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  1. I Actually overheard in some discussions that J is in that category together with them, and yeah, he's my main
  2. title. as someone who is also gonna start 2nd year of college this thursday, i might have little playtime and i haven't even gotten my core to t5
  3. i'm pretty sure if you craft the official crew package and it's permanent. just like the Special Crew. to answer your question, the costumes from code:fusion cannot be upgraded. afaik you can only upgrade the gacha costumes, which in the black market goes around <20m a piece depending on what you want. also most people are not active here but on discord server
  4. oh thank you very much about that!
  5. i actually tried both of them a little earlier and i cleared them in the same time, around 30+- secs and singularity gave me 160k+ while R5 only gave me 198k+ i'll try to add some pics later. just for clarification singularity has that mini mephisto right? and R5 has Morax, Alraune, etc. as the boss?
  6. this too. since levia has a lot of time in the air it will be a lot tougher with bai. but when you reach SA hopefully you won't have that trouble anymore. a thing to note too is maybe you're used to levia's absurd amount of SA, damage reduction, and iframes, bai is a little different. she may have a few damage reduction skills and iframes, but she doesn't have any lingering iframes which make her vulnerable to continuous damage, not to mention four of her iframes are her FMs. which is where you should think about your skill rotations wisely. overall i think bai can output the same or more damage as levia(haven't played levia in a year) and she's super fun to play as well.
  7. bai is good as a character to level cause of her buff. other than that i think all characters i worth it if you like them. if you have trouble staying in the air with her i assume that you're still not SA/OA yet? cause even in OA she can already stay in the air for quite a while since her skills have really low cooldown. if you do have trouble staying in the air, unsheathe and slash, momentary penetration, pouncing slash, life taker, fm1, and piercing point ex all bring her back to the air again. refer to @Vessaliux's for the skill names since the translations in-game are different
  8. for booster go 2/2 halphas and for pna i usually go 3 phy raw and 3 phy rate, then i go for aerial and back. as for special strains go raw, aerial and back
  9. thank you for that. guess i'll just stick to extreme. i just tried david out because i wanted to craft the core but then i used up all my res capsules. bai is too squishy and really hard to master. any tips and tricks for her in raids?
  10. thank you for that. also if i may add. do i need to craft bai's david core? or can i stick to extreme core? i have an extreme scythe and idk if i should switch it for the whip. it's a little tempting but i want to be sure before i go pgdeep
  11. so total damage increase actually adds all the situationals even though you have not proc'd it? like your chase damage is still taken into the calculation even if you only landed an aerial and back attack?
  12. bump. would also like to know so i can choose to between skillbooks or saving for the dark zenith
  13. topic. as someone who has played the game for quite some time(on/off) i still have some questions about critical damages and situational stats. i know that your crit rate(phy/psi) and your situational crit rates(air/chase/back) stack additively. but how do their crit damages work? do they also stack additively based on the proc? e.g. i have a crit damage of 250% and an aerial crit damage of 110% do they also stack additively or multiplicatively?
  14. if you still have the time, you can level up a new character as stated by agnirudra9 from the wild hunter group and just rush until level 70. i don't know how long though since i follow the story quest but it should get you to level 70 in roughly 2 hours, more or less. it's just a rough estimate but you can have 4 characters in less than a day and just farm it up the next following days
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