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  1. Well closers is known to have a big memory leak problem since it's release tbh and there haven't been many methods of properly fixing that.(besides restarting your game that is)¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I also got same specs as you do,besides my cpu being i5 7400-3ghz and in my end I encounter no problems when leaving the game open as I am afk or while I am on for more than enough hours.
  2. My main question is,which characters are able to transition from puri core to bb core without having a negative effect from losing the awakened skill effect? I only know of bai that can't use bb core,for now at least.
  3. Thank you for clarifying it to me and thank you for your help as well. You may close the post now since everything is resolved 😆
  4. Oh I see ,then may I ask which craftable event package is for seha's flood tide or is every high/low/flood tide not in the current event?
  5. So basically I opened seha's ocean splash box and it only gave out 4 pieces instead of 5. Any help would be great. Picture showing what my costume inventory has and what I have equipped https://imgur.com/a/jJSQhSg
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