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  1. weekly reset happen every saturday 10.00am(add 2-3mins) UTC+7 (convert it yourself) that tuesday thing is a deception
  2. weekly craft count reset every saturday 10.00 AM UTC+7 (you can convert it to your timezone) the in-game UI that says reset on tuesday is a bug
  3. based on your requirement : Bai would be the most fitting one for you, but you need to build extreme attack speed for her gear tunes. Harpy also good choice, but compared to bai her aoe skill are small. it's fun too mash button with her because of low skill cooldown. Luna too, have good survival skillset (can heal and blocking damage) but she is a bit slow. in this game dodge is really important for end game, some endgame content (Beelzebub Raid, Hoffman) make every i-frames useless. dodge or die that's it.
  4. any screenshot or something?
  5. there is no proof but it is said to have higher chance for epic trigger 5.5% definitely higher than 5% right?
  6. +15 kind of rarity
  7. there is no trick! it's rng you know there are peeps out there 50+ fails and still trying
  8. are you sure that at least one of your costume synchro-able? try to use gacha costumes as synchro material
  9. for starter you might want to join active circle that can carry you to get endgame gear materials easier do all available gremory quest to unlock all PNA then get extreme gear set> Irina David trinket> Purification (core, module and receiver) t5 > BeelzeBub (core and module) t5 and don't forget to do Hell, Overflood, Wolfgang, Hoffman Daily to craft their shield because it'll take a quite a lot of time to farm their materials (roughly a month and half if you do it daily) don't waste you credit to get s tunes on early gear, a or b tunes are good enough
  10. if i remember correctly you'll need at least 1 month and a half to get all purification stuff, but you need people to carry you to do that
  11. yeah RNG can be that BAD because your chance stay the same after failed attempt , my friend got t5 after 60+ tries and i did 10+ tries just to t4 that have (25%)? succes rate
  12. don't think too much about skill build on early level , lv.10 active skill & lv.6 special move to unlock master cube, and spend the rest of skill points on crit damage passive
  13. costume drop from dungeon usually 1 star and can be upgraded to 3-star (not recommended because the mats kinda rare, you'll need it for upgrading good/endgame accessories set )
  14. there are many ways to get costume craft dungeon drop quest event black market / trading with other player bitna gacha (using bits/real money) union shop (using bits/real money)
  15. as far as i know only Wild Hunter(Bai,Soma,Luna,Wolfgang) costume from code:fusion that are upgradeable and synchroable i tried it using Bai and Soma official crew and special agent pack, i don't know if it's bug or intended
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