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  1. Hi there I have a mission bug at Hunter's Night Area (EP05. Goshawk guards the chaos rising in the city); I'm using Harpy and I can't finish the dungeon required for the quest due to the fact that Luna is not attacking and she also doesn't receive any damage. Already tried to diagnose and ended and took the quest back and this still happens. x/
  2. That’s happening to me too~ not only on Soma but on all characters though. I just go to Guro Station to buy stamina potions.
  3. After I restarted the game several times since constantly getting the 'failed to connect to the server' message now I managed to log into the game and surprisingly could even do 2 dungeons but no more than that cause the issue occurred again. x/
  4. Oh well I'm glad that I'm not the only one having this issue(/。\)
  5. Earlier I was afk in game for some hours and after that when I entered a dungeon it took a bit of time until it suddenly appeared that I can't connect to the server and the dungeon stopped loading at 99% and I had to open task manager so I can end the game. The game works pretty fine when I stay in hubs and anything else besides when I enter dungeons (and I mean any dungeon)~ the things I've tried so far were to diagnose the game and restart my PC. Asked some of my crew members and they even said they don't experience this problem so I guess it is just me. This never happened to me until now; also my connection works very fine. Please help me! ;~;
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