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  1. Hm, did you already have tried using "/escape" ?
  2. So right now is: Just play easy mode to "participate" in this event, ang get bored because you have to run it 15 times perday, with just 1 character, if you have more than one... c': I like this type of event but really, no reward from higher difficults? And >>15<< Runs per day? Dont get me wrong, we can do it rlly fast in easy mode, but really 15 times/day I think it's too much for who has all characters.
  3. Rizz

    Gear Progression

    But.. But... CATS!!!! What's LBK?
  4. Rizz

    Gear Progression

    Like, I know what I should aim for endgame gear, but what I should use to farm it? Like, my situation is: I'm using Oficial Agent's weapon+10, currently lvl 65, but I kind of cant solo PG Lvl9. Any advice for a nice damage boost until I drop the "Early" weapon?
  5. Texture mods are allowed in screenshots contests?
  6. I see. Thanks but just wanting to know, what weapon is the "Early"? I just found this weapons(Anatomy scholar)
  7. About her gear Where I can craft the "Early" weapon(Or is it a drop?)? I just found Sign/Sealed/Superior/Extreme
  8. Correct me if I'm wrong but, the one that has chase damage is Dual sword(?) Ps: Sorry for the late reply, I was "Ah ok" with your answer, but I just noticed the chase damage in dual swords just some days ago.
  9. Noob question ~ Why the best weapon for her is a Claw?
  10. " NOTE: Black lambs receive a motion when wearing the full set! " They'll probably add this in the future.
  11. Rizz


    Trying to open some files but.... "no good results"²
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