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  1. do you mean these kind with the circles?
  2. will photographer contest come back?
  3. Ahh I'm sorry! I didn't know if your PMs would be flooded Will do! & thank you very much!
  4. @Harpy Nearly 2 weeks now, I haven't received them yet
  5. should ping forum mods under "staff" tab when requesting a lock
  6. That would be awesome, thank you so much! I hope it will be something possible to implement! You can lock this thread now~
  7. ah, thats understandable, thought i thought "event" could also mean like in a future gacha, that way youd still have to pay to get it
  8. so since it hasnt been in an event yet, but the item description says it could be.. does that mean there might be plans for it possibly be in an upcoming one? @Harpy
  9. edit isnt the t2 100% and t4 100% what you use to skip to t3 and t5? so why are they useless?
  10. ah yeah rip, thats what i was worried about
  11. and you dont have to use seals to transfer it back and forth between characters? was thinking to share it between my soma/vio/bai
  12. ah, unfortunate. i wish they made non character-exclusive items banksharable tbh if they were i might consider buying the pack but as it is rn kinda sucks i cant freely use it on other chars
  13. Yeah, that one It has two different names The link I went to you sent me shows that it was a limited time IM sale .. it was in the gacha too? It's just that, I would love to get it for multiple chars, but seems sorta wasteful to buy a whole set multiple times just for the eye for a diff character and have a bunch of incomplete sets around Btw to anyone who has it - is it banksharable?
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