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  1. every character is good in pve, but some of them excels in pve mode, i must say that the ones that are op in pve are: Soma,Tina,Yury,SIlvi, but the most op one is Bai. given then all a try, they are all fun to play with, but if you plan on getting your hands in pvp dont pick bai, since she is banned in pvp for now
  2. Bolsa

    Skill reset

    once you level up the game gives you boxes which have coins that let you exchange your skill points for free, the other way around is that here you can get a lot of credit in 1 hour or less,.
  3. bai all the way, too much speed
  4. in the meantime you can do dailies, get some $$ and prepare for what its coming :), thats what i do.
  5. run the diagnose, that works as ¨look for update¨ button
  6. server is offline, no ETA atm
  7. that happened to my once, not the same error code but after i reinstalled completely, the error was gone, try reinstalling.
  8. just bought the dark zenith box, but i cant customize my dile animation n stuff, is it bugged ro something? cause instead of the names there are some wierd squares.
  9. do i need a party or can i clear it solo? im on 33k ap atm.
  10. im starting to see some people with those equipped, anyway to get one of it?
  11. carefull don't get one of those items pregnant
  12. a work around to evade this error, is to slowly accept and finish the quest in tiamat's quest, seriusly, wait like 1 to 3 sec to accept the quest and 1 to 3 secs to finish the quest, this is the only work arround i found to it, dont just smash the z and x key to finish fast. xd
  13. that one is bugged, just go to a zone in your level range for now, thats the only way to level up bai and soma for what i can see.
  14. Bolsa

    Bai Receiver Slot

    you get the quest to unlock the receiver in Dimensional Op Center, i think you need to be level 80 to be able to go in there, once you are there take all the quest in that area, the quest marker to unlock the receiver is green, once you clear out that quest you will be able to use your receiver :), and regarding to the quest bug, just do dungeon that are on your level range, you should level up faster than finishing up the main quest ones.
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