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  1. Hmm if u talking about content, of course KR is far way superior (from my perspective) (No event yet) If u talking about population, there are a lot of people moving from IDN server, some went to NA or KR or JP though. Channel has been added from 4 channel to 10 channel. We got draconian, theater reverse for punching the fly king with master of grab woffman recently, also with cutie Seth (No SA yet). So i will answer ur question, "is it worth to come back?" Well.. Yeah, but no event, only grinding for new equipment, just boring but important stuff. If u lazy and want latest content, then nope. Up to ur choice, this is just my perspective and i'm still new here, around almost 3 months cuz IDN dead.
  2. So, either keep it, dismant it or use it.. Thanks @Rulebook req. lock @N I C O @Icarus @Lan
  3. Oh so it depend on the 3rd cost result '-') Thank you req. lock @Icarus @N I C O @Lan
  4. My question is the title , but i think athena set is not expensive like back then. Am i right? What should i do? I just got the scythe but idk what to do (never get one). (I need money)
  5. I wanted to see the content then just found that. Thanks for the explanation. Hope can see it one day '-') req lock @Icarus @N I C O @Lan
  6. Any explanation? Accidentally found this when looking the shop.. (it picked my interest) (I cant post the pict here, idk why, sorry) https://imgur.com/a/bCy6qCU
  7. No, you're not wrong. Even ID translation have some typos and mistranslation.
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