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  1. I had activate the PNA but the PNA level won't increase, is it a bug or I miss something?
  2. @Nata Is there any preview of costumes that are craftable during this halloween event?
  3. Yes please, and thanks. @JWolf Thanks your helping, hope u have a good day
  4. @JWolf Thank you very much! It perfectly work now, really appreciate your help!
  5. As title, how can i change the size of image to make it fit to launcher without changing my pc resolution. FYI, my pc scale and layout is 125%, it can perfectly fit to launcher when change to 100%. But I don't want to change it to 100% scale because its really make my eyes uncomfortable. Hoping somebody can help me solve this problem. Thank you. https://imgur.com/R5cnRfz
  6. Maybe @Nata can provide some full body ss for the characters?
  7. thanks for the suggestion, appreciate it
  8. Can anyone pls tell me how to farm credits in a faster way? Here I attach my character's stats, pls don't suggest the dungeon that I unable to run. Thank You. https://imgur.com/xb1A8wN
  9. And anyone how to farm money, which dungeon should i farm ?
  10. Is there any preview for the costumes that are craftable during the summer event? Because of i dun have much time to craft all the costume for my character, so i want to view how is the costume look like and decide what i want to craft first. If there is any picture about the costume can share. Thank You very much
  11. Same here, last winter event unluckily i just enter C:C so unable to craft the dzw, what a pity.
  12. When is the event start and end?
  13. I think you mean you can't run the game, right? You may run CCPatcher.exe instead of CW.EXE. Try this out to see if you can solve this problem.
  14. personally prefer Bai,in terms of playability
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