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  1. Moonlight

    Skill cubes

    For Tina should I just put ppr/empowered state for her skill from the skill cubes?
  2. Maybe I just hope I don't get banned for getting two login in rewards in one day..
  3. So for the monthly daily login reward I just got a washer machine and as I login out of that character to another character I was able to collect the next reward for the next day, the only thing I am worried about is getting banned.. And I am unsure if this is a bug..
  4. For my Bai I so far have attack speed, weapon affinity, and backstabber for the speical PNA but I just read on this topic that someone suggested that Aerialist was better should I replace one of the ones I have for Aerialist?
  5. Thank you for the quick reply!
  6. I see, if you don't mind me asking another question would this be the right PNA to use for tina I was looking for what else to put in her PNA strains other than her special strains
  7. For tina special strain I been using Eagle Eye, weapon affinity, and Fine Paratrooper are these right for her special strain? Also is their an updated guide that I can find for her PNA then other one i check seem a bit old.?
  8. I see, thanks for all replies
  9. so far I have started playing Soma, in which I really enjoyed.... but I was wondering for her endgame gear what 2/2 set would be best for her, and what would I put in her PNA strains and the special strains section?
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