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  1. Esther

    Im so confused lmao

    Check CODE: Fusion in crafting machine Should be there
  2. I think J also has to keep Puri core And maybe Tina from what i've heard, but people say it's not mandatory I can't say anything about others, not sure about them.
  3. Reset is every Saturday, 6:00AM server time.
  4. Read the patch notes carefully, the date is mentioned there.
  5. There's a paragraph related to your issue in this thread. Have you tried the salvation offered there?
  6. I doubt those are awakened skills, hmm... It looks more like some special inputs for non-EX S/D skills to me, though i was never able to pull them myself. I'll try to look into it
  7. As soon as you get used to your skill rotation, you should totally go for it, since it helps you to deal damage faster and helps with long startup skill casts like EX Winter Triangle (Satellite Canis b4 translation revamp), which usually can be easily interrupted, hence: faster cast - lass chances to screw it up. And just as you said, it feels better in general! I myself play at 1,22-1,23 aspd, and if intense facerolling happens I almost run out of skills at some point, I'll upload my clunky rotation vid to the rotation section so people can see what i usually do, it's been made at 1,23 aspd iirc Regarding some i-frames animations being shorter due to high aspd values (i.e. Devensive Posture's successful counter animation), when you're fluent with Luna you'll be able to catch the damage you want to avoid while simply fighting the boss, since half of her kit offers you i-frames - it's not really a hard thing to do, and if something big comes up, you can always counter or use something like Meteor Jump or Starlight Circle (ex. Constellation blessing) or just use FMs With all that being said, my answer is yes, if you feel like you're used to Luna's skills and settled up your rotation, totally go for more aspd, she needs it.
  8. TBH the quality of the screenshots won't let me guess what skill are you talking about, but both Awakened and EX skills are already present on CC. Awakened skills can be activated by crafting and equipping Hell trinkets (Harpas and Tindalos ones), plus the core. EX skills require you to complete SA quest. It unlocks at lv.67.
  9. Seth can't wear any of the craftable event costumes. The only summer set available for her is currently in gacha - it's called Summer Island
  10. Esther

    imma bounce.

    Sad to hear you leaving, but family is what matters the most Best of luck out there, Lan!~
  11. Easiest and most common answer would be: Find a guild. Most of the endgame stuff requires you to either find a squad or a carry (or to be geared yourself), so the guild comes in mind first. People there help smol newbies to get geared and gather parties for endgame dungeons.
  12. I used to have the same issue, though it's gone by now. Maybe because i play less in general and thus i don't meet the issue anymore, since it was not-so-frequent before. I usually got stuck at random Loading%, sometimes at 100% The game just stopped responding and the only way was to force close it. I assumed it might be connection issues, since I also still have an issue of disconnecting while spamming dungeons like DR5 frequently. If i/teammates F2 too often (Crew Dungeon, Reborn Stone farm at Hunters Night Dungeons, everything that takes under 2min to clear), my game just freezes right after i press F2 for ~30 sec, then unfreezes and says it failed to connect to the server. In case of when loading actually starts, my game froze entirely and no matter how long i've waited, nothing changed. Couple of my crewmates have the same issue, though, again, for me it wasn't THAT often, but the timings sometimes used to cost me a run/cost my teammates a carry. But in most cases it used to stop responding while switching between hubs, whether those were regular hubs, or crew hub/union camp. For me it looks like a random error that DCs you from the game, while you just get your client not responding. It may be on user's side but i barely have any connection issues in other games and my connection is stable 99% of time, so.. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Might also be some PC/system-related issue on user's side. These are all just my wild guesses, but the thing is: The issue does exist, and Saiko isn't the only one who gets stuck randomly during Loading screens from time to time. Edit: speaking of "restarting the game" and optimization, one time it happened actually straight after i've just started the game. I logged in for an OF run and got stuck at ~45%, my squad told they see me stuck at 45% as well. Right after i force closed the game, the run started without me, feelsbadman So i doubt this exact problem is a matter of memory leaks, at least not in 100% of cases
  13. Wait, what? Transcendence failing never did and still doesn't result in destruction. Or what do you mean? Could you attach a screenshot or to be more clear on this?
  14. Esther

    Awakened skills?

    Each character has their own awakened skills. There are always 3 of them. According to wiki, Yuri's awakened skills are following: I don't know much about Yuri and i can't tell which gear awakens which, so my knowledge ends here. All I can say is it's the same for all characters: 3 skills can be awakened by equipping certain Puri Ops gear, Core and Harpas/Tindalos trinkets to be specific.
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