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  1. The hardest part of all you guys said was the "find a guild to help you". Thanks for the tips, it helped a lot, so can you recommend a guild to a newbie like me?
  2. So, recently arrived at lvl 86, and i'm lost af. What order of early end-game content and late end-game content should i do? i dont appear to have enough tcp to do nothing. Sitting on about 160k, and i've guessed the next step is to do the vitus and mephisto ops to get extreme gear, which should get me to around 220k. So, after that, what? Put chips on everything? Tune itens to S attributes? Irina and David? Doing a 400k tcp ops with 220k sounds like a looong shot to me. But basically it's just that. Please help me understand the order in which things should be done so i can sit in those sweet 4 millions tcp and be forced to disable my damage coz they would be so high they would flood my screen. Thanks in advance.
  3. So, a quick question about hybrid damage: how is it calculated? It's the sum of the two damages you see on screen? ( so, 1k phy + 1k psy = 2k dmg directly on the hp of the enemy), It's just the highest one? It's the highest + the difference between then? Sorry if it sounds like a dumb question
  4. Can we show some appreciation here for the fact that THERE IS NO MORE MEMORY LEAK? It was pretty bad to me before, need to close the game every hour or so, now im playing like 3 hours straight, am lvl 52 and so far the game is smooth as butter. Thanks devs
  5. nvm, was being dumb. "show my character damage" is the right one.
  6. I turned "View player damage off" for screen-clearing reasons, but now i want it back for comparisons reasons, but it does not appear. tried turn it on/off in mission, off mission, a lot of things, but the damage dont appear anymore. what can i do?
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