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  1. I see, I see. I guess I'm having problems with the entry counts and the drop rate since I got no control on which to focus to. My urge to craft all new slots for all 15 characters even I only use Tina ans Seth is at fault here hahahaha. Guess I'll stick to just making yukatas for the girls to ease the burden. Thank you for your replies :3
  2. Hi, I just wanna bother you all what you think for the event? You can complain or compliment it or whatever you want. I just have mixed feelings in this kind of event... man I don't know I just can't sleep right thinking about it. Your opinions might help me or something. This post wasn't made to gather complains to change the event to our liking, so, just a reminder. Sorry for being cringy hahaha.
  3. I see, thank you very much for replying :3 How do I request close for this? I need this post closed once the problem is fixed or something right? TY.
  4. ahh, i see, do you know if the hair pieces will be available for all the other classes in the near future? Are they in the korean version? I didn't notice that my earlier post for this is posted since i can't find it, or I just suck at finding it... how to I close these posts? To avoid spam or something? TY
  5. So I crafted Seth's Kindergarten Package recently and I noticed she got the hair piece. When I crafted Tina's from I think last year she didn't have it, and when I check my inventory on her she really didn't have it. I just want to know if specific characters only has the hair piece or it was recently added with the new patches? If ever it was recently added can you give me or do I need to craft another if ever it's available now on Tina too? TY in advance.
  6. I just wanna ask if only Seth has the hair piece on the kindergarten package? Cause when I crafted it for Tina back then she doesn't have it. If they all supposed to have it, is please help, TY.
  7. awww, thank you for replying, I hope or wish there is a craft back or redo when you accidentally done the mistake T-T... thank you once again T-T
  8. So I lost internet connection for almost a week and when I came back to craft the Quality Assurance Seal x3 from CODE: Fusion, this happened. I am not mistaken on the fact I choose the Seal Boxes but I ended up crafting lubricants using all my warp fragments. I am 100% sure I chose the Seal Boxes but if for some reason it's due to my mistake can you please help me and help me in redeeming them? I will keep the lubricants and won't touch them in my inventory and hope that when you manage to fix the issue in the CODE: Fusion crafting, I really hope that I get back my 6k+ warp fragments and 60m+ credits. Thank you in advance. (T_T)
  9. I heard this has been fixed but I'm still having this problem too... was it because it was in my character bank until now since I got them?
  10. Sorry for the misleading title but I am farming tindalos and harpas for 12 days and no tina core seems to drop, I did lvl 1,2,3 and 4. My friend said he got his from lvl 2 run before. With the 3x drop multiplier too!? Please! Call me a bitch or what you want but this is just... I wanna quit but I invested some bits on the character too... ahh... kill me already please.
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