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  1. How do I level faster? Quests or just doing straight DGs? just to the yellow quest which are the main story line, you can also complete the green ones on the way since those reward you with some materials and accesories, and some good equipment to help you on your journey What is the level capp? 83 How do I get costumes? buying bits for the gacha, or buy them from the bm, can be crafted too but those are quite limited in stats How do I farm for gold? once you get to the last level you can do the dailies-puri zone- and pgs zone, or buy bits and sell them for in-game money, selling you constumes, materials also helps too.
  2. well, this server is like 99% pve and 1% pvp if im right.
  3. Bolsa

    Bai's attack speed bugged?

    the one that matters is the one that is on your ¨Details¨ window.
  4. puri is still above bb core since it have the awakening skill, id say go for the puri core for now
  5. thats normal in this game, have a gtx 1060 6gb, 16gb ram, i7 7700, i have to restart the game every once in a while to get rid of that.
  6. Bolsa


    welcome and hope you enjoy your stay in this awesome server
  7. looks like they reset on friday
  8. Bolsa

    BB core

    Is it worth using the +14 booster on the bb core?, And why it doesn't have the awakening skill?
  9. Event time limit? How much til the end of the event?
  10. yes, they all work, you just need to equip de purification gear in order to obtain the awakened skills
  11. i read that harpy was talking about some items that they forgot to remove, but they are available to be crafted in the event machine ¨ We will be addressing those pieces of gear that have been added to the event. Though we intended it to be on the more rare side, we have missed the marked with it and we apologize. For the time being, we have completely removed it from the crafting event. ¨ i have checked the crafting machine but i dont see any item being removed or something, do they remove it or are planing to do it?
  12. you can see his mom at purification center at side of the bm
  13. Bolsa

    Seth guide

    currently Base/OA/SA cant be upgraded atm or who knows until unless...
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