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  1. awesome, thanks mate
  2. i wanna know the procces to enhance a gear from +14 to +17, i heard you can use vaccines and the fever buff, but i really cant get it in my mind, does anyone have a in depth guide into enhance all the way to +16 or +17? the safer way, since i have hit that tcp wall when the only way to increase tcp is to enhance above +14 the gear.
  3. i play in windowed mode to fix it.
  4. i think you farm the most of them in TP busan, and any dungeon in busan, but you get the most of it in tp.
  5. so how is she compared to bai?
  6. This one have a chance to raise one of your gear to +14, and there is a chance that do not increase your gear to +14, is a 50/50 thing.
  7. imo seth and bai dont have cons, only pros, play them and you will see why.
  8. you can just focus on doing all the yellow quest if you want to level up fast, but i recommend you to do the blue ones since some of them reward you with skillbooks, after you finished the story questline (or have unlocked purification plus raid stuff) go and read this gear up guide https://codeclosers.to/forums/index.php?/topic/8778-a-more-detailed-explanation/ that guide is up to date but if you need information about any specific stuff in the game you can drop me a message in discord: Bolsa#7371
  9. usually endgame player log in just after reset comes, thats when there are the most people in the server and on the night, when like 40mins or 1 hr left for the reset remains.
  10. that was usefull, i used to wait like 2 hours after reset for a bbraid group, since i could not host one by myself, now thats abou to change
  11. Bolsa

    New tina player

    check this guide mate that guide is not 100% complete since it lacks the other pna build, plus new gear atm, but thats a head start, i main tina too, if you want a more in depth guide about her you can pm me ingame my ign is: Banila, and if you have discord you can add me there too: Bolsa#7371, and welcome to closers
  12. you know hibrid char dosent need to have high attack, they show low attk but theyr dmg output is higher than others single phys/mag attk chars.
  13. Bolsa

    two newbie

    spanish here, add me in discord: Bolsa#7371, and ingame: Banila , will help you out with dailies whever you are online
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