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  1. Greetings Agents! We will be opening applications for our Field Officer positions in staff! These applications will be open from September 12th, 2019 to September 26th, 2019 and will be taken through Forum DMs to me! So please be sure to follow all instructions below and send message over to @Harpy to submit your application. Applications submitted after the time frame will not be accepted, and those that do not follow the instructions may also be discarded as well! Criteria (what we look for in a Field Officer): Being active in both the game and the forums. Being aware of the CODE:Community guidelines and not been banned or warned by any member of staff. Being open and willing to enforce the game rules, help out when needed and assist the other staff and other players when needed. Being open to share your ideas and help shape the patches that you play on! Being fluent in English and active on discord for the sake of staff discussions. Have knowledge of Code:Closers or be willing to learn. Tasks of a Field Officer (but not limited to): Assist players, especially new ones, with questions and anything involving C:C! Enforce community guidelines and report them using proper methods to superior staff Assist superior staff with patch work, including testing and planning Run events either on the forums or in-game Application Format: In the subject line of the message, please format it as: FO Application - Ingame Name Answer the following questions within the body of the message: # Character names: # Circle(s): # Age: # Country and Timezone: # Languages: # Availability per day: # Do you have anything that would interfere with your position here? (Work, school, etc) # Why would you want to be part of our team? # Why do you think you should be one? # What do you have to offer? # Do you consider yourself as a team player and why? # How would you handle pressure from your staff peers and community? # how would you separate your personal life from your staff position? # What would you do in a situation of disagreement with superior staff? # What are some small event ideas you would like to host in-game? # What do you think you will be doing on daily basis as part of our team? What would be your priority in activities? # What is your Discord name? Please also keep an eye on your forum messages as well. If I have any additional questions I'd like to ask you, I will ask them there!
  2. Hello and welcome back! Should you need anything, please don't hesitate to ping a member of staff!
  3. I can't say when exactly, as there doesn't appear to be an official post referencing them (at least directly). Though it looks like it was given out around August, 2017, based on some forum members asking why new accounts had it during that little compensation period.
  4. Harpy

    Can't Login

    Are you opening the game through the CCpatcher rather then through the cw.exe?
  5. There is no double bits for a first time purchase. Awhile back 1500 bits were given out for free as a form of compensation. Your friend may have had an account open during that time and may have received those extra 1500 bits for that. The only way I could verify that is if your friend places in a Account Support thread to verify where it came from.
  6. Its come to our attention that there is a person(s) who have been going on a bit of a scamming spree in-game. While we're doing our best to stop all accounts linked to them, they are creating new ones to continue trying to scam unsuspecting players. We do suggest that you fully document all trades involving a PGC purchase with credits or anything involving seals, as these seem to be the 2 most common scam attempts. Also, if the account/characters are low level, its best to be cautious when making this trade. They tend to use lower level characters to try and trade for the credits. If you believe at any point that you may be scammed or do not trust a possible trade going on, please place in a support ticket and we will do our best to verify the player. Though it's not 100% guaranteed, it will rule out if the seller is linked to the scammer in any way. So you can take that advice however you wish.
  7. Harpy


    Glad you guys are enjoying it! There should be a few more rounds of patches (I can't say when) to fix things like vvip, material conversion, the missing TCP ranking braizer, possibly some changes to enhancement and all, and things of that nature. Those are a bit more complicated to fix, since on our end they appear to be correct, when obviously they're not. Its the only reason it was bypassed for this maintenance.
  8. Just as Rulebook has mentioned above - that rotation was active for 6 weeks, giving everyone 2 additional weeks to claim all rewards that they could. If you couldn't claim them all, then we do apologize but there is nothing we can do, as that additional 2 weeks was more then fair to give everyone the proper time to claim all 28 rewards.
  9. We are aware of a bug involving the newly crafted Warp Fragments and being unable to use them for crafting. A fix has been made for it and will be hotfixed early tomorrow early next week (currently looking into the title fix that did not properly go through) Warp fragments that were obtained through a dungeon will work properly. Any bugged ones will be fixed to also work as intended, so please do not discard them. Sorry about that guys!
  10. Harpy

    warp fragment

    So we found the bug and fixed it. It does require another maintenance, but that's up to Gitae's discretion when we can do that. For the time being though, keep the bugged warp fragments, as they should become useable with the next maintenance. Fragments you get from dungeons and ones previously obtained should work as normal.
  11. Harpy

    warp fragment

    We're checking into it now.
  12. Hello agents! The CODE: Closers network is going offline for a maintenance!  There is no estimated time when it'll be back up, so please be patient with us! General note with this patch: This will be one of many. If your bug/suggestion was not listed or done in this patch, it does not mean it was ignored or forgotten! - CODE: Fusion has had a bit of a revamp: Increased the Amount of Warp Fragment's that drop per run from 1~3 to 4~7 Molecules A and Molecules B can no longer be crafted Current existing Molecules can be crafted back to Warp Fragements Additional changes to the crafting system can be found in the spoiler below. - Special Promotion Costume Cube now gives 1* costumes instead of 2* costumes - Monthly Rewards Have been updated! To give everyone ample time to collect these rewards, this will be in rotation for 6 weeks! - The Cash Shop has been updated with a few new permanent bundles, including: Hatsune Miku/Kagamine Len Available up to Wolfgang Trenchcoat/Spymaster Available up to Bai UNION Secuirty Guard Available up to Soma Shaman (A/B/C) Available up to Soma Stormrider Soma Exclusive NIght Dance Butterfly Bai Exclusive - The following items can now be Black Marketed and Traded - Various Crafting Modules around CC have been updated and changed! For details as to what changes, please see the spoiler! Note: Additional changes/additions may still come to any of the various forms of crafting. - Dimensional Ops Center Crafting has been updated! - CODE: Fusion Crafting has been updated! - Seth's Lobster Claw can now be upgraded - Yuri's skill animation should now be at their normal speed - Fixed various Seth animations that were incorrect - including the Sunbed emote - Seth should now be able to open the 15 Day Dark Command Package - Adjusted the location of Misteltein's Fly King's Low Grace Phase Wings - They should no longer be on his neck - Top 4 unlockable credit expansions should now open with credits, while the bottom 3 with Bits - A fix for the account wide title issue not appearing on all characters will be done with this maintenance
  13. This will be fixed with the upcoming maintenance!
  14. This will be fixed with the upcoming maintenance!
  15. This would be correct. After running some Irinia raids myself again, I got it on my main and obtained the title normally on all characters. We are checking into how to fix it for those who obtained it pre-achievement rework. Edit: As for the Heroic Braizer, its enabled on our server to spawn but obviously something's blocking it. It's going to take a bit more time to look into, so we can't say exactly when it'll return.
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