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  1. And please look around before posting
  2. Lets not make a lot of threads ~
  3. Surprised you alive ^
  4. Here's B and C
  5. Is the server down ? I don't see any channels-
  6. Donie


    Welcome to Code Closers Hope you enjoi your stay~
  7. Donie

    Event costumes

    Here's the Cherry Blossom Phase Wings
  8. Donie

    NPC Costume

    What is her NPC set tho ? Hoping its Anna
  9. My tunes gave me like +2 on skills so sometimes it gotta be 12 or even 13
  10. Can't you just B> w/e it offers ? It's just 6/6 Brilliance of Darkness and 4/4 Cybernetic Does not really need to be a service ,
  11. Am I gonna get everyone that's in this picture or is it excluding Serra who is the leader of the Black Lambs ?
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