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  1. Gear progression goes something like this: clear the quests in Dimension Ops Center to get Disaster gear run David and Irina in Guro Station once each to get I/D gear (should come in a box after you clear them for the first time) clear quests in Planar Gate and farm crafting materials to get Extreme gear start farming Purification Ops Center for Puri gear get a core and transcend it to max mods are optional based on whether or not you want to buy a Valhalla mod set get the recommended Nito receiver for your character and transcend it to max you can either farm the lv83 trinket set first, or go directly to the lv87 trinket set if you can find carries alternatively, like Freir suggests, you can skip points 1. and 2. in the above section and start working on BB gear right away get a core and mods and transcend them to max get a trigger set (red is the crowd favorite but orange is also a viable option) and transcend it to max after reaching around 2.5m to 3m tcp, start farming Busan raids for crafting mats so that you can craft Busan gear farm Misook for mod (you can also get the receiver but some people see it as a waste of resources) farm Untouchable for trinket set And that's basically about it. It's pretty bare-bones but that's more or less the gear progression given the current meta. By the end of it all your gear should be as follows: - BB core - 2/2 BB mods + Busan mod or Hell mod v2 - 3/3 red or orange trig set - Nito or Busan receiver - 3/3 Puri87 trinket set + 3/3 Busan trinket set
  2. If the modding process does not have you unpacking/repacking/replacing any of C:C's core gamefiles then it's fine. Typically, voice mods are as simple as dragging and dropping a folder containing the voices into the game directory, and in these cases there are no concerns.
  3. The gacha is character-specific in that you will only ever get pieces for the character that uses the Converter. However, the Converter itself can be bankshared so it's not stuck on the character that claims it from exploration. Take a look at the exploration tab in your UC Room. On any given day, there is a chance that the explorations Demon King Bitna and Demon King WM will have an item called Gold Bow Converter as a reward. This Converter is basically the "special gacha" you're referring to; it's a single-use item which yields a single reward when used. Demon King Bitna unlocks when you hire Maid Celine, and Demon King WM unlocks if you hire Maid Celine for 30+ days.
  4. Rulebook


    Assuming you mean rare costumes, you can either buy them from other players or try merging them for yourself. Tutorial here (slightly outdated but still mostly accurate): As for rare accessories, the only F2P ways of getting them are: buying them off another player, waiting for an event where they are an event reward, or winning a contest where Bits are the reward then doing gacha for them.
  5. Rulebook

    BM Bug

    Try sorting your Purchase History by the different tabs (status, date, etc.) and see if it turns up in there, since items that were sold or have expired might not show up on the first page based on how it's sorted.
  6. Rulebook

    BM Bug

    What was the nature of the disconnect; were there any prompts or error messages, did the game just end itself without warning, or was it something else? Also, when exactly did you disconnect; right as you put the item on the BM before registering, during the registration process, right after registering and confirming, et cetera?
  7. If you haven't already, try setting your name as something else instead. Try a variety of different names and see if that helps.
  8. The box is indeed bugged at the moment; all of the items given are time-limited for some reason and expire almost immediately. The issue has been noted and is being looked into.
  9. Server is experiencing unexpected downtime. Please be patient while the staff address the issue.
  10. The server is currently experiencing some unexpected downtime for reasons unrelated to what OP was experiencing. Please be patient as the staff work to fix the issue.
  11. I can't say for certain, but probably not.
  12. As you said yourself, the costume boxes clearly indicate that they are unusable. You did not need to craft them in order to realize this since you can read their descriptions by simply hovering your cursor over them. Unfortunately these costumes were created before Seth was released so they simply do not exist for her. If you want you can keep a few boxes to see if these sets do eventually release for her, at which time the boxes might be usable on her. There are no guarantees, of course, and chances are probably slim at best.
  13. Please refrain from double-posting. Instead, edit the original post instead if you have something you'd like to add. As for the saplings, we are aware of the issue surrounding them and are looking into it. Apologies for the inconvenience.
  14. It has something to do with how the game registers timezones. Changing your timezone to GMT +1 then relaunching the game should resolve this problem.
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