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  1. First of all Welcome Bai and i think what he trying to say is (he speaks a different language) 1. because theres no new updates is it true the server is dying ? 2. ehh... my brain (is the server don't die if the new character comes (seth, i think was her name) 3. is there a chance to play with unlimited stamina <- (forgot the word) and thats it what he/she was trying to say (not to 100%) and again Welcome and Congratz to being a CM (hope you gonna have a great time with us)
  2. ♥-Bunny-♥ ♥-Warm Hot Spring-♥ and the most favourite thing i wann see in-game Hatsune Miku + pets its would be great if everyone get the chance to get these costumes, like crafting (limited) the players have a deadline (3-5days to get it)
  3. Hello everyone :3 I am not a newcomer but an older player who has never made a forum account. But I have a few questions Why is the Blackboard so empty? Is it possible to buy bits? Where can I get the best costumes (free) why there are only 5 members :c ? and that's it I wish you a pleasant game see'ya Ingame :3
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