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  1. As I have asked in my last reply, what exactly have you tried? Everything encompasses quite a bit, and even that everything might've still missed something.
  2. This has also already been reported, so I'll be merging the 2 threads together!
  3. This, as mentioned above, is not an issue with the game or launcher but an issue with a missing/corrupt file on your pc. You mentioned you did everything but what exactly did you do and how did you do it? Knowing what you did and how could show whether something was done incorrectly or missed. Downloading and re-installing Visual C++ Redistributable Packages (as listed here) may help solve this issue. Since your PC is most likely 64 bit, you MUST download both the x86 and x64 packages for it to properly work. If you already have them fully installed (both x86 AND x64) and wish to skip it, there is an option to repair the files on newer versions of windows. Go to Settings -> Apps & Features -> Scroll to find all the C++ Packages -> Click and Select Modify -> Repair on the pop up window Using the link provided above, the very first option is the generic 2015 - 2019 packages, but I do recommend also grabbing the 2008, 2010 and 2013 packages as well.
  4. Hello everyone! The official Code:Closers discord server has appeared and is now live for all to enter! You can enter the server here! Please note that your discord account must be phone verified to enter! You will have to post your forum profile link in the introduction section when you enter to get full access to the server! This discord is not a replacement for our forums, so bug reports, game suggestions, account support, player reports and appeals must still be done on the forums! All community guidelines as listed here will still apply to our discord server, as well as additional rules listed in #rules will apply! Failure to follow or acknowledge these rules may have you banned from the discord or in-game based on the rules broken. We hope to see you in there!
  5. Might possibly be a Tina issue, so we'll still take a peek into it just in case!
  6. What character gloves did you use? I just tested it on Harpy and it worked fine.
  7. This bug has been fixed, so I'll be locking this thread up!
  8. Could you please provide a video of you running and clearly showing the bugged skills please?
  9. Hello agents! The CODE: Closers network is going offline for a maintenance!  There is no estimated time when it'll be back up, so please be patient with us! - Shining Synchro Fiber and Exchange Silk can now be added to the Black Market - Monthly rotation has been updated We'll be doing 14 day rotations that change with every gacha change (3 weeks unless otherwise noted)! - Removed the Sign In button on the login screen - New April Fools Armbands have been added to MatterMixer v3 Allan in Planar Gate! For a limited time, obtain Armbands A/B to unlock the Genderbent/Silly portraits of your character! Note: Armband A can be used by ALL characters! Armband B can used by all BUT Luna, Mirae, and Chulsoo - The follow items can now be added to a Gremory Box! - Chulsoo can now open Enhanced 12 Tiamat Module Box - Dark Command 10-piece Set (15-Day) can now be opened on Seth - 6 Sets of White Suits Box can now be opened on Mirae and Chulsoo - Vulture Corp. Special Operative Package will no longer give timed pieces for Levia and Nata - Fixed the text issues with the Storage Credit Limit - Fixed the Gacha's Buy menu broken text - Fixed the issue where hovering Mirae skills will crash you - Union Elite Training has been added back to the cash shop - Cozy Winter and Neo Fox Spirit costume sets can now be directly traded Urban Warrior is now available! This is available for: Seha, Seulbi, Yuri, Nata, Bai and Seth! Spring Fairy is now available! This is available for all female characters up to Bai! Domestic Gacha will remain up for this rotation and will be phased out when Urban/Spring are! Have a wonderful weekend Agents!
  10. @Aliciamiho Can you please upload your entries to Imgur to comply with contest rules?
  11. Please be sure you're not attempting to do a dungeon on any of the trade channels. All trade channels will disconnect you when attempting to run a dungeon.
  12. Something to keep in mind: It'd be more helpful to anticipate a crash and start tracking things as soon as you log in rather then just general, "I do this typically". We are asking for a full step by step of someone's game play prior to a crash, so for example: Login my Mirae named: Mirae Cleared Puri Gate 2 times solo Cleared BBv2 with: Character1, Character2, Character3 in party Afk'd in Union Camp for ~30 minutes Crafted NPC Costume Set on character: Mirae Cleared Scrap Iron Processing Plant: Day Difficulty: Patrol Changed character to named: Harpy Crashed, Please send dump file error Logged back in Cleared Scrap Iron Processing Plant: Day Difficulty: Patrol Rolled Domestic Gacha Claimed Domestic Gacha items Cleared Scrap Iron Processing Plant: Day Difficulty: Patrol Crashed, Memory Leak error Generalization of gameplay and toned down versions of events do not help when this problem could be the tinest thing imaginable. As Soma said, we do not need to know that you moved left in Busan, but we do need to know ALL dungeons you did, ALL characters you used, ALL characters you partied with, etc etc.
  13. Yes, posting here is fine. But as Soma mentioned, please DO NOT be vague with your posts. What sector were you cleaing, what characters were you partying with, who were you partying with, what channel were you on? EVERY bit of information is important, even if you think it may be useless. So please go back and fully edit your post with all relevant and up to date information of a most recent crash so we can properly look into it. We will be hiding posts for thread clarity if they cannot give us full and proper information as requested. Thank you!
  14. Are you by chance looking at her skills when you disconnect? There is a known bug that will be fixed tomorrow that will cause you to disconnect when viewing skill information.
  15. The gacha will be changing this Friday, but Domestic will be staying up for an additional 3 weeks. We are looking for a cause for the memory leak, but it is unfortuantely an ambigious issue that could be ANYWHERE in the game. They are doing what they can to try and narrow down and see about fixing it, but without any clear defining point to it, it's like finding a needle in a hay stack. We do apologize for the delay but that is the team's top prioity in fixing right now.
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