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  1. Hey Kaideh, the purification weapons (trans) success chance  has been increased or does this remain the same as before? I heard someone say that trans weap in KR has become easier.  Sorry for bothering you. D:

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    2. Kaideh


      I don't remember the exact names tbh, but I know that from T1 to T5 to Puri and BB that's 100%. From T5 to T7 (?) is not a 100% anymore.

    3. Shokudaikiri Mitsutada

      Shokudaikiri Mitsutada

      Oh, ok. Thanks again. ^__^

    4. Kaideh


      You are welcome! :3

  2. Welcome back. I love this gif; haha Cirno's Super Kick.
  3. Damn.. My bad.. D: I just came here quickly to congratulate you and I didn't even read what you posted. D: Well.. Good to know we're going to have a good Field Officer here. <33
  4. Huh. Wait.. Are you... a girl? ∑(゚Д゚lll
  5. Closers have memory leak issues. You need to restart whenever the game starts causing FPS drops.
  6. In KR server trans stones are 100%? I haven't been following KR server in years. Shet.
  7. Ty. I will check out Noe channel. - A dude posted this on FB Closers Global group: reinforce Reorganizationheavy failure, disappear , reset reinforce <-- all deleteAnd new Vaccine is prevent reinforce -1+17 is only apply to Final item(king of fly)
  8. Nice; Does the KR server have costume preview when they are boxed? I'm tired of sending images of costume set to my friend. Shet.. About the KR enchant revamp is it true that this no longer destroys the equipment?
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