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  1. Esther

    Problem with 3rd Promotion quest

    This is a random error happening to all WH characters. Waiting 5-10 seconds before accepting/finishing these missions also helps most of the time.
  2. Esther


    Can confirm regarding the tunes. VVIP not just improves the chances, it removes D tunes from your rolls entirely, and for some stats it also removes C and sometimes even B grades so it's literally either A or S only for some stats when you re-roll. Nasty. Not p2w at all
  3. Esther

    asking for J build on regular agent

    Don't be afraid to make mistakes and test stuff, since you can always take points away from your skills, just check "Modify Skill Level" in the top right corner of your Skill Window to do it. It takes 4~5k credits per downgrade, not so big of a deal considering you'll have much more by the time you need this feature.
  4. Chips go as stated in the guide Modules go with back attack platinum + latest purple (damage bonus during empowered state) - 1 platinum slot, 1 purple slot Weapon core goes with 2xDual Chip: Red&Yellow + Platinum Red - 1 red slot, 1 yellow slot, 1 platinum slot All 6 trinkets go with platinum back attack - 1 platinum slot As for Raw vs Crit Damage, raw is usually better BUT it depends on the actual numbers, like 10 raw would be a waste against 30% Crit Damage, and vise versa, 5% Crit Damage is nothing against 300 raw I will update the guide with an example screenshots to help you figure out how it should look like Edit: Screenshots added in spoilers.
  5. Esther

    server status

    Server is currently Online and is working fine. Might be issues on your side. Can you be more specific?
  6. Esther

    [Official] Contest Discussion Thread

    Can i participate in the newest edition if i've won the holiday one? Edit: thanks, wanted to make sure if holiday one counts or not
  7. Esther

    Costume and Enhancing question

    It's enough to get 6 Brilliant Fibers and 12 2* costumes of each type (2 weapon, 2 hair, 2 chest, 2 legs, 2 gloves, 2 feet) at least 1 of each should be for Soma i've mentioned that BoD merge rates are currently 100% for both 2* and 3* merges. In other words you only get BoD costume from merging now. There's no fail chance AT ALL
  8. Esther

    Costume and Enhancing question

    Glad to help
  9. Esther

    Costume and Enhancing question

    I explained what AoJ is in parenthesis - it's Enhancement Boost II Poe is an Enhancing Machine's name for non-WH characters. Gear Booster EX NPC for WH team
  10. Esther

    Costume and Enhancing question

    Zenith (ZW) 6/6 is merged from Synchro Fibers - 75% success rate for merging 3* costumes and 10% rate for merging 2* costumes. Brilliance of Darkness (BoD) 6/6 can currently be merged from Brilliant Synchro Fibers with 100% success rate for both 3* and 2* , but for Wildhunter team only. - This event will end on 02/01 Also you can get BoD and Cyber 6/6 sets for WH and other characters for rolling gacha (Bitna's Washing Machine). Each time you roll, you get Absolute Codes, and when you get enough you can exchange it for 6/6 boxes in CODE: Foundation 4/4 - Accessories - which are wings, eyes, hat and cheek are currently only obtainable for Zenith set only. You can either get them from gacha with a low chance or get a 4/4 cube for Absolute Codes. Also CODE: Foundation offers a box with 1 random ZW accessory Other sets' 4/4 rare accessories can only currently be bought either from BM or from other players directly. Prepare you wallet, tho, whether it's real or in-game one. +12 enhancing is a painful experience but usually people get it by using -1 Gear Booster and AoJ (Enhancement Boost II) Basically you enhance your weapon to +10 and then use -1 Booster and AoJ, and the weapon has a not-so-high chance of jumping either to +2 or to +3 resulting in either +12 or +13 respectively. I've heard it can jump to +15 from +13 but it probably happens so rare and idk how many souls you should sacrifice to Satan in order to get it. Also prepare your wallet because Poe is a greedy piece of metal and will suck all your money in no time
  11. Esther

    Cannot equip purification eq on Bai

    As i mentioned in the thread's comment, i have no idea on Bai's stat mods progression, neither i'm familiar with her transcendence level names for the mods. All i know is that t5 mods' stats are different from t1 mods' stats and you can hardly compare t1 and t5 to get some useful info out of which mod you have upgraded to t1 and which to t5 This is the reason why i don't recommend going beyond t3 before making sure you use different mods, because t4 and t5 mods require you to spend materials from Contamination Hell. Thus you'll have to spend Hell materials just to find out if you guessed it right or not, which is painful and costly, especially for new players. At the moment all i can advice is to transcend new modules and monitor their indicative stats to compare with your mod and find out which is which. Use Bai rankings to see the difference between high-tier Fuse and Condenser and may the RNG be with you.
  12. Esther

    Cannot equip purification eq on Bai

    This is a translation bug. This has been mentioned already in this topic, please read it.
  13. Esther

    [Official] Contest Discussion Thread

    Just for clarification. Do i contact Violet regarding the prize for latest Christmas Fan Art contest? Thanks in advance
  14. Bump. For Great Justice! And smol helpless Lunas out there.