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  1. These costumes are a lot of work to add into the game and make them functional in all aspects. Where as adding say the new band costume was 5 - 6 files which some can be done by tools I've created these other costumes require 20+ files and a boat load of extra testing. That being said I cannot give an ETA but it likely wont be the next patch. However, things could change depending on time and such. Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't Naddic still actively working on new gears. I don't really think we'd want to be stepping on their toes as it can make future updates redundant if we released a gear that was better than what's coming next. So not saying never but it's something that at the current moment I don't think we'd be stepping into for the time being.
  2. Would be pretty pointless though to bring out a new content but people who have been grinding dailys for the past few months don't even really need to enter. I agree old materials should have some sort of burner use but new content should have lots of new stuff to work for that everyone starts on an even footing for. Otherwise you just end up with some content that some people don't even touch or barely touch and its just a waste of time for everyone involved in creating it right?
  3. Sorry for the late response! We will be looking into doing this as I know the cause and I know how to fix this. However, this will be a large update so it may not be implemented until our next major content update as those tend to be on the larger side anyway.
  4. Anyone still having issues make sure you have tried the following instructions. ~~ Option 1 Delete the XIGNCODE Folder. Open the patcher and press diagnose. ~~ Option 2 Delete XIGNCODE Folder and CW.EXE Open the patcher and press diagnose. ~~ Option 3 Go to the following thread and look for the XIGNCODE help information ~~ Final Option Reinstall the game. Public Notice~ Please do not install other peoples XIGNCODE Folders as you just don't know what's been done to them nore do you know where they came from originally. I know some people have found some mild success in speeding up the Xigncode Process or be able to bypass the errors but is it really worth the risk? Someone could have put something malicious in those files you just don't know. We do not recommend anyone downloading any XIGNCODE folder unless its one of our staff members giving you the download. We will be removing any download links from Discord/Forums for XIGNCODE and anyone asking for someone else to upload. If you want a clean version Diagnose or Reinstall the Client.
  5. I would try revert your system back and seeing if it changes anything. This should not have affected Xigncode. Just remember that Xigncode is an Anti-Cheat software so if you're using some form of VPN along side changing the region or you used some sort of software this might also be triggering the issue.
  6. Yes Xigncode updates itself everytime it opens. It works the same way Anti-Virus software works in which every time you turn it on it will check for updated definitions of what programs are to be considered Malicious. The speed will depend on your connection and location to the server aswell as the routing. Gitae will look for something to help speed it up but chances are thats the best we're going to get. However, we are trying our best looking into these crashes. Once we have more news on a possible ETA we will update you guys if not release a fix the moment we can. All we can ask for is patience on this matter.
  7. Try delete the following: XIGNCODE Folder CW.exe Then try diagnose the client before playing.
  8. That's just down to the file name being .CODE not .EXE, kinda think its a dumb move by NVIDIA cause I know atleast 4 games off the top of my head that don't name their exe .EXE by default.
  9. Thank you for sharing your fix, It's appreciated. Not really sure how you can be running the game at anything less than 2GB of ram considering the whole reason KR has swapped to a 64 bit client is because of the game using too much ram and even though the application is large-address aware doesn't make it invincible to the OS telling it "no you cannot allocate more memory". I also don't really see how it suddenly would double. The actual executable CW.CODE that you keep highlighting is no different to CW.EXE from before the fix, it's the exact same application... It just needs some an additional help to fix any Xigncode problems that the patcher cannot do by itself. I will speak to Gitae and see if he knows why it might have increased. However, if it has increase it for sure hasn't increased by a whole GB of ram thats for sure.
  10. I'm not sure why you suddenly have new options nore why you're having frame issues when the patch had no impact on the game client in anyway and only effected Xigncode to fix it. A couple things to try (Best to try them in order): Diagnose, make sure nothing fails while diagnosing the client maybe try running the patcher as admin to see if that improves the diagnose process. First thing to check, make sure your graphics card software is not applying any properties to the game and try disabling any overlay software like Discord. Try add the entire folder to your Anti-Virus exceptions (Whether you have disabled it or not) and then try diagnose again. Try delete CW.exe and then once again diagnose before playing. Failing all the above maybe try reinstall the game.
  11. Try patching your client it should be ok now. Let us know if its still having issues.
  12. Soma

    Divine Battle

    When we discussed the rewards with the team everyone said to keep the default rewards and nothing needed to be changed from what was present on KR/CHN so there was no rush on this part. We will take this feedback into the next DB but remember it's not really an event and the plan was to rotate through them all each month and not just have them every now and then. However, due to the setback with the last DB we will be addressing the issues before releasing it again. We believe the issue may have been caused by DST but we're not sure until we've finished internal testing.
  13. I thank everyone for your responses here and we've found some area's of improvements than can be made but ultimately this is down to the client just requiring too much memory. The 64bit update that Naddic did has provided a bandaide to the client and is having a notable effect on performance. We cannot say when we'll get this update but once we have news about it we will let you know. We are in the mean time looking for minor area's of improvement to try and fix the issues with the game but just remember it's basically just me working on this and the event and the custom content. So just try to have a small bit of understanding that I'm a human and not a robot 😁
  14. It means your game has crashed. Without looking at it I cannot say why but it's likely down to the Closers client just being very bad especially with handling its memory. We're looking into this issue every day trying to find improvements and we hope to have news on this when we can.
  15. Soma

    Divine Battle

    I apologize that the community wasn't informed sooner I was under the impression we'd given the FO's a message to pass on which wasn't clear on my behalf so the only thing I can say is I'm sorry for the late information and it's my fault for that. We're still looking into what was the cause of this reset before hosting a future Divine battle as it was working when we tested it on the test server. We where not however waiting for it to fix this week because we already knew the table had been wiped as this was the first thing we checked. Because if the table still existed we could have recovered players team and points with a quick maintenance. However, as soon as the first round ended the whole thing was wiped and that was the end of it with the only thing left being a backup that wasn't up-to-date enough to be worth it. We will be discontinuing Divine Battle until we have tested it again and we will likely be making more frequent backups specifically for this table when releasing it in the future so that at the very least you might lose a days work (However, this would be more of an insurance incase it breaks again rather than a solution). We can only offer our apologies for this mistake and we will be granting some compensation when we release our spring event. We will not be doing a big event due to the work we're doing behind the scenes towards bringing some custom content. I cannot give you an ETA on the custom content as thats still being developed but the event should be either this week or next week depending on how smoothy the work on it goes. We apologise for any delays on information as we've been missing Harpy as shes very sick at the moment, we're moving as fast as we can without her but she plays a vital role in the work so please have some understand on any delays. I thank you for your patience and I understand your complaints and apologise for this issue.
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