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  1. Just like the title, there is no cutscene when I activate the TF Tina skill and for Bai, when I activate the EX Approaching Slash skill (No additional input), Bai immediately slides from the start to mid / end of the stage I will attach the screenshot / video when the server is back on.
  2. in Mattermixer, only Dioxin Cleaner Tradeable can be exchanged, then what about Untradeable?
  3. I got the box from achievement and the box can't be used for Bai and the worst is the Transcendence Stone from the previous event that cannot be used and until now the item is often sold on BM, I was tricked into buying a fake 50M from BM and when seen again with the original, the item is no different, so this It is very dangerous if the fake item is still there, so please pull the item or give a description that the item can no longer be used or repair it so that no other player becomes a victim.
  4. Welcome It's been 3-4 months since the last event, and until now there is still no info about updates and events, and because of that, active players are decreasing and making this server like a grave, so I want to ask a few questions about these things. Without Violet on your team, what are the plans for the future? Why does CC always not give exact information about updates and events in the game? Will CC now provide events from the official server for in-game? What is the progress of the Custom Content that CC is working on? I apologize if I ask things that are not polite and uncomfortable for you. Thank you
  5. I don't use VPN and I only use 1 skill
  6. I always get errors like this every time I finish the dungeon, I get an error like this after the daily reset, before and yesterday I never experienced anything like this.
  7. I think there is no problem with one channel with a population of players like this, in other private games, they use only one server and one channel, even though the player population is more crowded than Closers and there are no problems with lag. Or two channels seems enough. But valentine's day has passed. 😢
  8. No wonder a little, most of them are end games. Does the GM here not make only one channel to make it look more crowded? and by the way is there no new event? the event here follows an event in the Official or different?
  9. I just played a few days now and when I play, I don't see other players and like I play alone on the server, in the chat box it's also very quiet, at least one or two people looking for costumes.
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