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  1. I see that from a friend and he told me that he got that doing dungeons.. but I've never had one of those coins so It sounded extrange
  2. Excuse me, could someone tell me how to get this coins? http://prntscr.com/mrxbcv
  3. Hmm I got 10% too, maybe I'm doing it wrong? https://prnt.sc/m9mqk3
  4. Hello, i wanted to ask; if I try to do costume synthesis with 2 star-costume parts using Dark Synchro Fiber and It success, it will give me a 2 star dark command costume part or 3 star?
  5. Hello, I have this but I don't really know how o where i need to go to use it. Does anyone knows?
  6. Omg... Thank u very much~ ♥
  7. Hello, I'm new at this so, I hope this post is at the right Forum. I normally play the game with windowed screen and now the game when I run it, starts with full screen. I went to options and pressed "Windowed" million times and when I close and restart the game again, It stills opening wih full screen. I would like to know if it's normal or an error of the game... or maybe it's me, idk ~ (btw srry for my bad english too)
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