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  1. For Bai i'd use either Weapon Affinity/Backstabber/Aerialist or Weapon Affinity/Backstabber/Paratrooper (chase) since ALL of her kit procs back at endgame and half of it procs chase. Chase scales the most of all situational damage types and considering Bai has plenty, it might work well with her. I can't tell which one would be more efficient, though, so maybe some Bai mains can help you with it. Also try asking on CC's Discord, I'm sure you can find a helping hand there.
  2. Yes, Absolute Codes and basically all CODE: Foundation system were made as a "bonus" reward for people who constantly roll gacha and you can only obtain it from Bitna. You always get 1 Absolute Code per gacha roll AFAIK, I barely do it myself so I can't really say if it ever 'crits' and gives you more, but I highly doubt it does.
  3. Thank you for the positive feedback, i really appreciate it! And sadly i don't play any servers except CC, we haven't received this new PNA minigame yet lmao. But i did see these changes and, to be perfectly honest, i haven't gone in-depth with it just because i know CC probably won't implement it in the nearest future, so i still have time to embrace that blissful ignorance. Speaking of prioritizing the stats themselves, it depends on your gear. If you are still below ~20k raw, go for raw physical, if you're above but still lack crit rate, go for % physical (i'm not sure if damage % is this thing or nah, if not then probs just stick to raw) or the actual crit rate (since most of Luna's skills proc at least AB, C or altogether, i'd recommend to go for ABC chance), and, finally, if you're on that endgame train with your sparkly fancy gear i'd recommend to aim for the Crit Damage. ABC 5%/12%/5% and Physical 15% are both nice. Sorry for not being able to be more clear with this new PNA thing, it still makes me feel both strongly confused and autistic, i'll dive deeper into it when it comes closer to CC and will surely update the guide once it actually arrives! I hope i managed to at least point you in the right direction instead of actually making it worse LOL
  4. Probably the person who is bugged for you has to relog/change characters. It should fix the bug
  5. Esther


    If you play a Wildhunter character, you can currently merge 6/6 via Brilliant Synchro Fibers - can be found in cash shop or on Black Market. The chances are 100% for both 2* and 3* merging. If you play a non-WH character, the only way is either buying it from other people or getting a BoD case from Code: Foundation for Absolute Codes, which you get for rolling gacha.
  6. Hello and welcome! I wish you to find a comfy home here
  7. Perhaps this solves your issue?
  8. It should be decent if you're using weapons of your level, just do couple runs of 40+ lvl dungeons to get some blue core, it usually even slightly enhanced. It shuold help in terms of the damage. Other than that, it's a matter of technique, yes, but speaking honestly, all WH chars have pretty OP kits in one way or another, so as soon as you get used to it, Cube Wolfgang won't cause that much problems. Also spam healing pots, they give you plenty from the "starter support boxes" iirc, plus you can buy regular ones from vendors. Soma has Mantra as an i-frame and a good heal/mana regen, also Kshana skills have i-frames if you use them properly. Luna has Counter which does the same - heal/mana regen, plus some mobility if you need to escape WG's nuke Bai is quick and even though she has less sustain as a trainee, i don't remember having any issues with her promotion either. Try to remember boss' animations which cause problems for you and retreat when he's about to use these or learn to counter them with your i-frames (idr if Bai has any but then again she's quick enough to get out of the danger)
  9. A selfish part of me wants all the Luna fashion that I've missed, but I wouldn't be upset to see newer ones either, I love them all too So my answer would be... Why not both ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Schrodinger Cat is my #1 aim still thus I might say I love it a biiiit more Just because it's my dream
  10. So we're both introverts who love cute costumes only Welcome, Bai, and nice to meet you! I wish you to get comfy with people here as much/soon as possible! 😄
  11. As Bolsa mentioned, every character feels fine in PvE. It depends on your playstile and on what you want from your character. Perhaps you can tell us what do you want your character to be like and so we can tell you about those who fit your desires more? What kind of playstyle do you prefer? I don't know much about every single character in the game, but i know at least a little bit about them, so i might at least point you in the right direction.
  12. I really regret missing the days when Luna's Schrodinger Cart set was available It's impossible to find it nowdays As of the latest released KR costumes, i really enjoyed The Windbreaker and Union Secret Inspection Those are really pretty (The images are kinda huge, i'm sorry D: )
  13. Esther

    Hey Everyone

    Welcome, Soma! Nice to meet you and good luck with the resurrection ritual
  14. Welcome and nice to meet you!
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