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  1. Wait, what? Transcendence failing never did and still doesn't result in destruction. Or what do you mean? Could you attach a screenshot or to be more clear on this?
  2. Esther

    Awakened skills?

    Each character has their own awakened skills. There are always 3 of them. According to wiki, Yuri's awakened skills are following: I don't know much about Yuri and i can't tell which gear awakens which, so my knowledge ends here. All I can say is it's the same for all characters: 3 skills can be awakened by equipping certain Puri Ops gear, Core and Harpas/Tindalos trinkets to be specific.
  3. Esther

    Awakened skills?

    Tindalos, Harpas, Yod and Nato are in Purification Ops (PGD) location which can be unlocked after you hit 80. The trinkets Seirene mentioned do indeed awaken your skills, however later you'll want to aim for 3/3 Hell trinkets, which are, in fact, are crafted from the ones Seirene sent. They look like this: ^ This is the final version of the trinkets which will stay with you until the endgame. Each trinket gives you 1 awakened skill, the red one is an active which gives a buff. Each character has 3 awakened skills. 2 come from trinkets, 1 from puri core.
  4. Yes, this raid was designed the way nobody could escape it until it's finished You can't exit it once Investigation has started. Alt+F4 is your only way at this point.
  5. I noticed it too but tbh i thought that it was intended (for some stupid reason? i thought it's just naddic logic) I don't know how it's supposed to actually work but if it's indeed a bug then yes, it should be fixed Even if you try to use separate triple talisman it won't give you the PPR boost, since All-In-One is considered the "main" talisman and won't let all other talismans with the same effect to be activated
  6. I'm gonna be a little obvious here, but still. Make sure your Base costume fits your character, i.e. If you merge it for Bai your Base gear must be for Bai as well. It also has to be 2 or 3 star, no less. Fodder has to be the same Star grade and fit the same costume slot, however it doesn't have to be for Bai particularly. With current Fashion UI revamp, it also requires you to choose Fiber First. Your Step 1 is always to pick a fiber and only after you do it you can proceed further, hence if you have no fiber, you can't move on to the next steps. You can't merge accessories. I can't think of any other issues, mine is working fine. The ss is spoilered below.
  7. Those are not quest items, the quest only requires you to actually make a chip slot, if i remember right. After you're done with creating the slot, quest should be done. I'll check if any of my alts still have it unfinished to make sure, but i'm certain there's no bug and everything works as intended.
  8. Warp Fragments are drop from all dungeons btw
  9. If this is the quest fot chip slots, just take a random equipment and make a chip slot in it by talking to Poe at Dimensional Ops Room where Tiamat is located. It will work
  10. Definitely Luna. She's a walking i-frame stacked up with heals and stronk buffs. Attacc and protecc at the same time. Pretty easy to learn in my opinion, as well. I was a Luna main almost since i started playing on this server and I soloed everything up until later PGD/Puri Ops stages. (i'm too bad at this game to survive without my whole kit being an i-frame) Couple days ago i soloed BB Raid for fun and science. Wasted 2 hours on it but actually cleared it alone. Hail the immortal flat goddess.
  11. My 6/6 emotes were replaced by Vitus and Mephisto thrones along with Promotion emote. Basic emotes + these take all 9 slots and all extra emotes I have (6/6's and Guild ones) just didn't fit in there
  12. For the housing, the emote list UI there has a slot amount cap so whether you have 15 or 20 emotes, only 1st 9 of them will show up. It's not a bug, it just works like that. For now the only way to show off with new emotes indeed is to actually bind them to a skill slot. I hope it will be 'fixed' eventually
  13. I think drop-wise there are no differences, at least for me it feels insignificant. I get the same amount of tackies from 1-2 when i help with unlocking and from 5-6 when i usually run them. Maybe someone will correct me about this, but, as i said, i haven't noticed significant differences in drop amounts. Same goes for Bosses. The only reason to unlock higher stages is for higher level mission list rewards. Also lv.5-6 sides sometimes spawn Nata or Seha who may cause some issues early on, but later on they're just slightly tankier elites who drop some extra scavenger statues and res capsules.
  14. Check the Crew threads and find yourself a one that fits you the most! https://codeclosers.to/forums/index.php?/forum/16-circle/
  15. I've described the starting gear for purification ops dungeons and some more explanations about them here: Gathering all PG gear will take a while so for now don't bother with 12-man Beelzebub raid. Whether you need BB weapon or not depends on your character and i'd still recommend to gather Puri gear before heading to the newest lategame. You can ask your guildies to carry you for Wolfgang and Hoffman, though, since the trinkets from these raids take some time to stack up the mats for them. For now just gear up for Purification Ops and start working on the gear it offers.
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