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  1. it's because before 29th we got +1 from halloween buff, and they removed the buff on last maint
  2. Join a crew and ask people to help you clearing dungeons to farm materials for gears
  3. if you can give a screenshot it would help
  4. no if you check in fail synchro at least that what i saw for bai
  5. it's a feature to clear cd7 faster
  6. The new one sea or ocean or smt, it's rare but not extreme like hell mod(i'm not sure about this) , you can craft those shields too
  7. you only need 6/7(-acc) for the emote but all 6 of them must be 3 star and version D/Onyx
  8. Yeah, Hunter hall because it's a straight path
  9. Grinding hunter night for 200k per run + gold key and reanimator
  10. You want people to gamble if they need credits? Lol
  11. If you play pvp you'll definitely lagging without premium vpn or something like that, because the server location(in europe iirc) is too far from indonesia
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