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  1. Agents, The CODE: Closers network is now back online! Thanks again for your patience, Have a great weekend~ This maintenance will have a small server side change to the Bearland - Nightmare dungeon. Due to the excessive nature of how many of these items were dropping, the following items have been completely removed from Bearland - Nightmare drops: Gremory's Greater Dimensional Box Gremory's Special Dimensional Box As of today as well, we would like to note that we will be having a stability maintenance (or patch maintenance if needed) every Friday unless otherwise noted. We'd like to give you guys come consistancy with maintenance rather then leave it up to guess work if there will be one on Fridays or not! Thank you for your patience and have a wonderful weekend!
  2. Hello Agents! The CODE: Closers network is going offline for a maintenance!  There is no estimated time when it'll be back up, so please be patient with us! The staff have been hard at work creating this completely custom patch for you! We hope you enjoy everything they've worked so hard on and what's still to come! - Bearland - Nightmare has been added to the game! Face a dungeon like you never have before! Survive the onslaught waves and last as long as possible while defeating all bosses and monsters that lay in your path. This solo dungeon is truly a difficult one and is geared towards mid-end game players! - Bearland - Hallucination has been added to the game! Test your skills in this dream like world! This practice dungeon will help you hone your skills to take on the real Bearland - Nightmare! - New PNA is now available from Bearland - Nightmare! 3 new strain types are now able to used! - Translations have had a massive overhaul (and are still in progess by @Nata) Some of the various areas include: Bearland - Nightmare and Hallucination is now available! Enter the realm of your darkest nightmares and face the shadows of your demons! This dungeon is only available and visible for those who are level 88 and can be entered through the usual Gremory Portal in Planar Gate! This wave survival dungeon is only for the toughest of closers and made for those mid - end game focused builds. This dungeon will be a challenge for those who go in unprepared! You are not able to ressurrect in this dungeon and entrances are limited to 2 a day! Wave after wave you'll be battered and bruised till you either fall or successfully complete the dungeon! The farther you go, the better the rewards! Want to test your skills before going in your Nightmare? Enter into Bearland - Hallucination, where you can test and hone your skills for the most optimal clear path. This dungeon has unlimited entires but gives no reward! Its main purpose is for training and understanding the dungeon without wasting daily entries. A new effect can be obtained from this dungeon only! With the addition of Bearland - Nightmare, new PNA strands have been added to the game! These new strains are significantly stronger than its preceding Attack, Defense, and Support strains, and such, require more materials to enhance and at a lower % to enhance. This was what Gremory's Perfect PNA Evolution Kits were made for! Sharpness strains can give Damage Type and raw Stats such as Power & Crit Damage. Adaptation strains can give various situational stats, including Damage During Empowered State & ABC Damages / Crit Damage. Graceful strains can give a variety of less offensive stats, such as Attack Speed, Movement Speed, and, Phase Power Charge Speed. In addition, these strains being from the nightmare all originate from the same source, and thus, compliment each other in a very distinct way. One pattern fits all, showcased below (Both in text format, and Image format). [Sharpness] [Adaptation] [Adaptation] [Graceful] [Sharpness] [Adaptation] [Graceful] [Graceful] [Sharpness] These strains are incapable of acquiring 'Chain' arrangements but in exchange, their dormant arrangements have been enhanced significantly. Mix and match them to find a dormant arrangement that suits your needs. ---- While we're here, I'd like to show you guys something in the works that will be coming out later on! @Icarus has been working hard on them, so we hope you guys like our little preview of what's to come! Marching Band is now available! This is available for all characters! Ocean Romance is now available! This set is only available for the following characters: J, Misteltein, Levia, Violet, Luna, and Seth! - Unowned portraits from our CC Recolor event that appeared as white boxes should now have the gray scale image - CC Recolor events have had their portraits moved/repositioned if requested. If any of them are still not right, please send me a DM on the forums and we'll sort it out with you. - Purchasing additional character slots should now function as it should on the character selection screen.
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    Try now, seems it didn't save at first.
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    Seeing as how this was done some time ago, most likely was due to breaking a rule, spamming/harassment or one of those categories. I'll remove it for now, but any signs of breaking rules again will have to block permanently added back.
  5. Come one, come all! Have your chance at seeing your own work added to the game! Follow the theme, create the requested item and you have a chance at having it added to the game! So start up your programs ladies and gentlemen, and let's get ready to create! This event will not be a weekly or monthly event, but may come along randomly with different requests each time! If this theme and request does not suit you, please be sure to keep an eye out for the next one! Though it's named Code:Recolor, please feel free to create whatever you would like from scratch! For this edition of the event, we'll be looking for Title Images, Frame cards, and Character Portraits! What are these exactly? Title Images are the images received through achivements or events. When enabled, they'll flash over the character's name! An example one can be seen when VVIP is activated and enabled through the Title UI. A Frame Card is an item also received through achievements, events and other daily activities around the game. When enabled, they'll be present on the loading screen to sectors, and an icon will be visible on your character's portrait. An example one can be seen with the Crew's Frame! A character portrait is a displayed image of a character in certain costumes! These can be seen through the character information screen, loading screens and various other locations of the game! An example of one of these can be seen with the Draconian set (Harpy's)! These portraits will be tied to an armband that activates the image when worn. Additional examples can be seen with other server's fan art event winners! The following rules must be followed when making these items Follow all CODE:Community Guidelines No +18 content is permitted No stealing/copying of other's work Do not use multiple forum accounts to spam likes or entries If you'd like to vote for an entry, please "like" the comment. While it doesn't pick the winner, it may help decide the winner(s) Any post not related to an entry will be removed Please do not reserve a post! Any posts reserving a spot will be hidden from view. Please be sure to provide your In-game character name Please upload all entries to Imgur and add the image to your post Right-click the image and copy-paste it into your comment Title Images must match the following criteria: Must be saved in .PNG Any white space (any space that's unused) must be transparent Size MUST be 100x50. Any smaller or any larger may have it disqualified Frame Cards must match the following criteria: Must be saved in .PNG Any white space (any space that's unused) must be transparent Size MUST be 512x180. Any smaller or any larger may have it disqualified Decorations/art must not block character names or character images when in-game Keep your designs towards the left of the image, leave the right side transparent or with minimal designs Character Portraits must match the following criteria: Must be saved in .PNG Any white space (any space that's unused) must be transparent Size MUST be 512x512,1024x1024, and 128x128. Any smaller or any larger may have it disqualified Can be done of any character and there is no requirement to do all characters Original concepts are welcomed and encouraged! Optional: Please leave a name for your entry! If no name is left, we will create one ourselves! Optional: Work in Progresses (WIPs) are not required but highly recommended! Should the legitimacy of the artwork come into question, we will ask to see WIPs of the project. Disclaimer: Due to the nature of this event, by submitting your work you us, you give us the permission to use/change/edit/modify your work for the purpose of applying it ingame. If it doesn't fit or line up right in-game, we might rescale or modify the image so it does. Should we be unable to do it ourselves without large changes to the original concept, we will contact the original creator to fix it. If they cannot or do not answer, a new winner will be chosen. The theme for this edition will be open ended! Create whatever style you want and whatever your heart pleases! If you need something to start off on: Create us something that is Colorful/Vibrant and Eye Catching! Deadline: July 24th, 2020 With this mutliple themed edition, you can enter for all themes and all possibly entry types but can only win for 1! You can also choose to enter for just a title image, frame card or character portrait! The winners will have their creations added to the game as well as receive a free copy for themselves! They will also receive 10,000 bits for their work! Character Portrait winners will receive 15,000 bits for their work! Note: The amount of winners may change with every edition. If some really nice artwork comes through, we may put in multiple! All prizes for this event will be sent out once the items have been added to the game. After they have been added, please contact @Harpy if you do not receive your prizes within a week. Last edition's winners:
  6. Happy Friday Agents! There will be no maintenance this week! Gacha and Monthly rewards will reset next week on June 26th. We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience! In the mean time, enjoy a small little teaser of what's to come later on! Have a wonderful weekend everyone!
  7. An imaginary space of pure darkness and shadow has appeared in a once colorful dimensional realm. Some agents that have tried to apease this anomaly have not returned home, and those that have... are not the same as they once were. This space is not for the faint of heart. There is nothing but your own nightmares and your own demons waiting for you in here.
  8. Agents, The CODE: Closers network is now back online! Thanks again for your patience, Have a great weekend~ ------------------------------------------------------------------------ The CODE: Closers network is going offline for a maintenance! Please be aware that there is no estimate when this maintenance may be over, so hold on tight until then. This thread will be updated once maintenance has been completed. Thank you for your patience!
  9. Hello agents! The CODE: Closers network is going offline for a maintenance!  There is no estimated time when it'll be back up, so please be patient with us! - Monthly Rewards have been reset! This rotation will remain active for 3 weeks! - The gacha has been rotated to a new set! Racing Girl is now available! This set is available for the following characters: Seulbi, Levia, Harpy, Luna, Bai, and Mirae Ti-85 Pilot is now available! This set is available for all characters up to Seth! Staff Announcements in game will now be more noticeable! Official announcements and staff warnings will be given with these yellow network devices when needed! If you see a character using these devices, they are a staff member's character! Failure to follow their warning when given may result in actions being taken against your account. These items are nontradeable and can be used by staff members only!
  10. Thank you for the report! This has been noted to be fixed in our next patch.
  11. Hello agents! The CODE: Closers network is going offline for a maintenance!  There is no estimated time when it'll be back up, so please be patient with us! - The Spring Dungeon Event has ended! Drops from all dungeons have been removed and returned to just warp fragments! Crafting will remain available till our next maintenance! - Mirae and Chulsoo's Zenith sets are now tradeable - Luna/Soma/Bai and Seth's White/Tawny/Black Cat individual pieces are now tradeable! Have a wonderful weekend Agents!
  12. I recommend checking out this thread, as a few solutions have already been posted.
  13. Most cases, when the launcher hangs and fails to launch, it's being blocked by something on your computer. This could be an anti-virus or firewall. Add the entire Code Closers folder as an anti-virus exception, and allow the ccpatcher.exe, cw.exe and xc.exe as a firewall exception.
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    This is not a suggestion/feedback, so the thread will be moved to general support. If you need assistance with something, please provide more details/information to your problem rather then 1 word sentences.
  15. Hello agents! The CODE: Closers network is going offline for a maintenance!  There is no estimated time when it'll be back up, so please be patient with us! - The Gacha has been updated with 3 new sets! - The monthly login reward has been updated! This rotation will be active for 3 weeks, unless otherwise noted! Ground Division is now available! This set is available for: J, Nata, Tina, Violet, Bai & Seth! Windbreaker is now available! This set is available for: Seha, Seulbi, Yuri, Misteltein, Levia, Bai Track Shooter is now available! This set is available for: Harpy, Mirae, Chulsoo, Wolfgang, Soma and Tina! Ongoing Events: Spring Time Event will be ending next week, May 15th. Please be sure to gather and craft all you can before the event ends! Crafting will be available for an additional week after event's end. - The missing channels have been rebooted and should be back up and running with this maintenance!
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