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  1. Agents, CDN has been partially restored. You can download and access the game as normal but with slower transfer rates until all our nodes have been fully restored. Expect the CDN performance to improve as the day goes on. Thank you for your patience~
  2. Agents, We've been working hard on restoring the CDN's. The issue has wiped our directories, so we must re-upload and re-sync. Unfortunately it will take several more hours before we're finally back in Sync with our machines. Please check back in a few hours in case of any changes. We're very sorry again~
  3. Agents, For those who are experiencing download issues, the hamsters within the servers have been fed and watered. I would recommend everyone to diagnose if you experience any client related issues to be sure you have every file necessary. Please accept our apology to you all for the shaky launch. Have a good weekend~
  4. Agent, We have a fix being applied as we speak. We hope to have download servers up and running very soon again.
  5. Agent, We're running a few tests right now and hope to have an update in regards to the download servers soon. Please reinstall the client once I have made an announcement and try again. Thank you~
  6. Agent, We're experiencing heavy loads of traffic on our download servers at the moment. We can only ask you remain patient during this time until it is resolved. For now, please keep attempting to load the launcher as it will connect to a healthy node eventually and will begin updating your client. Thank you~
  7. Agent, Did you install the 64bit packages?
  8. Agent, Which error are you experiencing? Did you install the 64bit redistributables?
  9. Agent, Applying the necessary redistributable packages is common practice for most games. Please install and reboot your machine if the issue is not working, it should resolve any issues you're experiencing. Thank you~
  10. Agents, I come to you all with good and bad news.... The bad news is, despite announcing we will be performing weekly maintenance with or without the patch today. We will be performing maintenance tomorrow AM. The good news is, the patch is ready! "But Gitae... if the patch is ready why don't you launch it?!" I wish it was that simple... The patch requires an entire rebuild and a little extra testing. We figured, what is an extra 12 hours? You've all waited so patiently so far and we just want to ensure it is delivered to the best standards we can provide. We can only ask for your patience but do know, it is ready and we can't wait to enjoy it with you all! ~have a nice evening!
  11. Agent, DAT_WEB only downloads banners we insert, can you provide an example of a failed banner? I will look into the possibility of the Launcher being faulty. Thank you~
  12. Agent, DAT_WEB is not controlled by the launcher under any means. DAT_WEB is a folder that updates during the loading screen, it allows us to apply live patches to the game (i.e. Game Banners). This is why there will be differences in this folder. Thank you~
  13. Agent, Everything you've suggested is exactly how the launcher works. Diagnose will correct the client to a working state, some parts of the client such as the way the file system caches, is why the client won't match 1:1 when comparing. Thank you~
  14. Agents, Weekly stability maintenance has now been complete. Servers are now online, you may login and proceed as you were! Thank you again for your patience~
  15. Agent, This is a false positive and it's down to the method we use to bypass the xigncode issues player's experienced months ago. Nothing to worry about. Have a good day~
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