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  1. Since i don't play here in Code Closers lol So i was wondering which char. To play Today i tried Bai & Soma I decided to play Bai But then i checked a lots of players saying that Misteltein got a better pve build. So i tried Misteltein and its ok but skills are boring to me. So, basically what i want to ask. Is there any char. Rates for pve? Like a classification. Or every char is good for pve and its all about your playstyle? 🐶
  2. ryuu+timido.gif

    Ummm... Hi:x

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    2. Icarus


      I hope you sleep well! A good night's rest is always best.

      We're glad you're enjoying your CODE: Closers experience!

    3. ❆ Bai Winchester ❆

      ❆ Bai Winchester ❆

      Yaaaay! ♥

      Have a nisu day Ica-Kun ♥


      Will cee u around here ~ wuau ~

    4. Icarus


      Thank you, Agent Furloid!

      I hope you have a wonderful day when you wake up as well!

  3. Well idk if u know me from VoidEls Fórums o3o but imma gonna be here too ~ LEt's try this game¡ *-* nise to meet u guys ~ have fun
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