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  1. Bolsa

    wont load servers

    server is offline, no ETA atm
  2. Bolsa

    Xigncode Error 0xE0191009

    that happened to my once, not the same error code but after i reinstalled completely, the error was gone, try reinstalling.
  3. Bolsa

    Soma Dark Zenith

    just bought the dark zenith box, but i cant customize my dile animation n stuff, is it bugged ro something? cause instead of the names there are some wierd squares.
  4. Bolsa

    purification receiver?

    do i need a party or can i clear it solo? im on 33k ap atm.
  5. Bolsa

    purification receiver?

    im starting to see some people with those equipped, anyway to get one of it?
  6. Bolsa

    About bugged preservatives

    carefull don't get one of those items pregnant
  7. Bolsa

    SigsegvHandler Error

    a work around to evade this error, is to slowly accept and finish the quest in tiamat's quest, seriusly, wait like 1 to 3 sec to accept the quest and 1 to 3 secs to finish the quest, this is the only work arround i found to it, dont just smash the z and x key to finish fast. xd
  8. Bolsa

    Why do not I see the mission ???

    that one is bugged, just go to a zone in your level range for now, thats the only way to level up bai and soma for what i can see.
  9. Bolsa

    Bai Receiver Slot

    you get the quest to unlock the receiver in Dimensional Op Center, i think you need to be level 80 to be able to go in there, once you are there take all the quest in that area, the quest marker to unlock the receiver is green, once you clear out that quest you will be able to use your receiver :), and regarding to the quest bug, just do dungeon that are on your level range, you should level up faster than finishing up the main quest ones.
  10. Bolsa

    puri hell

    whenever im online i stay in planet gate waiting for someone calling for help onto something, i must say not many ppl do that, not even in this server, did you try moving onto another channel and so on?, also if you want help you can add me in discord : Bolsa#7371, just call me out there and ill go help ya
  11. Bolsa

    contamination crystal

    the gremory box is expensive tho xd
  12. Bolsa

    Eugi Weist, Reporting for Duty!~

    welcome back, hope you enjoy your stay in this sever agent
  13. Bolsa

    Luna/Aegis JP Voice(Updated)

    np mate
  14. Bolsa

    Luna/Aegis JP Voice(Updated)

    you need to create a folder called VOICE_DAT inside DAT folder, the DAT folder is located inside your closers instalation path, after that you can paste all the voice files inside the VOICE_DAT folder
  15. Bolsa

    Luna/Aegis JP Voice(Updated)

    you need to create it, it must be created inside closers DAT folder, once you are inside the DAT folder, create another folder called VOICE_DAT, then you can place all the voice audio there.