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  1. Rulebook

    wont load servers

    Cuz something went wrong. Not an update, just a crash.
  2. Rulebook

    is the server working?

    Nope, servers are down. It's being worked on but of course there's no ETA.
  3. Rulebook

    Total combat power

    I recall having this issue some time in the past. I believe what worked for me was to relog but unequip everything first (make sure to keep your stuff somewhere safe).
  4. Rulebook

    Hello Everyone

    Welcome to the server! If you ever need help, you can find helpful guides and if not you're always free to ask. Also, consider joining the Discord server as it's a more fast and direct way to get answers and meet people.
  5. Rulebook

    free costumes ?

    Free costumes that are unique to C:C include the following: from Code:Fusion Base/OA/SA set Kindergarten set NPC set from Events an array of costumes which match the given event's theme typically at least one reward set is a cash shop or gacha set Do keep in mind that not all costumes will be available for all characters. Also keep in mind that events are semi-rare and non-permanent so you'll need to act fast if you want to reap the rewards.
  6. Rulebook

    Change screenshot path

    Unfortunately, I don't know how to resolve your issue. However, I can say that that using the in-game video capture is inadvisable since it lags the game (at least ime). I would recommend using an external software if you want to record your screen, perhaps something like OBS.
  7. Rulebook

    Green Coins

    Did you find this in C:C? If so, chances are it's some unobtainable and unusable item that the devs forgot to remove when they were implementing an official content update. If not, then I really can't say.
  8. Rulebook

    How many active players are on this server?

    Short version: Everyone's in endgame. Long version: Server population fluctuates quite a bit. There are around 50 to 100 regulars on any given day, and most of us are in endgame dungeons. There's also a large number of casual players (at least twice as many as there are regulars by my estimates) who play every few days or only on the weekends. Then there are the ones who only show up when there's an event going on and disappear at every other time. This crowd is probably the same size (and perhaps even larger) as regulars and casuals combines. The upshot of all this is that you probably won't encounter many other players until you reach PG.
  9. Rulebook

    Newbie, Looking for Friends

    The "Official Guides" and "General Guides" sections should provide some good starting information in terms of characters and gameplay. If there's anything you want to know about that hasn't already been covered there, feel free to ask in the latter section.
  10. Rulebook

    Newbie, Looking for Friends

    Welcome to C:C! If you ever need help with anything in-game, I'll be happy to help whenever/however I can!
  11. Rulebook

    Is Athena Set Still Worthy?

    Athena's value has dropped to the point where it's literally not worth the seals required to put it on BM. All variants of the set are now inferior to current endgame gear, and by a large margin at that. As for what to do now, if you play a Hybrid character and don't yet have a Puri core, then maybe use that Athena core for the time being. Otherwise, just bank it or something.
  12. Rulebook

    Rare 4/4

    This already exists; you can get a 4/4 Zenith box through Code:Foundation.
  13. Rulebook

    Tina's Transparent Dimensional Hair

    Unfortunately, a lot of items are currently missing from the Item Mall. This includes Tina's Transparent Dimensional Hair. Rest assured that these items will be added eventually. However, there is #NoETA and chances are it will be later rather than sooner. For now, just be patient.
  14. Rulebook

    question about tina

    I recommend following this post (it's the last post in the topic you linked): Only thing I would change about that post is to use HP (Rate) for Defense Combine/Mutate Strains, since True Damage can ignore damage reduction. That said, tbh really doesn't matter what you pick since most enemies you're going to go up against are either weakling or can one-hit-kill you.
  15. Rulebook

    question about tina

    I recommend replacing Eagle Eye with Backstabber. Backstabber (at Lvl. 5 Godly) gives +20% Back Attack damage and +27.5% Back Attack crit damage. In other words, it increases your damage output more than Eagle Eye does. Don't worry about the damage being only for Back Attacks; Tina can get behind enemies with ease, plus many of her skills force-trigger Back Attack.