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  1. Agents, Weekly stability maintenance has now been complete. Servers are now online, you may login and proceed as you were! Thank you again for your patience~
  2. Agent, This is a false positive and it's down to the method we use to bypass the xigncode issues player's experienced months ago. Nothing to worry about. Have a good day~
  3. Agents, You can now access the servers. As promised, we will be looking into some form of compensation to be delivered next maintenance. Thank you for your patience~
  4. Agents, Datacenter have informed us that there are some networking issues on-going. We have taken the servers offline to avoid any risk of data loss. We do not anticipate the servers to be offline for a long time (ETA: 2-3 Hours), we can only ask for your patience during this time and please understand this is out of our hands. Due to the downtime from the other night and today, we will also be deciding on some form of compensation to deliver to everyone next maintenance. Again we're sorry for this and thank you again for your patience. Thank you~
  5. Agents, Our investigation has been complete. We have taken action against clear attempts of abuse. We will be investigating further but most of the damage done has been cleared up. It would be wise to those who may think they got away with it to come clean now. I am going to be investigating this still over the next few days and if I do find you, I will punish you indefinitely. Servers will be online shortly. Thank you for your patience Agents~
  6. Agents, The issue regarding the servers downtime has been fixed. We're currently looking into some reports that have been made towards players who have abused this crash. We will be taking action against everyone who took it upon themselves to abuse the crash. Once everything is finished, the servers will be accessible again. Thank you for your patience~
  7. Agents, We will be moving maintenance and patch dates to Monday each week instead of Friday. The first stability maintenance will be this Monday and will continue doing so from here on out. Thank you~
  8. Agent, It would be wise to listen to the instructions you've been given by our Staff. Someone passing you the XIGNCODE folder is not going to fix this for you, please go into your Client Folder and delete the XIGNCODE folder. Please then run the Launcher and press the "Diagnose" button to ensure your Client fixes itself. Have a nice day~
  9. Agents, This issue has now been addressed. You should no longer receive FPS drops due to conflict with your GPU Software. Please run our Patcher in order to receive the fix. Have a nice weekend~
  10. Agents, We apologize for the incovenience caused here, the servers will be back online shortly. There appears to be an issue with our data center that is being addressed right now. I will give you all updates soon once I know more. ~have a nice day.
  11. Agent, We're aware of this bug and it will be addressed asap. Have a nice day~
  12. Agent, I have pushed a custom content agenda for a while now. The team do have plans to produce content that separates CODE: Closers from official, we can only ask for your patience whilst we work on doing so. Have a good weekend~
  13. Agent, This is a first in terms of this error so I will have to consult with the developers of the application to see for any fixes. In the meantime since it's just a visual issue, assume as normal and if a fix arises I will report it here asap. Have a nice day~
  14. Agent, What operating system are you using for this?
  15. Agent, Events are not there to be made super easy, they're content that reward you for your efforts related to some form of seasonal event (i.e. Winter). Jabbing at the efforts of the team because it wasn't 3 clicks and done is rather ungrateful if you don't mind me saying so. Have a nice day~
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