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  1. What is harder to catch the faster you run?

  2. Task force, the next promotion for Special Agents/Crew members, is available to specific characters. This is a quick guide detailing the process of how to obtain this promotion. First and foremost, in order to be able to receive this quest, you'll need to be level 83 and have <Dream World: Dance Theater> unlocked. This is an Epic Quest that can be accepted from <Dr. Jung> in <Dimension Ops Center>. After all the aforementioned steps are completed, and if the promotion is available for your character, you'll be able to accept the quest from <Opera D> in <Dream World: Dance Theater>. Similar to the Special Agent quest lines, this quest beings with dungeons that are accessible in party play, however it the majority of the quest will take place in dungeons that must be tackled solo, so remember to be prepared in advance. In order, here at the dungeons and mats you will need to obtain in order. Clear <Connected to the stage of memory> once. The main dungeon housed in <Dream World: Dance Theater> Clear [Solo] <Stage connecting the ties> once. A secondary dungeon, like in special agent, is only accessible to those in the proper part of their promotion quest. Collect 10 Tie Fragments. These are awarded 2 per run at from [Solo] <Stage connecting the ties> this dungeon has an entry limit of one per day. As well as Gather: Sticky Residue x200 Chromatic Phase Essence x200 Amplified Dimensional Essence x400 Alien Pressure Valve x500 Synchronization Gene x500 Dimension Core x500 After completing the final step talk <Opera D> at <Dream World: Dance Theater> and claim your promotion!
  3. PNA Level Cap is 70
    Experience for PNA is static, meaning it is not affected by Additional EXP % from any source.

    Disaster Recovery Center

    Epilogue Dungeons ( Easy ): 48,291 PNA exp
    Epilogue Dungeons ( Normal ): 55,749 PNA exp
    Epilogue Dungeons ( Hard ): 69,415 PNA exp
    Epilogue Dungeons ( V.Hard ): 89,951 PNA exp

    Plane Gate

    Red & Blue Gates


    Plane Gate Step 1 Sides: 127,436 PNA exp
    Plane Gate Step 2 Sides: 136,751 PNA exp
    Plane Gate Step 3 Sides: 142,463 PNA exp
    Plane Gate Step 4 Sides: 157,889 PNA exp
    Plane Gate Step 5 Sides: 173,679 PNA exp


    Plane Gate Step 1 Bosses: 146,553 PNA exp
    Plane Gate Step 2 Bosses: 157,264 PNA exp
    Plane Gate Step 3 Bosses: 163,833 PNA exp
    Plane Gate Step 4 Bosses: 181,572 PNA exp
    Plane Gate Step 5 Bosses: 199,730 PNA exp

    Stage Singularity

    Stage Singularity Blue Invader & Red Legion Armies ( Easy ): 136,528 PNA exp
    Stage Singularity Blue Invader & Red Legion Armies ( Normal ): 147,384 PNA exp
    Stage Singularity Blue Invader & Red Legion Armies ( Hard ): 158,554 PNA exp
    Stage Singularity Blue Invader & Red Legion Armies ( V.Hard ): 170,038 PNA exp

    Stage Singularity Bytess & Mephisto ( Easy ): 196,600 PNA exp
    Stage Singularity Bytess & Mephisto ( Normal ): 209,061 PNA exp
    Stage Singularity Bytess & Mephisto ( Hard ): 226,364 PNA exp
    Stage Singularity Bytess & Mephisto ( V.Hard ): 247,599 PNA exp


    Bytess & Mephisto ( Hard & V.Hard, PGs Lv73 & Lv75 ): : 219,703 PNA exp


    Intelligence Development Lab & Body Reinforcement Lab ( Basic Course ): 199,730 PNA exp

    Intelligence Development Lab & Body Reinforcement Lab ( Intermediate Course ): 219,703 PNA exp

    Gremory's Main Laboratory: 247,599 PNA exp

    Tiamat Room Dimension
    Tiamat Side A & B: 157,890 PNA exp
    Tiamat Abyss ( Hard & V.Hard ): 219,703 PNA exp

  4. Misteltein's SA Story, Translated from ID with creative editing by me


    "I... will fight... better than before...
    ...Then one day...
    ...I will... know for sure who I really am..."

    Misteltein, the youngest Closers Agent in UNION's vast history, came from UNION's Germany branch of research and development institute. There's wasn't much to know about Misteltein, in fact, even Misteltein himself didn't quite know who he himself was. The earliest thing he could remember was that as far back as he could remember he was raised by scientists at the institute of UNION's Germany branch until he was eventually dispatched to New Seoul and joined the Black Lambs team.

    After joining the Black Lambs team, Misteltein continued his training as a Dimensional Monster hunter using a unique lance that was developed especially for him. One day, Misteltein received a news that he was offered an opportunity to participate in the 3rd Promotion Exam from UNION, but Deputy Director Serra rejected the offer, suspecting a hidden motive from UNION. She followed up by telling Misteltein he was forbidden to participate in the exam under any circumstance. That meant nothing to Misteltein when Celine came to him and told him that there was a Closers Agent's soul that got trapped in the Advancement Training Program developed by her. Misteltein, upon hearing this, immediately went to the Tiamat Dimension Room casting Serra's prohibition to the wind.

    When he arrived at Tiamat Dimension Room, Misteltein immediately volunteered to enter the Advancement Training Program and look for the trapped Closer's soul in virtual reality. Misteltein felt that burning in his heart to help, as someone whom understood the feeling of loneliness that the Closer trapped the virtual reality was sure to be feeling. Misteltein recalled this feeling was similar to that isolation he felt when he was in Germany. After scouting the area, Misteltein met Mephisto who was the one that captured the said Closer's soul.

    Mephisto immediately felt something unique within Misteltein and gave him an offer. Mephisto will reveal to him the secrets of who he is and in exchange the soul he'd captured was his to take. Given said offer, Misteltein's stance to protect truth and help anyone in need faltered, feeling his own desire to know plague his judgement.

    Celine could feel the echo of Misteltein's inner worries. Hearing them, she did her utmost to comfort him. She reminded him that he didn't need to think about the past, about who he "truly" was. The thing that he should focus on instead is to try to be who he'd made himself into for today, because that was the self that would determine his future, not whomever he was in the past. Celine's comforting words finally made Misteltein realize what he needed to do and pushed him to continue his task to save the captured soul, now with the help of Serra; who had decided to assist with the help of some other Closers Agents that lent their powers to him after drinking a special medicine.

    After a series of battles with Mephisto, the captured soul was finally freed and Misteltein reported everything to Serra. In the beginning Serra was quite angry with Misteltein, given he'd violated her explicit instructions, but due to his persistence with saving the captured soul, and since Misteltein has technically finished the UNION's 3rd Grade Promotion Exam, Deputy Director Serra decided to promote Misteltein as the fifth Special Agent and tasked him to work even harder than before.

  5. Nata

    I need a guide for Nata's PNA

    Blue Strains ( Gene Factor ) Attack Physical Attack or Physical Attack ( Rate ), whichever gives you more raw. Won't always be consistent. Defense HP ( Rate ) Assist Movement Speed Yellow Strains ( Combine Factor ) Attack Physical/Magical Penetration Defense Physical DMG Reduction & Magical DMG Reduction one of each. Helps reduce the damage done to you by the Hollow Booster when or if you eventually get it. Assist Cooldown Decrease or DMG during Phase Power Release. Cooldown if you need it but DMG during Phase Power Release is the more " offensive " choice, but not by much. Purple Strains ( Mutated Factor ) Attack Aerial Critical DMG or Back Critical DMG, really doesn't matter which one or if you mix since the values are entirely the same. Defense Physical DMG Reduction & Magical DMG Reduction one of each. Helps reduce the damage done to you by the Hollow Booster when or if you eventually get it. Assist Cooldown Decrease or DMG during Phase Power Release. Cooldown if you need it but DMG during Phase Power Release is the more " offensive " choice, but not by much. Gremory PNA Names are missing for these, so I'll post their icons and say what they give. Raw DMG Aerial Crit DMG Back Crit DMG
  6. Nata

    Seha Story Translations

    Souvenirs of Closers - New Closers Souvenir Collection Serra: Oh, actually, can you hold on just a second. I nearly forgot. Union gives out special souvenirs to new Agents. The souvenir addressed to you arrived before you did. It was left with Commander Jane. Make sure to go and get your souvenir from Jane, okay? Jane: Huuuh? Did you forget something Seha? Seha: Serra told me that Union sent a souvenir for me and that you had it. I'd like to take it. Do you know what kind of souvenir is it? I hope it's a video game... Jane: Huh? Souvenir? Jane: Oh, right! Right! I just remembered! Souvenir, right! But you'll need to listen to my explanation first! Jane: These are the documents for how to get your souvenirs... Eh? Ugh. Why is it wet? Seha: ...Jane. You realize that's a drool stain? But more importantly, why is it there? Jane: Oh! Hahaha! Actually, during break I used the document as a pillow. Then.... heeeh... Jane: Oh, but don't worry! I can remember the details no problem! So I'll personally recap the souvenir's description for you! The souvenir is in a small box that's inside an even smaller box and in that small box there's an even more smaller box. You'll have to improve your abilities to be able to open the box and after you open it, you'll get another box! This is an incentive for you to try and get stronger... You get what I'm saying, right? Seha: Uh, kinda? Jane: 'Uh?' I don't know about that... Jane: Anyway, here's the souvenir. Take it. Though... even I don't know how well it'll help. Jane: Congrats on becoming a Closers Agent, Seha! We'll meet again!
  7. Nata

    Camilla Booster

    Yes, drops from Training Program: Munition Factory if you need help finding which dungeon I mean, check here.
  8. Nata

    Seha Story Translations

    EP01. First Mission - First Call Up
  9. Nata

    Seha Story Translations

    This will be a thread of all translations pertaining to Lee Seha done by me. Tutorial
  10. Pet Tutorial Quest for Nata, Translated from ID with creative editing by me

    Growth of a Pet
    Secondary Growth Experiment

    Trainer: Communication received. Seems there's a new order for you.
    Trainer: Look around, there should be woman nearby. Julia.
    Trainer: Vultures have ordered you to assist in her newest technological experiment.
    Trainer: Tch, this looks like a waste of time but...
    Trainer: It's hard for to refuse, since it's a request from UNION themselves.
    Trainer: It'll be troublesome if you're gone long, so hurry and finish this task.
    That's an order.

    Julia: You're the Crew that Vultures picked.
    Julia: It's nice to meet you. I'm from the UNION technology division who're assisting the Closers.
    My name is Julia.
    Julia: Due to UNION and Vultures' cooperation in technology, I will be taking the head of your team's technical assistance in the future.
    Nata: What a long-winded introduction.
    Are you going to tell me what's the problem or not?
    Julia: The straightforward type, I see. Very well.
    Are you bychance... interested in pets?
    Nata: Pets? You mean like those animals who eat grass?
    I don't have time for that. I'm busy.
    Julia: ...The UNION technology division assists Closers by developing new robots.
    Julia: These robots are special though, since they have the ability to grow.
    I think it's more attractive to think of them as a form of pet.
    Julia: So, after they've successfully been developed, they're called a [Pet].
    There are many types of [Pet] that we're currently developing.
    Julia: At the institute, it began with making an [Egg] sphere, then the [Egg] will be dipped in a [Fluid], afterwards it will grow into an [Adult]!
    Julia: Its growth is based on the nano machines that's integrated with AI. Because of this, it's also capable of expressing its feelings to its owner.
    Julia: A fully grown [Pet] is capable of supporting its owner in battle. Of course that's just one theory.
    Julia: The problem is... the growth experience. Once they've reached adulthood they cease to grow.
    Julia: Vultures is interested in this technology.
    As such, I want your cooperation.
    Julia: The growth is programmed based on phase wave from its master. This means it can't grow unless it's being using through your phase.
    Julia: So I want your cooperation.
    I'll give you a [Pet] [Egg] prototype.
    Nata: An egg? To be eaten?
    Julia: To-to be eaten? This Egg is the product of countless hours of development...
    with that said, there's a lot of nano machines in it. If you want to live a lengthy life it probably wouldn't be best.
    Nata: Huh. Useless.
    Julia: Like I said, Vultures are personally invested in this experiment. I hope you will take it seriously.
    I'm serious. If you eat that egg... you're going to regret it..

  11. Nata

    NPC Cosplay Box

    Here to stay via the CODE: Fusion.
  12. So you finally rooted yourself into CODE: Closers & you're seeking a few companions for the journey, then Circles are what you're looking to join next. Circles are the equivalent of guilds you'll find in other MMOs. While offering their own chat it also offers a plethora of other benefits. For starters, upon reaching level 5 you're then able to place mascots in your circle awarding you various stat benefits. These mascots cost Bits & only the Circle Leader or Vices may purchase or set them. Before moving forward, let's quickly touch up on the differences between Circle Leader & other roles of the Circle. Circle Leaders can: Edit Information, Add Members, Kick Members, Manage Circle Settings, Accept Join Requests, Turn Guild to Public or Private, Distribute Circle Rep Points, Refresh Guild Missions, Disband Circle, Change Leader. Vices can: Edit Information, Add Members, Kick Members, Manage Circle Settings, Accept Join Requests, Turn Guild to Public or Private, Distribute Circle Rep Points, Refresh Guild Missions. Any other role has no power over the other. Let's go over some new features. Firstly, regarding joining a circle, now you're free to search for a circle! simply click the magnifying glass to open the directory. Once here, you'll be able to search either by name or by a statistic of your choice. Click on the yellow I icon to check what buffs the guild has, as well as their welcome message for any important information they might have there. You can now instantly complete the buff time by donating any amount equal to or above 100,000 credits to your circle. Circle missions! Complete missions either by yourself or with fellow circle members in order to earn various goodies & raise your circle reputation! The materials & rep points are only awarded once the mission has been completed, I.E 0/12 -> 12/12 = Get reward, however Circle Activity Points will be awarded for every single participation in the given dungeon. ( Daily Cap of 100 ). Completing weekly missions will award you materials & Circle Activity Points. As the name suggests, these are rotated weekly. Completing daily missions will award your circle Circle Reputation Points & yourself Circle Activity Points. These are rotated daily, and can be reopened a certain number of times for credits. Circle Reputation points can be spent on the final menu, ranking up areas to make playing in said areas more profitable, from additional item drop rate to additional stats for participating in dungeons of the area. The amount of points to level up an area is directly correlative with the number of dungeons in the area. " You'll work hard for me... won't you? " Han Hwisung has opened his own shop in your Circle! Place him in your circle to purchase all sorts of goodies from him! First two items on display or the Circle Emotes you've come to know & love! Now they can be purchased & used outside of the circle base! To purchase them, you'll need to utilize the aforementioned Circle Mission system to earch Circle Activity points. The second items on his menu are titles, one of them being a stat title while the latter is a cosmetic one. & of course the last thing he's selling is cookies, fresh baked with the blood, sweat, and tears of Naddic employees! These salty creations heal your HP/MP for 15%. Really not worth buying, just an fyi.
  13. Nata

    about PNA

    Known bug, avoid PNA for the time being.
  14. Nata's 3rd Grade Promotion, Translated from ID & edited by me. god this took forever

    Starting 3rd Grade Promotion



    AI: Crew Nata. I've a message for you.
    AI: There's an official letter from UNION that's addressed to the Wolfdogs team.
    AI: The contents of the letter said that Crew Nata is selected for the promotional exam.
    AI: If you pass the exam, you'll become stronger.
    AI: So I will congratulate you now. Initiating congratulations. Congratulations.
    Nata: What the fuck?
    Why would UNION send us an official letter asking me to do take their stupid promotional exam?
    Nata: I... I'm not UNION's property!
    More importantly I'm not a Closer!
    AI: Regarding that, I don't know either.
    AI: If you have any further questions, feel free to contact Trainer.
    I have sent him the said letter.

    Trainer: Come here. 
    Trainer: Have you heard about the promotional exam from AI?
    Nata: Hey, old man.
    What the fuck is this?
    Nata: Why would those UNION people ask me to take their stupid promotional exam?
    Trainer: I don't get it either.
    Trainer: But it's better if we work together with them on this, this is a good chance to put our good intentions on display.
    Trainer: From my experience, UNION isn't a very flexible organization.
    Trainer: That means there must be some ulterior motive.
    Trainer: I will confirm this with Serra and find what UNION's true intentions are.
    Trainer: Ah, there she is.
    Let's ask now.
    Serra: Trainer.
    Sorry for making you wait.
    Serra: I've contacted the UNION HQ.
    Trainer: Deputy Director Serra.
    Tell me the truth.
    Trainer: Why did UNION suddenly select Nata for the promotional exam?
    What are they planning to gain from this?
    Serra: Alright.
    I'll tell you what happened.
    Serra: This time UNION introduced their newest program...
    That being the newest Advancement Training Program...
    This program that... can separate one's soul from their body...
    Serra: Then put the soul into the virtual reality world to do a rescue mission.
    But this program... has many suspicions especially regarding the security and safety aspects.
    Serra: Even though this was supposed to be tested on Closers, barely anyone wants to do it...
    Trainer: Ah, so their main motive is to take advantage the Wolfdogs team as a bait and lab rat for this program they can't be assed to test?
    Trainer: Huh.
    So that's what UNION's real motive is.
    Trainer: Of course, we won't be sending our team members to be the test subjects for a program that hasn't been deemed safe.
    Trainer: I'd suggest finding someone else to be their lab rat.
    Serra: I agree, I also think what HQ did this time was unfair.
    On behalf of UNION, I want to apologize.
    Nata: Khh. Kekekeke...
    Nata: Kyahaha! Now things are getting interesting!
    Trainer: ...What made you think this is interesting, Nata?
    Nata: Didn't you hear it for yourself, old man!?
    Closers themselves have already given up on this!
    Nata: If I, Nata, passed this promotional exam with flying colors...
    then UNION's name will be smeared, they won't be able to tell me what to do anymore!
    Nata: And to make things better... the goal for this exam is to make me stronger, right?
    Kyahaha! Like killing 2 birds with one stone!
    Nata: Hey, old man! I'm going!
    Don't try and stop me!
    Trainer: ...But the risk is too high.
    You might even lose your own life.
    Nata: Tsk. What the fuck are you going on about?
    You've always sent me on vague and high risked missions!
    Nata: Quit worrying!
    There's no way... I won't be taken down so easily in some trivial mission like this!
    Trainer: Huh... it's surprising to hear you say something right. Hmhmhm.
    Nata: Hey, you don't have to pretend to laugh.
    You old man.
    Trainer: ...Alright.
    If you already made up your mind, then I won't try and stop you.
    Trainer: Until then, I'll be entrusting Nata to you, Director Deputy Serra.
    Serra: Are you sure? This could be a insanely dangerous mission.
    Trainer: Didn't you hear Nata already? He said that he won't die that easily.
    Serra: ...Alright then.
    I will inform UNION HQ immediately. 
    Serra: Nata, go meet Agent Celine at the Tiamat Room Dimension.
    She's the one responsible for that program.
    Trainer: Now go.
    Seize that new power for yourself with your own hands.

    Celine: Ah, Nata.
    Celine: I heard the news.
    You got selected to try out the Advanced Training Program right?
    Nata: Cut the small talk.
    Just tell me where I have to go and I'll do it.
    Celine: Are you... really sure?
    Celine: This program is really dangerous.
    There's still a chance to change your mind about it...
    Nata: Heh! Don't you think I already know that?
    That's exactly why I want to try it out!
    Nata: I'll have to become stronger!
    For that... I'll do anything to achieve it!
    Nata: So, quit asking annoying questions and send me there now!
    Celine: ...I understand
    Celine: I will do my utmost best to assist you.
    Celine: I'm going to start the test now.
    Even if this is a test, the test materials will still be the same with the usual promotional exam.
    Celine: So, perform as though you're taking a promotional exam.


    1st: Entry Material Collection



    Celine: To access the Advanced Training Program, we'll need to collect materials first.
    Celine: The materials can be collected from Nightmare World. So the material collection is the first task for the 3rd Grade Promotion Exam
    Celine: So your first task will be material collection.
    Celine: Be careful, Nata!

    Celine: Ahh, you've collected the necessary materials to access the Advanced Training Program!
    Celine: I will explain further regarding this Advancement Training Program. Pay attention.


    2nd: Beast Repulsion



    Celine: I'll explain about the Advanced Training Program that was just recently developed.
    Celine: The basic principal and methods of the Advanced Training Program is similar to that of the Training Program and Nightmare World.
    Celine: After separating one's soul from their body, their soul will be brought into the virtual battle zone that's specially designed for the promotional exam. 
    Celine: It is similar to Cube, where the system will automatically create Dimensional Monsters in 3D for you to fight.
    Celine: Agents that enter the Advanced Training Program will be forced to fight against stronger Dimensional Monsters compared to usual. 
    This was the main reason for the development of the Advanced Training Program. 
    Celine: Rest assured, even if you got hurt from the virtual Dimensional Monsters in the virtual world, your real body won't be dealt the same wounds.
    It's only your virtual body that will get hurt.
    Celine: But... that's where I miscalculated. Though the physical condition of the Closers that entered the Advancement Training Program will be sound, I didn't calculate the side effect of the Closer's after psyche entering there.
    Celine: ...Please be careful while taking the tests.
    Celine: ...The explanation regarding the Advanced Training Program ends here.
    I can only hope this conditions you to take caution while entering the Advanced Training Program.
    Celine: For the first Virtual Operation, we'll be sending you to a simulation mimicking Bytess' area of authority in Plane Gate.
    Celine: I've made adjustment to the Nightmare World Entry so you'll have access to the program. 
    You can enter through the Nightmare World.
    Celine: There's no need to be scared. I will make sure to watch over you at all times.
    If things become dangerous, I want you to retreat immediately.
    Celine: Well then, take care, Nata!

    Celine: You've did an outstanding job on your mission!
    Celine: I guess there's no problems with the Virtual Operation Area you just entered, it all went according to plan!
    Celine: But that doesn't mean the test is over.
    I still have some other concerns.
    Celine: For that, I will start the briefing for the next Virtual Operation Area.


    3rd: Demon Repulsion



    Celine: The next mission is to enter a Virtual Operation Area where the enemy you will face is the strongest Dimensional Monster of Plane Gate.
    Celine: Which is... Mephisto...
    The terrifying Dimensional Monster that can twist human minds to do his will.
    Celine: Of course the Dimensional Monster that is being created in this area is only a virtual reality, so you don't have to worry regarding that ability...
    Celine: Though... I don't know what kind of danger awaits you there...
    So as always, I want you to be careful.
    Nata: Tsk. Worrying about me? Hah, there's nothing I can't defeat.
    Nata: I'll prove it, I'll slaughter him completely.
    After that... I take that power for myself!

    Mephisto: One more... one more weak soul has dared to entered my territory...
    Mephisto: Now, come to me...
    Surrender your soul to me...
    Nata: What the fuck?
    That thing can actually talk?
    Nata: Did that UNION girl actually spend time replicating such a useless feature? If so...
    Mephisto: Foolish human,
    you dare to mock my illusion...
    Mephisto: But nevertheless... I live...
    my life will always be present... in figures which take my image...
    Nata: Heh, what a waste of breath, I'll put an end to that mouth of yours.
    It's time for you to disappear!
    Nata: Once I take care of you...
    I'll attain an even greater new power!
    Mephisto: You... crave power that hungrily....
    And to capture that power... you will chase... 
    exploit any means... until you have it....
    Mephisto: Alas... it means nothing no matter how strong your desire...
    or how strong the power... you have...
    you can not win... against your 'fate'...
    Mephisto: There's nothing left for your life...
    you're destined to be discarded...
    The only thing that's precious from you is your ability to cling to life...
    Nata: Shut your mouth! I don't need to hear your stupid opinions!
    I, I will never die!
    Mephisto: Fufufu... so... you don't want to die?
    Then... allow me to help grant your desire...
    I believe this is something you'll want...
    Mephisto: Something special, just for you...
    A power that preys on other souls....
    Mephisto: If you accept... you can feast on human souls...
    that you kill with your own hands...
    Mephisto: In other words... the more humans you kill...
    the more power you'll attain... and with it the closer you are...
    to what's called 'immortality'...
    Nata: Don't think you can trick me!
    Do you think I'll be tempted with your bullshit?!
    Mephisto: Whether I'm lying or not... it'll be up to you to find out... 
    But a suggestion... do try it for yourself to see if it's a lie...
    Mephisto: Here's some of my powers... 
    now, try to defeat the simulation of a god which lay before you...
    Mephisto: Afterwards... return to your own world..
    meet the girl that's been waiting for you...
    Mephisto: And kill her and steal her soul and power...
    Only after that... will I reside within you...
    Mephisto: Now, let's start the fight now...
    So you can receive... my power... and my soul...!

    Mephisto: Fufufu... well done...
    You've managed to defeat me...
    Mephisto: Now your body and soul... have been exposed to my power...
    With this... you've received a part... of my strength...
    Nata: Ugh... Arggh...
    My throat... feels so thirsty...
    What... is this actually...!
    Mephisto: That thirst... can only be quenched...
    with killing your enemies... and preying their souls...
    Mephisto: Now return... and kill the girl who has been waiting for you... 
    And prey onto her soul... so it becomes part of your power...!
    Mephisto: With that... you will be reborn...
    like me...!
    Mephisto: Fufufu... I'm waiting at the time where you will become like I am... 
    so we... can become friends...!

    Celine: Ah, Nata! You've returned!
    Celine: I was experiencing technical difficulties earlier when I was watching you through this monitor.
    Celine: Are you okay? Did something happen? Were there problems with the program?
    Nata: Ugh! Haaaaah!
    Celine: Kyaaa! W-why are you attacking me... what's gotten into you?
    Nata: M, My throat...!
    G, Goddammit...!!
    Nata: Fuck fuck fuck! I'm so thirsty!
    I need it...! I'm going to drink your soul...!
    Celine: W, What are you... t, talking about?
    Celine: P, Please... stop holding my neck... so tightly...
    I, I... can't... breathe...!
    Nata: Won't you shut up already!
    Here I am strangling you and yet you're still trying so hard to be noisy...!
    Nata: ...Tsk. Maybe it really is possible... what that Monster said...
    Nata: If I kill someone...
    then I'll prey on their souls and take their powers.
    And then, finally this thirst will be quenched just like what that Monster said!
    Celine: W, What...?!
    Nata: Heh, that's right...
    by killing... all these annoying people...
    I'll prey on their soul and take their powers!
    Nata: Kyahaha! Cool right?
    This is what I've always wanted!
    Nata: Killing and preying other's souls...
    and then...! I'll live forever!
    Celine: Do, don't do it...! Nata...!
    That's... not... something... that... people... do...!
    Nata: Keep your trap shut! People like you are the problem to begin with!!
    Because of people like you, always using others... I became your prey and now look how shitty my life has become!
    Nata: And then, because of the secret operation you did to me...
    You all wanted to use on me once again, you really wanted to take advantage of my body! I almost died all because of you guys!!
    You will never understand how strong my grudge towards all of you is!!
    Celine: ....
    Celine: Fine then, I understand.
    Kill me...
    Eat my soul and take powers... if that'll help cleanse your heart.
    Nata: ...What?
    Celine: If it's enough to satisfy you, knowing you'll live longer and be stronger...
    then... I'll surrender my life and powers to you...
    Celine: Because I... am proud to be a Closer!
    My solemn duty has always been... to help...
    every and anyone suffering in pain or misery!


    4th: Counterattack Preparation



    Celine: Nata...
    I really do mean what I said.
    Celine: If you want to kill me... kill me, and consume my soul and powers.
    If it really help mend your heart, if living longer can do that...
    then I want you to do it...
    Celine: ...If... if that can really make you happy,
    then do it...
    Nata: ...Khhh.
    Nata: Fuck...!
    You damn bitch!
    Celine: Kyaaa!
    Nata: Hah... hah... hah...
    Celine: Na- Nata...?
    Why did you... throw away your weapons?
    Celine: Didn't you want to... kill me?
    Nata: God! Do you ever shut up?
    You're such an annoying woman!
    Nata: I mean it! You're really truly annoying!
    How can you just surrender your life so easily?!
    You're not only annoying but you're also really damn weak!
    Nata: Stand up for yourself dammit!
    Don't let me see you give give up that easily!
    Nata: You only get one life, so don't surrender it to me that easily!! You annoying weak woman!!
    Celine: ...Nata
    Celine: Don't say it like i'd have done this for anyone.
    You've... helped me a bunch of times.
    Celine: That's the reason why I'm willing to sacrifice my life for you.
    Because I know that deep down you're a good person, Nata.
    Celine: See, even until right now...
    you've been trying to save me before yourself, right?

    Nata: .......Tsk.
    It pisses me off, that Monster's trickery!
    Nata: Only I... have the right to decide what I want to do!
    And that goes for you too!
    Celine: Fufufu. As expected...
    Nata, deep down, you really are a good person, huh?
    Nata: Give it a rest would you?!
    Besides now you're going to help me... help me find a way to quench this thirst!
    Nata: I'm really thirsty, my throat feels so dry... and feels like it's on fire!
    Celine: Ah, I see.
    Celine: Then I'll just take a little peak into your brain.
    Just for a moment.
    Celine: ......
    Celine: All done!
    Seems like there's a poisonous miasma from Mephisto that's contaminated your body and mind.
    Celine: To neutralize this poisonous miasma, you're going to have to defeat Mephisto.
    But it'll be tough considering your situation right now...
    Celine: It can really be poisonous if it's left alone, so I'm going to transfer some of my phase power into your body. 
    Celine: This way, the poisonous miasma won't affect you when you're fighting against him.
    But still, you're going to need to increase your Phase Power capacity so that you can accept my Phase Power.
    Celine: I've made sure that in the Advanced Training Program data, there are a handful of datas that correlates with Tiamat.
    Celine: In legend, it's said that Tiamat has a medical-like material that can be turned into a potion that when drank  by a Closer will increases their Phase Power capacity!
    Celine: Due to the strong side effects of the medicine, it never got implemented in Advanced Training Program. I will ask the programmers and technician to implement those datas.
    Celine: So your task is to enter the Advancement Training Program and defeat Tiamat. 
    And afterwards collect the materials for the medicine.
    Nata: Tsk.
    I get it.
    Wait right here.

    Celine: You have the materials for the medicine!
    I'll give this to the Technical Support team immediately!
    Celine: The Technical Support team will create a medicine that can increase the capacity of your Phase Power.
    Celine: After you drink this medicine, I'll transfer my Phase Power to you.
    Celine: Tell me whenever you're ready, Nata!


    5th: Power of the Wolfdog



    Celine: The medicine is finally done, thank goodness.
    Quick, hurry and take it.
    Celine: Once you're finished drinking it,
    I will begin the process of transferring my Phase Power.
    Have you drank it?
    Nata: I've drank it! I've drank it!
    Just hurry and do the stupid Phase Power transfer!
    I want to kill the hell out of that damn Dimensional Monster already!
    Celine: Alright then...
    I will give my Phase Power to you...!
    Nata: Wh, what is this...?
    I don't know why... it's like there's something in my head....!
    I also feel something...!
    Celine: I can feel you what you're feeling, Nata...
    Celine: I can also see the light in your soul.
    Even though it looked rough at first, your soul is actually soft...
    It's such a beautiful soul.
    Nata: S, stop it! If you keep talking like that I'll actually kill you!
    Let's skip the formalities and get right to the fighting!
    Celine: Fufufu. Okay okay.
    Celine: But I'll have to tell you something.
    It looks like the enemy is desperate now.
    Celine: I was checking his status in the program earlier.
    It seems like he's using Tiamat's data to create replicas as his underlings.
    Celine: But like I told you at the beginning, you don't worry about that.
    Because I will always be right here with you.
    Celine: Alright then! 
    It's your time to shine, Nata!
    Show him how strong you truly are!

    Trainer: You've returned, Nata.
    Trainer: I've heard everything from Celine. 
    Seems like a lot has happened during the tests. 
    Nata: Tsk.
    What a hopelessly annoying girl.
    Nata: Nothing really important happened.
    So don't try and make a big deal of it.
    Nata: Heh. I'd be scared if I were you, you can tell how much I've already improved!
    You've probably already noticed it, right?!
    Trainer: ...Of course I noticed. 
    I'm very aware that you're a person with a strong hold on his desires.
    Trainer: But don't go and overdo it and force yourself. 
    It's be troublesome for me if you died.
    Nata: Tsk.
    Stop playing dumb.
    Nata: Now I'll be able to handle even more dangerous missions with ease!
    Trainer: ...There's actually a reason...
    Why I have to give you even more dangerous missions.
    Trainer: Between all Wolfdogs members, you usually have the strongest commitment and the toughest one to boot. 
    It's because of that I'm sure that you'll come back alive, even if you were at hell's door.
    Trainer: In other words, I trust you.
    Nata: W, what are you...!
    I've had more than enough sweet talk from you!
    Just give me the dangerous missions!
    It's not like you to wast time with small talk!
    Nata: Are you stupid? D, do you think you'll get more out of me with your sweet nothings?!
    You annoying old man!
    Trainer: Hmph. Still not being honest with yourself and acting all rebellious like usual. 
    Just this time... i'll ignore that attitude of yours.
    Trainer: You've performed great in the promotional exam despite the aforementioned warnings and risk you were told.
    Great work.
    Nata: Heeeeeeh? Of course!!
    Nata: Kyahahaha! With this new power, I'll cut down everyone that stands in my way!
    Of course that includes you, you annoying old man!
    Trainer: It's up to you how you use that power.
    The point is,  your promotional exam has concluded..
    Make sure to use that new power wisely.
    Trainer: Congratulations on your promotion.
    Keep being an elite member of the Wolfdogs team. Continue being more persistent and enthusiastic than anyone else.