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  1. If we where to do a similar format then yes there would be a good chance that the items return and maybe have some new ones added.
  2. I'd like to thank you for the detailed and civil feedback about the event. Hopefully I can explain some of the points you made / mentioned. We made the currencies seporate because last time we tried to do somewhat of a challenge mode version players complained that they where not able to get everything from the main event crafting because they wheren't as geared. We made a seporate craft list in the hopes to split up the crafts as "extra's" rather than the main event crafts. Because either way you look at it if we didn't add the challenge dungeon these crafts wouldn't even exist in the main event crafts either. So it was to prevent people to loose out on the main event as this was just a small side project that was added for the end game players (which obviously has to have some sort of reward otherwise why bother). As for the 21 coins cap we had some conflicting ideas within the staff because some staff wanted to put xyz items but then other staff didn't like those items and was like "well there isn't really any reason for me to do the dungeon since I don't like xyz items". With adding more than aquirable we hoped to make sure that everyone could atleast 1 item they liked from the New Year dungeon rather than if you do every run you get everything. As for the Snowman Voucher and its limits this is down to the system being bugged and causing a lot of issues during the Halloween event. You're suppose to be limited by N number of Vouchers a Day/Week and limited to N number of characters that can max it. However, the limiting doesn't reset properly and then if you create new characters and bank share the firework boxes multiple characters can get multiple Candy Canes which not only harmed the players who wanted Top Rank because it would mean they're losing out on score but also giving an Unlimited amount of event tokens after only 2--5 days of hard farming which is not the aim of the event. So putting these daily limits not only helps us moderate how many event tokens can be distributed so the heavy grinders don't get 1000x more items than the people who only get a couple hours a day to play or less. This was also somewhat based on previous event feedback because last time we made an event dungeon that had lots of runs but then people felt obligated to do them all rather than having the choice to do it. It seems to be a constant battle with people wanting the abillity to grind but when given it feel obligated to put the time in and then want it lowered because they cannot. So before every event we calculate the Weekly/Event Duration amount of possible coins a player can get maxing out so that we can price the materials for the crafts around this so that most people should be able to get everything they want from the event (Not relating to the Credit Cost as thats not related to my point). The main issue with Tradable items was also partnered with the Credit Sink. As I wasn't really someone who wanted the Credit Sink but understood why it was needed I can't really comment on it. But event crafts are not always all Untradable, this event was just a bit more extreme on the matter. Moving on to your suggestions People complain when we make the event's grindable because they feel obligated to grind 12 hours a day or they're at a disadvantage so I'm not sure how we can get a good result making it limited or making it grindable to be honest. Event Materials are designed for people to earn by playing and not bought. I feel like this suggestion although good intentions would just make the event pay2win where people who have lots of Credits especially from selling bits would just buy at a high price and buy them all so they don't have to actually play the game. I don't really like the idea of people being able to just buy their way through the event at all but I guess if people really want it then it's what it is. Credit Sink / Already Mentioned / Yeh The problem with Credit Sinks is they need to be temporary and need to have items people want. I get its hard for newer players and such but the other issue is even if we run it seporately we'll get the same response. That its unfair for newer people. So it's really a bind but as discussed in another thread we can look into better methods of getting Credit Sinks done when needed. It usually is, but items should 9/10 have a cost. Our Halloween event was a bit too cheap but usually thats a good base. People complain / feel obligated if you just reward them with more Candy Canes and would cry unfair that xyz person can earn more Candy Canes than them. They where also designed to be bonus rewards that shouldn't really have an impact compared to the main craft list and if we didn't add the challenge mode then they simply just wouldn't be in the event at all. As mentioned above the limit was given so that people had options rather than have 1 - 5 items that maybe they don't want any of them at all. I'm not sure if this is possible but if it is maybe we could look into this as its not a terrible idea. These items mentioned are usually staple items in every event. I'm greatful for the feedback and hopefully my response has given you our outlook on the event when creating it and some of the reasons behind some of the decisions.
  3. Welcome back! Enjoy yourself!
  4. Just to comment on this or rather re-iterate what I said earlier but with more detail. I only have a little control on how hard a boss is. With the way the game is designed a boss is created to have the exact skills its given. In other games I've worked on in the past and other games I've helped with normally you'd have a skill/spell list and a monster list that you then given the skills/spells to the monster and thats that, so if you wanted to create a hard boss you can rag tag a couple of hard skills together and put them on the boss or make some custom skills that are designed to be hard via a mechanic. However, Closers is a completely different beast I'm afraid, the way their system is designed your monster is created with its skills externally and then imported into the game's data files as such. So although boss A and boss B might have 2 skills that could make a challenging fight we can't simply give the event boss these skills. So what does that mean? Basically the only choice we have to make a challenging boss fight is to take something that is already tricky or hard and change its stats to make it either unforgiving or match the current level of player base. I know this sucks and I wish I had more control on this but you can ask Rulebook and Rin about the many nights we where working on trying to make the original boss that we had before Seha hard and we just had no success. So the only real thing I can put forward is if people have suggestions of a better challenging boss for future challenge modes then suggesting it or passing a list to one of the player staff so that in the next event we can have something a bit more fun. I honestly wish there was more I could do with this game but Naddic have made a lot of poor design choices. I've worked with a lot of different systems over the past couple of years and this has to be one of the most poorly designed systems I've seen. You'd be best tagging one of the staff or Harpy about stuff like this as mentioned earlier I try my best to avoid making any decisions for the game as I do not and have not really played it to a degree where I feel like I know whats good/best. Harpy has and the other staff still do so usually even if I come up with ideas for the game it's always bounced of them first as my strength comes from actual dev work and not design. I will however tag Harpy so that when she is around she can look into it and give her opinion on the matter. @Harpy
  5. Welcome to CODE: Closers, Please enjoy your stay with us! 😁
  6. At minimum around 70%+ of the event is accessible to everyone if not 90%+. Why is it so wrong to have something extra for the players who have spent a lot of time playing CODE: Closers something fun to do during the holidays? You have an event dungeon thats accessible to everyone with two whole pages of rewards to craft with. Everyone has access to the event and the only thing people might miss out on is a couple of crafts that where limited to those who wanted to put the extra effort in and where equipped to do so. Just commenting the "1 coin bit". It doesn't matter if there is 1 coin or 100 coins when we made the event the staff collectively come up with a price list that best matches how many coins you can get within the duration of the event. So even if we increased the coins the prices would have been increased by roughly the same amount. If however, you feel like a certain item was overpriced then that should be more of the focus of discussion so that for future events we can think about any pricing feedback before the price list is made. The intention was also that you where not suppose to get everything on the craft list but rather have a nice selection to pick from with your tokens as otherwise we would have put a lot less choice on the list rather than make things cheaper which would have made it so some players would look at the list and not want to bother since they don't like / want anything from the list. This was never really brought to my attention as something we could do since my knowledge of the game is some what limited. Maybe for a future event or in a patch we could implement this. General Response I'm greatful to those who have given positive feedback on the event, whether the feedback was "THIS IS GREAT" or "THIS IS NOT GREAT BECAUSE". We hoped to bring something new for the more veteran players and some people have expressed their enjoyment while others have not. Unfortunately for the one or two complaints about it being a one-shot just remember not everyone was one-shot as when we where tuning the stats we stopped at around taking 80% HP in a single attack kind-of level. Obviously we can't judge everyone to the same standard so for some it will be a one-shot where as for others it will be close to a one-shot. However, might I just add that we're rather limited on what we can do with a boss to make it hard. Seha is the result of us trying to make two other christmas bosses work and it just not being hard. We even gave it 5 times the attack the current one has and it was still just too easy. I hope to learn more about the game and its systems to why this is but mostly it's just down to the skills the boss have which unlike most games I've worked on in the past isn't really changable from monster to monster. If we continue to do this every so often for future events then it might be a case of picking harder bosses in game so that we can have a harder boss fight without the damage being so high but it's a learning experiance for both me and the staff of how to make something hard the right way. On the topic of Credit Sinking, we apologize for this... However, please understand that with the amount of gold we tracked to have been injected into the economy with the bug/exploit this was a much needed Credit Sink. I know it's going to suck for some people but this in the long run will help the people it sucks for. I don't like the idea of it either but I understand why it was necessary. Thank you all for the feedback and I hope everyone enjoyed the Holidays!
  7. All I will say on this topic for now is that you cannot expect to take advantage of the entire event if your character is still a low level or is not geared. Is this unreasonable? Not really considering theres 2 entire lists of crafting you can do for basically running any normal dungeons or the easier modes of the dungeon which are even multiplayer incase you're struggling with that too. I understand the frustration of the Credit Sink and as the above mentioned theres a reason this was required even though personally I'm on the fence of how actually necessary it is / was (However, I do not make those decisions because I don't think I'm qualified to make a judgement on how much something should cost as I'm just the dev). Think of it this way, If we didn't add the Assault version of the dungeon none of the New Year's crafts would even exsist in the first place. So if you cannot / refuse to take part in the Assault version of the dungeon then thats fine. You're not really missing out on anything that you wouldn't be missing out on if we had not of included it or had scrapped it. Just remember veteran players enjoy small things like this where they get to be challenged and don't just breeze through a dungeon effortless. So just think about others before you come here with short handed complaints about "worst event" or how we should change it. There is a reason it's run count and crafting is completely seporate to the main event content and it was for this very point. If you have geniune concerns about the dungeon or suggestions of improvements on how it could be more fun for everyone or how to make the challenge part of it still hard but more satisfying to play then please do voice them. However, anyone who posts things such as half the responses in this post (one liner complaints with no actual feedback or justification / reasoning) will just likely be brushed off as someone who's never happy. If you want to actually make improvements to the event / future event's then actually start a dialog, ask our reasoning on a decision so you can understand us or suggest improvements so we can understand you. Otherwise we're just going to sit here spouting random noise at each other till one of us gets tired and stops replying.
  8. I've looked into it and it appears to require you to install the mobile app to scan the QR code (It appears to be a Chinese version of Apple/Google pay). I installed it to check it out and it does indeed allow you to use credit / debit cards. The app uses your phone number as your login name and after linking a card to the app you then scan the QR code to process the transaction. The app is in english after installing but error messages and some notifications appear to still be in Chinese which is a bit anoying. Although I was able to get by easy enough by screenshotting any issues and then importing them into the Google Translate app. Upon viewing the website I also noticed it has a side bar that allows you to login into the website too. However, I believe it still requires you to signup with your phone number rather than a simple username and password. Hopefully this information is helpful.
  9. I'm not sure. You could try contacting them via the support ticket on their website and ask them.
  10. Just to throw some information out there since we're all stressed with this situation. Perk who own Super Reward (https://perk.com/) seem to have closed there operations with all clients, as you can see when you open their website you will be greated with a pop-up message confirming this. So this wasn't really anything PGC could do about this as this was on Super Rewards end. Gitae has contacted them about the issue to hopefully get something sorted out but it's out of our control so it's just a waiting game I'm affraid. However, I very much doubt they're sitting idly on this issue since if our income from donations drop's so does theirs and I presume we arn't the only client of theirs who is losing income over it. We cannot directly host our own method, especially PayPal as we do not have the correct licenses and infastructure to do so without it being taken down by the payment method's company for long investigations or just cutting us off completely. It's not quite as simple of just making a PayPal and sticking it on the homepage. Sadly it's a sticky situation for all of us. However, from what I've heard if you have the option called AliPay offers Visa and Master Card options. I've also heard that some people have an option provided by Razer, that might support PayPal or Visa/Master Card. I cant however, vouch for this as I've personally never used either of them but incase people wanted to look into them.
  11. I heard KR fixed it recently so it will likely be like this until the next Major update I'm affraid :/
  12. Try delete the Xigncode folder on your CODEClosers folder then run Diagnose on on your Patcher.
  13. Glad people appear to be enjoying it! 😁
  14. I've pinned this thread, please use this for any discussion of the new patch, thank you @Viruska for creating it. Enjoy Everyone and please keep everything pleasant here!
  15. We're actively working on this and will be available soon with some luck. As Rulebook said there is currently No ETA on when this will happen but just to inform you this is one of the things we're current'y working on right now.
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