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  1. really seth coming?
  2. welcome i new too here!!
  3. Sorry, I did not want to sound rude just like you are also new and with a lot of questions I do not want this brutal game close only I had been told that possibly close and I do not think this very brutal I have some dais playing and I was addicted I just do not like the energy limit or endurance in the game that portrays me and of course you're very welcome. I apologize if you get upset with my friendship proposal it happens that unlike ordinary people it makes it hard for me to have friends. very introverted and shy and I just wanted a friend sorry and I wish they would get more updates like I'm very happy playing Thank you
  4. welcome i have some questions 1 i near server goin death is true? 2 only yes server dont die coming the new wildhunter character? 3 coming unlimit energy play or stamina? 4 comming the new visual ??? 5 and finaly wanna be my friend? 😁
  5. No digas eso ojala que no justo empiezo a motivarme por un juego
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