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  1. Its understandable and our new team hopes to fix those appearances and give a more pleasant experience. Plans for the future involve going on as normal (sort of). Basically reworking the entire team, how the game was managed and run and start to look at what changes can be done among the community/staff in order to help better the experience. Direct information is not really given/cannot be given till it's actually confirmed with us as well. A lot goes on when working on updates and events like portions getting removed, changed, or just not workable/manageable. Announcing something before it's set is stone is a risky thing because you would then be changing something that people were expecting. All 3 of us have mentioned that we do plan on being as transparent as possible and mending the old communication issue between staff and players. Personally, the silence of the past always did bug me as well. That silence is most certainly something that must change between the staff and players - and it will. As for the last 2 questions, our main goal is to get @Soma situated with Gitae and actually comfortable with working as a Dev here. Though I fully trust in Soma's abilities, it's unfortunately not feasible to learn something like this overnight!
  2. Thank you everyone for the wonderful welcome ❤️
  3. No need to hint me! I had a plan going for that already
  4. Perhaps "Former Phantom Thief" would have been better. Hello everyone! I'm so glad to finally and officially say hello! I am one of your new CMs, Harpy! I look forward to meeting and working with you all as I settle into the new position! While I hope the transition is smooth for the other staff members and myself, please be a bit patient with us as we find our footing! We will try to be up and running as soon as we possibly can! There is quite a lot of staff changes that are happening back here! I do see quite a few Account Support tickets that have gone unanswered for quite sometime, so please let me apologize on behalf of the previous staff for that. Bai and myself will get right on them and provide answers in a timely manner. If you still need assistance on older tickets that were previously handled by past staff, please give them a bump for us! Just a little bit about myself: Harpy and Violet were the 2 main classes I fell in love with when I started playing Closers quite some time ago. A little bit of love for Yuri is thrown in there too when one of those 2 were on one of the long expeditions. I'm a massive costume fanatic. I enjoy being active around the community and around the forums! I'll occasionally be popping in-game to say hello to everyone and doing what I can around here to make the experience as enjoyable as possible for you all! So if you ever need me, please do not hesitate to @Harpy me on the forums and I will answer as soon as possible!
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