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  1. Nico-senpai ❤️

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    2. Souji「薄桜鬼 」
    3. Moe


      lately i didnt see you playing CC again. how are you doing ? XD

    4. Souji「薄桜鬼 」

      Souji「薄桜鬼 」

      Haha;  I've been offline these days because my old PC was annihilated. Now I have a new one and I can play again. ヽ(^▽^)ノ

  2. Hey Nico who is the girl in your sig?
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    2. Moe


      its written in my contest. 
      "If you've won and haven't received your bits within a week, please contact Violet!" 
      i believe it will take a week. 

    3. Souji「薄桜鬼 」

      Souji「薄桜鬼 」

      Okay. Thanks Nico-senpai ❤️

    4. Moe


      no worries ~ :love:

  3. I do not have time and money to invest in other characters, so I just focus on one. I see this new craft as a good chance to start playing with other characters without worrying about gear.
  4. I hope it's permanent because I finally have a reason to play with all chara. lol
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