. Rulebook

    No voice or SFX

    VOICE_DAT is a folder that's needed only if you want to install voice mods. The folder should not be there by default. I suggest you check the game's sound settings to see if anything was perhaps unintentionally muted. Be sure to click "Apply" after you're done, even if you didn't make any changes.
  7. Rulebook

    Costume Synthesis question

    Can confirm that BoD merge is currently at 100% success rate for both 2-star and 3-star costumes. Not sure if this was intended but this is how I got 6/6 Soma.
  8. Rulebook

    Hello hello!

    Welcome to the server! To answer your questions: Endgame is basically just running dungeons and fighting bosses in order to collect materials which you can use to craft/improve progressively stronger gear. Endgame is currently considered to be [PG: Deep] and [Wolfgang Program]. Costume cubes only give costumes for the character that opens it. Also, costume cubes do NOT contain accessories unless specifically stated. Run dungeons together, do PvP together, spar, start a Circle, pretty much the typical stuff you'd expect from an MMO. Permanent SA costumes can be crafted through Code:Fusion, which is this server's custom crafting system.
  9. Rulebook

    A few questions about the game

    (1) Like Esther said, there's the Black Market (BM) for you to put your items up for sale in. A few things to note about the BM: It's not actually like an auction house since the price is set by you and there is no bidding process. It taxes you and a portion of your profits will automatically be deducted upon making a successful sale. Not all costumes can be put on the BM, and not all costumes require seals to be put on the BM. (2) Again like Esther said, you can use the Account Bank (AB) to transfer costumes. A few things to note about your AB: Costumes do not become unsealed if you remove it from your AB; costumes only become unsealed after being equipped, traded, or bought from the BM. There is no cost or penalty associated with putting things into or removing costumes from your AB. Not all costumes can be put in your AB, not all costumes require seals to be put in your AB, and some costumes require "Gremory Boxes" to be put in your AB.
  10. Since the matter has been resolved, I would like to request a lock @Icarus @Lan @N I C O.
  11. My mistake; I had not considered that SF was female-only. I did both gachas, but the majority was SF so I guess that explains it.
  12. Is it just me or are gacha rates nerfed for the new rotation? I did 60 gacha spins yesterday; every 10 spins yielded 4 to 5 costume pieces on average. I did 80 gacha spins today; every 10 spins yielded 3 costume pieces at most and there were several times where I didn't get a single piece. I also didn't get any filler accessories yesterday, whereas today I received almost as many filler accessories as I did costume pieces. Has anyone else had a similar experience with gacha? I feel like maybe the devs accidentally changed the rates during the rotation process, but I first want to make sure that this isn't just something that only I'm experiencing. Whether or not gacha rates feel nerfed to you, let me know please and thank you!
  13. Rulebook

    Portrait for Spring Fairy

    Version A Version B Version C Didn't include portraits for the characters you didn't ask for because images are massive and I didn't feel like resizing. Also don't know what "ss of model" means so didn't do anything about that.
  14. Rulebook

    [Discussion] 0x62 - Christmas Festival

    Well the event is over now and let me just say it was the best C:C event (I've taken part in) to date. I've mentioned this before, and other people have mentioned it since, but I feel it's worth repeating: this event was super generous. Having unlimited access to Dark ZW was great, having daily VIP/voucher crafting was awesome, having a +14 was a meme dream come true, but having all of that and more in a single event was just unbelievable. Besides that, Spooky Converters dropping in dungeons was the best thing ever and I definitely would love to see more of that in the future. I got two SS tunings out of them and that was pretty much the highlight of the entire event for me. One thing I would like is for Spooky Converters to be bank-shareable, but I won't get into that here. I don't know what the next event will be, but if it's anything like the Christmas event then I'm super looking forward to it. Obviously I don't expect as much stuff from every other event as we got from this one (it was for Christmas after all). That said, I feel like this event has set a good precedent for future events.
  15. Rulebook

    donation page typo

    There's a typo with the main site's donation page: The circled value is missing a zero; it should be 21000.