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  1. Rissel

    bai plain gate:deep

    thank you so much hasegawarie, i am grateful
  2. Rissel

    bai plain gate:deep

    umm so the one i took picture of is one of them? if i may ask? sorry for being lost
  3. Rissel

    bai plain gate:deep

    hello, sorry for the in convenience, i am a bai main and i was doing plain gate:deep for a while trying to get core and modules but so far i got only this: http://prntscr.com/n8a8ee so i am wondering if this is the needed module because i keep being told it is harsp but i only see other bai characters with this one, so i am confused.
  4. uh never knew that, where can i find it please
  5. thank you so much ^^; , i will pm you when i get on (in like 2-3 hours mainly) or you can have my discord if you got one ^^; sorry for the late reply by the way.
  6. hello, i was trying to do irina and david for some time for equipment but i do not seem to succeed so i would like to get some help if possible. thank you for reading
  7. same i need them for 4 days for equipment, i do not mind coming with you but i am not that good as well. (still trying to drop core from plain gate x.x)
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