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  1. its suck... high credit cost and retard dungeon difficulty
  2. try use vpn i got the same error before, the error gone after i use vpn you can disable the vpn after game finish loading
  3. I'm afraid altering enhancement rework will cause more issue and bug, need to rebalance a lot of thing such as stat and ilvl to match future content. The newest dungeon in KR require 147 ilvl, I'm not sure if +15 is enough to reach that ilvl.
  4. remember what happened when CC try to make "custom content" last time? we got no update for 6 month... no new gacha, no event, nothing. rather than waste their time making costume content better just follow KR update
  5. I dont care much about craft limit/ price but would be nice if the amount of event dg entries reduced to 3 and double the current pinwheel drop per run. also nerf dg difficulty a bit, patrol difficulty is way too high for a dg with level 65 requirement maybe around 300-500k tcp instead of 2m+ tcp
  6. some people want hell mod to be whale exclusive 100$ for a pixel item... people are crazy
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