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  1. Violet said that gacha costumes without any additional features would be added to the IM. Since most of the new KR gacha costumes have portraits (AKA an additional feature), they would not be added to the IM based on what Violet said. On the other hand, we have had (and currently still have) costumes in the IM with portraits, so anything is possible I guess. If I may voice a suggestion, what I think the devs should do is put one version of each costume on IM and have the other versions be gacha-only. That's a compromise that I would be 100% okay with.
  2. The devs say they're working on content but we have yet to see even a glimpse of the final product. It has been literal months since any significant update has taken place, and even the most recent announcement is mere days away from being a full month old. So I guess in that sense, the server is pretty dead. I don't blame you, nor will I stop you, if you decide to ditch CC due to it being "dead". That said, just know that our events usually require the use of multiple high-level characters to get the most out of. If you don't put in the time now to level a few characters, then don't come complaining later on when an event pops up and you can't take part in it. I say this only because people have complained about it in the past, and towards these people nobody ever feels any sense of pity or remorse.
  3. afaik this is a known issue with not current fix. Luckily, you are not prevented from progressing to later regions as long as your level is high enough.
  4. Like you said, every char can solo everything and it's almost entirely dependent on gear. Of course, certain chars are better at certain things than others (and certain other char are just better in general). It is good to have one of every char for their teamwork passives, but leveling your main should be priority of course. As for tips, what I usually do is to just always run the highest level dungeon possible. However, if a high level dungeon takes longer to do than a lower level dungeon, it might be faster for leveling to just spam the lower level dungeon until you can do the higher level dungeon faster. There are also potions and various buffs which increase EXP gain. I don't play J so I can't answer this one. Hope this helps at least somewhat!
  5. The official term is "donate", but yeah Bits can be purchased with PGC. Consult the donation guide for more details. The best free costumes are typically obtainable during events as craftable rewards. Events have not set schedule and the most recent one ended 4 months ago, so it's not exactly the most reliable thing. Besides that, the only other option would be Code:Fusion (can get Base, OA, SA, NPC, and Kindergarten sets). Two reasons. First is that most people are on Discord now and hardly anyone ever uses the forums anymore. You can find a link to the Discord here. The second reason is that a lot of people are on hiatus due to the fact that there hasn't been an event in 4 months. The devs are (apparently) hard at work on some "custom content", but they've been dead silent about the entire ordeal and this has caused a lot of players to lose interest. They'll probably be back if/when the content finally hits, though. Either way, welcome to the forums, I encourage you to join the Discord, and I hope to see you in-game!
  6. Check the game's visual settings to see if everything is as it should be. Besides that, it might be a client-side issue as I personally have never encountered this problem before.
  7. Cuz something went wrong. Not an update, just a crash.
  8. Nope, servers are down. It's being worked on but of course there's no ETA.
  9. I recall having this issue some time in the past. I believe what worked for me was to relog but unequip everything first (make sure to keep your stuff somewhere safe).
  10. Welcome to the server! If you ever need help, you can find helpful guides and if not you're always free to ask. Also, consider joining the Discord server as it's a more fast and direct way to get answers and meet people.
  11. Free costumes that are unique to C:C include the following: from Code:Fusion Base/OA/SA set Kindergarten set NPC set from Events an array of costumes which match the given event's theme typically at least one reward set is a cash shop or gacha set Do keep in mind that not all costumes will be available for all characters. Also keep in mind that events are semi-rare and non-permanent so you'll need to act fast if you want to reap the rewards.
  12. Unfortunately, I don't know how to resolve your issue. However, I can say that that using the in-game video capture is inadvisable since it lags the game (at least ime). I would recommend using an external software if you want to record your screen, perhaps something like OBS.
  13. Did you find this in C:C? If so, chances are it's some unobtainable and unusable item that the devs forgot to remove when they were implementing an official content update. If not, then I really can't say.
  14. Short version: Everyone's in endgame. Long version: Server population fluctuates quite a bit. There are around 50 to 100 regulars on any given day, and most of us are in endgame dungeons. There's also a large number of casual players (at least twice as many as there are regulars by my estimates) who play every few days or only on the weekends. Then there are the ones who only show up when there's an event going on and disappear at every other time. This crowd is probably the same size (and perhaps even larger) as regulars and casuals combines. The upshot of all this is that you probably won't encounter many other players until you reach PG.
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