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  1. Thank you! If it does happen will we be updated to know this feature is available?
  2. Is there reason why we can't ask the staff an email change anymore? Asking this for a friend because his email got hacked and he wants get his account password change
  3. Moonlight

    Skill cubes

    For Tina should I just put ppr/empowered state for her skill from the skill cubes?
  4. Maybe I just hope I don't get banned for getting two login in rewards in one day..
  5. So for the monthly daily login reward I just got a washer machine and as I login out of that character to another character I was able to collect the next reward for the next day, the only thing I am worried about is getting banned.. And I am unsure if this is a bug..
  6. For my Bai I so far have attack speed, weapon affinity, and backstabber for the speical PNA but I just read on this topic that someone suggested that Aerialist was better should I replace one of the ones I have for Aerialist?
  7. Thank you for the quick reply!
  8. I see, if you don't mind me asking another question would this be the right PNA to use for tina I was looking for what else to put in her PNA strains other than her special strains
  9. For tina special strain I been using Eagle Eye, weapon affinity, and Fine Paratrooper are these right for her special strain? Also is their an updated guide that I can find for her PNA then other one i check seem a bit old.?
  10. I see, thanks for all replies
  11. so far I have started playing Soma, in which I really enjoyed.... but I was wondering for her endgame gear what 2/2 set would be best for her, and what would I put in her PNA strains and the special strains section?
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