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  1. i made it to st10 with my 5m TCP tein, even though it takes 7-10 minutes per run
  2. Aallright, thanks for all. Please close this thread.
  3. he has also tried using the latest one, but it instead displays XIGNCODE 0xE0191009 error. he has tried various methods shared here, but the results have remained the same
  4. all he did was log into the game and 2-5 minutes later he was forced to close and I told him to make a thread here, but he might not know how
  5. **sorry for my bad english** my friend experiences close force continuously it doesn't show anything like xigncode error, just force close suddenly, he said there was no problem with the connection is there any solution??
  6. Can someone give me a screenshot about how triggers be when it transcended
  7. we need some of costume preview
  8. ok, thx for ur answer
  9. Delicious


    Is this game still able to do modding? If so, where did i get the texture image?
  10. Where can i get this item?
  11. Delicious

    Seth guide

    look at youtube, the skill is different from the one that we got
  12. Delicious

    Seth guide

    anyone know how to do spin while using trial of anubis/anubis judgement?
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