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  1. Synchro Fiber merges have a chance of giving you part of 6/6 ZW (Zenith Wing) Rare set Brilliant Synchro Fiber merges have a chance of giving you part of 6/6 BoD (Brilliance of Darkness) Rare set. While ZW fibers merge is available for every character and has a success rate of 75% (merging 3-star) and 10% (2-star) costumes. BoD fibers merge is currently only available for WH team and has a 100% success rate for both 2-star and 3-star costume merges. (this is an event and is supposed to end on Feb, 1st)
  2. Esther

    What happen with Soma starter cube?

    It's called Luna starter package, thus it contains Luna's costume set and is not working on Soma because 3D model differences. Soma and Bai used to have an exclusive costume sale, but it ended already. Couple weeks ago maybe? What exactly confuses you? The fact that it's in Soma's shop? It may indeed be a bug, maybe the staff haven't made her starter pack yet and it just showing Luna's one in there instead
  3. Esther

    [Weekly] UNION Paparazzi

    IGN: Hellawes Just let me troll this week.
  4. Esther

    Memory Leak

    Sadly as far as i know, this is the issue Naddic has to fix and optimize themselves. Apart from restarting there's currently nothing to offer in order to fix the lags. All CC community shares your pain, though
  5. Esther

    No voice or SFX

    My friend had kind of a similar issue in another game, her headphones supported surround sound function which basically ruined half of the sounds in the game. It never happened in any other games, but only in that particular one. If your headphones support this function as well, this might be the issue, though it's rather a wild guess from me here. Try updating your sound drivers, too.
  6. Esther

    No voice or SFX

    Might be trivial but still, try diagnosing your client as well
  7. Esther

    Costume Synthesis question

    This is how i got my Luna 6/6 BoD myself Yesterday my crew mate tried it and it was still working: This is not a visual bug, it always results in BoD proc, he got 6/6 that way too.
  8. Esther

    Costume Synthesis question

    Current BoD merge has 100% success rates for both 2* and 3* costumes
  9. Esther

    Costume Synthesis question

    Rare (Signature) Costume sets (ZW/DZW/BoD/Cyber/Dragonic) are only available in 3*, thus even if you merge 2* costumes, merge success will always result to be 3* rare costume
  10. Esther

    How does one obtain costunes

    Also cursed Synchro Merge which always results in unwanted Zenith pieces
  11. Somehow missed your post at all, sorry and thanks for the feedback! Speaking of FM2's cancel, shame on me i didn't even know that because i barely jump unless it's necessary thanks, i sure will add this to the guide! I will also add an info about leaving FMs 1/2 on lv.6 for Master Cube passives, since it's an option nonetheless. Speaking of Lion Assault, i indeed was interested in why some Luna players ignore EX version ever since i saw what it does to the mobs, so thanks on explaining that one. I would still prefer EX version because it's faster and, yes, easier to land and not to miss, Harpas 2/2 also boosts Luna's Hydra's Anger which is a nice nuke and it also gets it's CD reset by any successful counter she performs. I'll add this in the guide too For the rotations, i'll add it as well. Videos isn't something i'm good at, but maybe one day i'll lay my hands on it as well Thanks again for all the info and sorry for the late response, i'm just blind and that can never be cured
  12. Esther

    A few questions about the game

    ^ This. I messed up on this one, sorry for misleading, sealed costumes do stay sealed when you take them out of your Bank, just checked it to make sure i'm insane. Thanks for the correction, i'll edit my post.
  13. Esther

    A few questions about the game

    First, you will need Quality Assurance Seals to trade costumes. You repackage them and they become tradeable. Yes, there is an auction house system in this game called Black Market, look for a vendor NPC in a hub, there are 2 vendors in each hub, one of them has Black Market option available (and a useless gear shop to help you recognize the right one) Also these vendors have Black Market mentioned in their names: - This is how Seals look like. Seals can be obtained from Cash Shop, Code: Fusion (3 per day), bought from Black Market (BM) and will sometimes drop from raid bosses (not that often so you can't really farm them that way) A little note about sealing system: anything you've sealed unseals as soon as you transfer it to another character, whether it's a trade or an account bank transfer. So if you put your Sealed Yuri Shoes in an Account Bank and accidentally take it on Levia, you'll have to seal again Disregard that. Costumes stay sealed if you transfer them via Account Bank until you use them. Thus, instant unseal only happens upon Persona Trading and BM purchase, my bad. Welcome to Closers, the citadel of bs mechanics anyway, kek.
  14. Esther

    [Discussion] 0x62 - Christmas Festival

    Congrats on +15 >:^) feelsgoodman
  15. Esther

    Costume Set

    Depends on what character you want the costume for. Wildhunter team can currently obtain BoD from Brilliant Synchro Fiber merging. (100% 3* merge rate until Jan 11) - You can get from cash shop only, since it's untradeable. For other characters you can get 6/6 box from CODE: Foundation for 150 (?) Absolute Codes You can NOT get Wildhunters' BoD from the CODE: Foundation box yet. For now it's merge-only.