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  1. now that you said it, it's make sense now i hope they fix it in the future since getting a costume on the bm is really hard, like it's been 4 days and i never see a top costume for yuri .-.
  2. yes i craft and open this cube and i get this (the original time is 6 days, it has been 3 days since then) and i'm always open the new promotion cube as soon as i'm promoted on december 31 2018, i already asked where to get costume so i can fuse it to become rare set, and someone answer me that i can get it from Code:Fusion -> Official Agent/Crew promo costumes and there's this video on youtube he used bai official agent costume that i pretty sure we can craft it on Code:Fusion
  3. Recently i made some credit thanks to this event so i decided to make zenith costume for my Yuri the problem is i don't know which one should i craft in code:fusion so i can upgrade it to 3 stars and fuse it -i already crafted the levia's official crew package but it's time limited to 6 days -next i crafted the kindergarten set for my yuri and it's not upgradeable -next i crafted the base costume package for yuri and it's not upgradeable too even worse all of them can't even salvaged so i can't get phase fiber at least from it. i search the forum for solution and i can only get a 2018 post without anyone replying. can someone help me here ? i don't want to waste more credit on this bs.
  4. thank you for the info, it's really helpful ^^
  5. Hello, i'm still new in this game, i already try to read some pinned guides but still there's something that i need to ask 1.is there a way to get this rare sets like BoD/Zenith without cashing (f2p) ? 2.if yes where do you get the costume that you need so you can fuse it ? (because the free promo costume that we get is only 1 star and it's unupgradeable so i assume that we can't fuse it) 3.where do you farm for a gear ? (i'm playing bai right now and i don't know where to farm for her gear) 4.and what is current rotation for the rare sets in wolfdog and blacklambs ? (and where do you get the info on what currently on rotation ?) that's it for now ^^ sorry if this question maybe already asked/answered before. and it would be really helpful if you actually explain it without using abbreviation because i still don't really know a lot about this game
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