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  1. This seems to probably be an issue with the new character(?) I personally haven't tried it on my Mirae since I don't have it there but using it on Harpy this is how it looks. https://imgur.com/a/Gibwdyx
  2. When this happens to me I keep jump Z'ing musca until I start to hit him and then it starts. If you've tried this already then I'm not sure.
  3. Many others are in your situation and looking for a solution. Harpy posted in this topic which is related to the box. Hope this helps!
  4. Congratulations Rulebook, you really do deserve this position. I don't think there's been a moment I've been on the forums where you weren't on it just having answered someones question to some degree ღ
  5. Momola

    Hi people

    Fairly late but congratulations on your position Freir ღღ
  6. Hi Rulebook, I'll try to answer your questions as best as possible here. 1. As stated above yes, only 3 star costumes have the chance to give Dual plat. 2. When it comes to best results from my own personal testing (Non Rare 3 Star) -> (3 Star Set Piece 6/6) -> (3 Star Rare Set Accessory 3/4) -> (Rare Eyes). I've Dismantled 45 Star non rare 3 star costumes and have not gotten any actually, however someone has said that a friend of theres had gotten one. After dismantling 24 Rare Set Pieces (6/6) I pulled 7 Dual Plat Chips. With 3 Star Rare Accessory (Hat/Cheeks/Back) I dismantled 12 and obtained 8 Dual Plats. After dismantling 10 Rare Eyes, all 10 in return, gave Dual plat chips. 3. It very much seems that way, yes. I hope this helped you some, have a great day.
  7. Hi there, wanted to get this addressed as I saw it. In the most recent patch update a note read "You can also find the full weapon transparent for Harpy/J/Seth in the shop now!" Inside then store there are 2 variants of the transparent weapon for purchase, but both are exactly the same thing when it comes to functionality, the newer one still only just shows the default weapon skin just as the old one did. Secondly, I was wondering if it is confirmed that you receive a 15-Day Talisman from the new box or a 1- day Talisman. While the box itself is indeed labeled 15-Day, the contents within it are only shown as 1-day. Thanks for reading. https://imgur.com/a/M5dzDOg https://imgur.com/a/wm41HGn
  8. Contest: CODE: Creation Theme: Poem/ Word Artist Description: The premise of the event is to have the community create a Poem/Letter etc based on the theme provided by staff. For example: Farewell letter to (Perhaps their main character). This can also be brought into maybe holidays that go on such as Valentines Day, April Fools Day, Christmas, Halloween aswell. Hopefully can bring some of the word weavers into the contests aswell. Thanks for your time
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