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  1. am i allowed to throw w.i.ps for now before finished signature or it's best to avoid that?
  2. make sure u wrote your acc info right while getting on the server is working fine ~ alsoisthatathyinyoursiggy
  3. @Harpy Can CODE: Signature contest be changed to a fully graphic design contest since personally i find the fact it's just for signatures only a very limiting contest.. we can add things like online/offline banners , staff forum covers , or even banners staff can use for forum events or even banners to promote an upcoming event (last one can be debatable tbh..) we can also add things like desktop backgrounds... just to make the contest more interesting and less signature based if possible...
  4. Since having seasonal themes can get boring... i'll suggest multiple themes for same contest btw.. Contest: CODE: Signature (will add something else to discussion thread about this..) Theme: Lens Flares Description: Create a Signature with Lens flare in it. --- Theme: Monochrome Description: signature with just one color ofc you can use shades and tints of that color . --- Theme: Black and White Description: black and white signature (can have some color but not way too much ofc) --- Theme: Character Color Description: based on character color create a siggy ex: Soma's color is pink use pink for a siggy if you're using soma. --- Theme: Color Scheme Description: complimentary colors , analogous , etc... use one of these schemes for for signature. --- Theme: Neon Description : self explanatory.
  5. it's only the first day/week of the event it's best to wait because they might eventually fix things...
  6. is there a possibility that code:signature's due date will be extended a little bit since there isnt a lot of people so far but i could be mistaking...
  7. Kuko


    well hello there nonemi ~ thought u were going to move to NA els... either way welcome to c:c and good luck with your journey here if u need help you know who dis and where to find me
  8. small question about code:recolor can we use renders or items that were made by others and credit them or we're supposed to edit the entire thing from scratch by drawing/designing without any preset?
  10. as far as i remember she haven't play closers for a while so it's possibly purchased before the item mall rework
  11. a friend of mine tried to claim her seals from the bits delivery box and got this she tried relogging and everything else but it still doesnt work.. the other items didnt have this problem for some reason.
  12. Kuko


    Yes from the blackmarket. Or trying to buy it through other players those are the only ways for now.
  13. gdi brother why's your about me neater than mine


    1. Jakurai



      I'M SORRY.

      I had the about me look like this since I joined Forums LOL.

      But I've been too lazy lately to make it better like my Void Forums was.

    2. Kuko


      oof u still did great~!

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