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  1. Tagaru Kona

    Newbie, Looking for Friends

    Thank you, and glad to be here! ^^ I am currently just looking for starter information/circle/guild to call home before I start the game fully. If you can provide any of the following it'd help greatly ^^
  2. Tagaru Kona

    Newbie, Looking for Friends

    Greetings! Hi names Tagaru Kona, I'm new & learning about Closers. I'm primarily a mmorpg/jrpg/rpg gamer and also an anime nut. I recently looked over this game and wanted to give it a chance, I'd like to get to know some new people to make as friends or a group/guild to get to know on this server. Feel free to PM me, and I'll be joining the discord soon enough if anyone wants to contact me that way too.