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  1. Character Potrait "Eunha's Wintry Night" I decide to post this early since exams is coming up; I might forget to upload. IGN: Yumeii (i almost forget lol) Preview: Imgur Link: 1024x1024 512x512 128x128 WIP + QC nb: actually i have another version
  2. I will talk more into my experiences instead for my current big 3 .. YURI (fang girl with katana and gun) Yea, people say that she is lacking of dmg than other chars (lack chase and true dmg proc). It doesn't mean that she is that sucks. She is also having cd issue even you max cap the cd rate on 40% (and i always got it LOL, but my solution is to be careful on what skill you use and don't just spam randomly). I like yuri beacuse in my opinion she is easy to control (master) (since she is also in BL team which is one of the easiest team). Beside easy control, she offers so many skill
  3. You might need to write more explanation in detail, like what are you doing so it leads to connection lost.. Also, you can read this (FAQ) It might help
  4. yea that is mean you are great at piloting but still slow. Am i correct? That tcp thingy is just my ideal assumption if player wants to clear the dg for around 4-5 mins. You see, i don't want to play 30-mins dg anymore lol
  5. As what already posted on patch list, sadly that this dungeon is not for around 8m-8.5m below (the tcp is just my assumption, it means that the ideal participator is decent mid-end gear player just like Moe said) which is this dungeon is quite exclusive. Too bad for those who are still on build. I run with 8.9m (almost 9m) mirae and still having quite trouble (or im just suck) though i can finish for around 4-5 min (stage 10 clear). So this update is actually.. yeah, exclusive for the ones who is still looking for additional dmg but not for the ones who is still on build (their buil
  6. Hey @Virly, that didnt help me.. Did i wrong at using wintools.net? I didnt use any proxy and i didnt have any problem with patch. My connection are fine. Do i have to use VPN? (but it will make me more lag..)
  7. I tried to use wintools.net according to that post and let see that i will stuck like this again or not. Thanks~
  8. Okay so, finally i want to report this to forum because it is realllly uncomfortable. I have a problem. When i disconnected, my computer got lag then freeze. My cursor is still moving, but the programs are not responding to my click commands. I did open a browser usually but how come a 16GB RAM computer got lag just because 1 or 2 tabs at browser?? (well yea? really??) (teach meh :D) But, even i only open C:C.. When i got d/c, i got the same freeze. In order to solve that, i have to force shutdown by pressing the power button and it is uncomfortable. (i dont want to destro
  9. 1. How to level up faster? Well, for ur main character please follow the main story quest. I know the exp will become smaller and smaller, but actually the reason why playing main story quest is to get the SP book. SP book is used to level up skill in here, but u can use another method such as craft at Allan or buy at Order shop (chara must lvl 80) and event sometime event craft list also give SP book as well. If you done with main chara and want to level up another, faster way is to not follow the main quest. Level them up by playing a DG with min. lvl same with ur chara. 2. What is th
  10. Hmm if u talking about content, of course KR is far way superior (from my perspective) (No event yet) If u talking about population, there are a lot of people moving from IDN server, some went to NA or KR or JP though. Channel has been added from 4 channel to 10 channel. We got draconian, theater reverse for punching the fly king with master of grab woffman recently, also with cutie Seth (No SA yet). So i will answer ur question, "is it worth to come back?" Well.. Yeah, but no event, only grinding for new equipment, just boring but important stuff. If u lazy and want latest con
  11. So, either keep it, dismant it or use it.. Thanks @Rulebook req. lock @N I C O @Icarus @Lan
  12. Oh so it depend on the 3rd cost result '-') Thank you req. lock @Icarus @N I C O @Lan
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