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  1. please stop typing in bright colors its hard to read ;-; ^ ok so...I honestly think it's too much work for something they might have problems with afterwords... it's not something in my opinion that will make things better either.. I just didn't like the idea I guess..I rather it not being released
  2. I got both, but I don't think I'll still be up by the time you're back. just conculated our timezones... just try adding me and if not today then whenever we happened to be at the same time; I change my sleeping hours all the time
  3. Soo...I seriously need some pepole for PG-10... I don't have any PG wep yet and my medusa wep will disappear in less than 6 days... And the circle bug just makes it even worst for me to find a party.. SO, if anyone will be as kind to add me (Gasp) and form a party with me it would be nice .w. I rather it not be just a one time party but actually adding each other and do them daily, at least till we all can chat with our circle again...
  4. Gasp

    Pet Evolution

    oooohh, didn't do any TIamat dungeons yet so it makes sense I didn't knew what is was now.. Thank you!
  5. Sorry if this seems kind of noob, but I have no idea what this item is and how I can get it ;w;
  6. Gasp


    Welcomeee! Hope you enjoy your stay! ♥
  7. Gasp


    Heey! Welcome to the game and the forums, hope you enjoy your stay ♥
  8. Welcome to the forums! Hope you enjoy the game~
  9. oh thank you guys, I should have figured I could dismantle the 1* costume to get it... and now to the final question....what dungeon is best to farm some usuless accesories? owo
  10. Ok, so on my last post on this subject I asked how can I get those without crafting it with tokens. I got an answer saying I should upgrade a 1* costume piece and then dismantle it, and by that getting the Advanced Phase Fiber I needed. but now I got into another problem. I run out of the Common Phase FIber; the one used to upgrade the 1* costume piece.... How do I get more Common Phase Fiber? qAq if there is more than one way you know about please type it all. thank you for reading~
  11. So apperently those are not tradable so I can't buy any at the black market and I have no idea how to get them... I tried at the crafting robot but it cost 10 of both light tokens which seems sooo not worth the price is that the only way of getting those? if not, what other way there is?
  12. Goodbye, be sure to come back when Tina's out!
  13. Welcome to the fourms! Hoping you're having a good time!
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