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  1. Thanks for the quick reply, appreciate it!
  2. For some reason i can't craft the box, i have the materials but it just won't let me, the same window keeps poppin up. "select crafting count" i've entered "1" and still nothing happens. Some help would be appreciated
  3. i do get your point that if you hand too much material is likely to kill the event in a few days. but people with lower lvl and gear, won't get even a chance if you lower the rewards too much. i Tried this event with 2 different character a lvl 76 with somewhat decent gear and other lvl 46 with trash gear, in the later case i couldn't go further than the puppet masters and only got 20 suspicious keys. i find this event pretty available for everyone, even for casual players like me and i really appreciate that.
  4. isn't that actually better? i mean you even crafted thing you didn't need and burned a bit more of credits than you expected.
  5. I'm not even active in this game that much but i gotta say they nailed this event and i love it. Tried a few runs and reach passed astaroth can't go further than that and even so i got over 60 suspicious keys, THATS FUCKING GENEROUS. already craft the camilla costume and even tho i don't have credits left this event is pushing me to try and farm more credits to get at least 1 more costume for an alt. #offtopic ComparedToTheGrindfestInVoidThisIsGold Anyways, thank you @Violet for such an awesome event!
  6. after reading 2na's translations i couldn't help but love Euni-senpai
  7. never used the market, cus i dont even have enough credits to spend. i don't understand how can people go around braggin' about having 2-5B credits, when i already capped 3 characters i couldn't even gather 100m Then i see people talking about removing the x3 credits...yeah, remove the unlimited stamina while you're at it, and the insta character delete too... i honestly would leave the server if that were to happen(i'm a free player after all)
  8. made the same mistake with the early lyrical module then realised i craft it twice..... i felt like jumping from G tower QQ
  9. i'm playing Seulbi and have no idea what should i craft, or what would be useful for her. Are those beelzebub sets worth crafting, or i better craft those EX module, armor and core? plis halp QQ
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