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  1. Thank u very much. Also thank to @Rulebook and @cruzerblade1029 for helping.
  2. You mean this ^ @cruzerblade1029
  3. For a few months I've been on and off playing Luna, but everytime I go into a dungeon, I seem to acquire this debuff that makes me move very slowly etc. If there's a fix for this can you please inform me on how to resolve this issue? This screenshot provided shows the debuff as a black shadow around my character. Thank you and have a good day.
  4. Thank you very much for explaining to me as i'm still new I was unaware. Thank you very much.
  5. Hi good night, sorry I wasn't sure where to post this but I was opening stuff from Bitna. It's a first for me as I was opening them for coins mostly but after sometime of opening I checked to see how many coins I had then looked in my costume inventory seems it was full but yet I was still able to keep buying so I removed some stuff from inventory that I didn't need to see if the stuff I had pulled before would should up. It didn't so then I went to character screen and return I didn't see them. Sure I have the coins but the other items that should of been there wasn't there so I don't know. Should I log all the way out and relog or is it gone for good? Or did I mess up somehow.
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