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  1. I just thought it would be common sense to understand that we'd do stability tasks while the server was offline for a patch, like why wouldn't we? Well either way not going to sit here arguing with you over it, now you are aware. Any form of expected downtime (Usually Fridays) is also a stability maintenance. Additionally I don't see where me not taking staff critism well went when I was very polite when it came to my second point and I only explained why linking 10+ posts that Bai has made was not fair on her and explaining what she does for the game since it wasn't well communicated previously. As for Discord unless they allow for multiple Discord windows to be opened at one moment then we will not be able to join the Discord server. This is not us actively avoiding the use of community Discord as me and Harpy would love to join Discord, we're just not allowed to join on our staff Discord due to previous issues we've had in the past. If you have a problem with our current staff and would like to raise issue, you're welcome to. You have public means to do so or private means to do so. Please do not take this as a go make a post saying "fuck this guy", if your going to raise issue please be concise about the problem and some suggestions on what we can do to improve/resolve the issue.
  2. I will not be answering in the order given as I wanna brisk over the smaller points first. First of all I want to address this "stability maintenance" rubish you guys are harping on about on discord and here. EVERY MAINTENANCE is a stability maintenance and it's only labeled as such when there is literally nothing happening on that maintenance. Why the hell do you think we would take the game down for a patch and not perform some simple stability tasks to improve the quality of the server? Thats absurd. Second of all Bai is still learning the game and wouldn't know how to respond to a post like this as it's mainly me and Harpy that handle this stuff along with the staff members Nata/Moe/Kuro. Bai usually sticks around the support section to answer problems people are having with the game and account issues rather than the general suggestions and feedback posts. I hope you understand she helps more so in the backend support rather than someone like Harpy who handles you guys in the public eye. Not really going to discuss these points cause you are correct on that and it is our bad, simply put i forgot them and have now noted them down to look into. Enhancedment Rates Beelzebub Transcendance Rates. As for the main post I will reply on your actual post and not here. So expect that in the next 20-30mins from this post. Thank you for reading.
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    Hey, Enjoy your time at CODE: Closers !
  4. Apologies I miss-read your response cause I was busy doing the Gacha's for later (Gacha's are tiring as hell to make lol). The TF's I will look into and if possible to push through with them we will if not will be next major update.
  5. What might not be apparent from first glance everything in the CHN Client and the NA Client is the exact same as the KR Client just a bit behind. The game has a check list of whats enabled and what's disabled which is why some features may be present in CHN but not KR or vice versa (Obviously the latest features will be missing from CHN until CHN gets to the same stage). So it doesn't really matter what client we use because aslong as we have access to that check list (which is a simple data file on the server) we basically have access to any of the content CHN/NA may have disabled from KR or content they might have the Korea doesn't. I'm not 100% sure on the Fatigue / Stamina system as personally I think its a bad feature in the game but some others seem to think its fine how it is. Maybe we could start a discussion on this in the coming weeks. @Kaideh @Nyan Don't worry if I think there will be resistance against It we will poll it see what people think with some opinions and then we can go from there. It may just be a case in scaling some of the new content down or scaling the player up with dungeon wide buffs if people really don't want it. We'll have to see more towards the time on what everyone thinks. I don't feel educated enough on the matter to comment about it much more for the moment, I just remember when it was released in KR apparently they had a massive outrage about this specific update so we'll see. Likely the SA stuff for these characters will have backend we need to add before we can release the SA for them. This would mean even if we pushed through and squeezed the data from the KR files without a major update they could still have many problems and issues once applied in game. I cannot judge 100% yet as i'd have to ask the staff to test it first but I have a feeling we may have to do a major update for the Seth SA. As for the TF's and reworks most likely they will need a major update, again i'd have to look into it for a 100% sure answer but most likely is a 'will require major update'.
  6. Well if it's in the KR updates then yeh eventually when we do a full update things like this will come (unless there is a big opposition to the change then we can look to not include / change it). Generally speaking if it comes to KR at some point in future we will get it too.
  7. I heard a lot of backlash from players who follow KR's updates about the +17 Enhancement change so we'd have to have a community driven topic on this alone. If it means altaring the Enhancement Rework too then that will also have to be up for discussion also. As for updates, sadly we can only provide all the updates at once for the things on this thread. Small things like items they have that we don't can be added theoretically if we have the systems for it already, such as the Summer Costumes we added directly out of the box from KR. Things like system revamps would need a full update on the back and front end of the game which is one of those takes about 1 month to execute upon kinda updates that gets slower everytime we do it since we have to re-implement all our custom stuff back into the game (Which is why you may see me hesitate on certain custom changes from time to time because in the end it will add xyz more time on every major update which in the end harms you guys). As much as we'd like to keep you at the latest and greatest content there will always be a gap between us and the official server which is usually why we wait from something vital to be released before we'd think about a major update (Like a new character). It's nice for you to keep track of things coming out in KR as it helps us when comes to testing the latest patches to see whats been added to the game and what needs testing.
  8. Added this to my bug list.
  9. I'ved added this to my bug list, if you could @ me with the official server you're talking about (NA/KR/?) then I will have an easier job with figuring out why the position is off.
  10. This has been resolved. Locked.
  11. It's most likely how the Chinese server does it or maybe it was a previous custom change done by Gitae. I'll have a look into it when I have a moment.
  12. If you read everything I said, I said that the event was designed for people to on average run with 4-5 alts... not 14 alts.. You cannot expect us to compensate for people running on 14 alts when not every person has an alt as you either have a situation where people without alts are bored with 5mins of play time and go play something else or you get the opposite effect of people with alts grinding for hours... that is why its designed for a middle ground. Please also explain how it's close minded for me to make the event require actual time from people to get the most out of it, isn't that the entire purpose of a game like this? The more time you put in the more progress you make? I don't really see how this is even a complaint, nobodies telling you to run the dungeon 7 times a day (before we altared it). If you wanna run it once a day then go for it, it's not like you're unable to get something for it. If you want more rewards then you're going to have to work for them, thats how games like this work, you don't run a dungeon once and get everything from it and never have to run it again right? I also said if people work harder and run the dungeon say 7 times on their main character, they deserve to get rewarded for their time. If you had bothered to read all of my responses then you'd understand due to a last minute problem the original idea of the first run giving extra bonuses fell through. If you'd prefered us to do it the way we originally played or change the event entirely based on this last minute problem then fine, next time we'll delay the event for aslong as it takes, which in this case would have been 2 - 3 weeks because this week and next week I'm rather busy IRL. If you wanna give feedback do, don't just wait for me to make a comment you don't agree with and then go on a rant about what I said. We're welcoming feedback, if you look we just did changes based on feedback.
  13. I understand what your asking, basically you just want a more middle grounded run thats between Easy and Hard so that those end game characters who aren't maxed on gear can still get more for there time than the easy mode players. We can look into this in future.
  14. I personally liked the high amount of runs so if people put the effort in they can get can earn a lot more things for their character. Rewards can be earned more and more and all prices where based on the fact that people will run atleast 1 time every day for the duration of the event. However, if you want lots of reward running 7 times a day will get you more. As for the harsh feedback. I try not to take it to hard but I'm also trying to explain if someone comes here and speaks/acts negativily then frankly they get a negativily response and someone is likely to not take it as serious. In regards to the person i responded to earlier i was simply explaining that saying we're oblivious and giving up on something at first glance doesn't help anyone. Like we could do changes to the event at any moment if its required (if we feel its neccessary). It's not like we release the event say right you guys are good for a month now, if the feedback is well founded and we think itwould benefit the community then we can apply the change when appropriet. Thanks for the feedback. Are you suggesting we make crafts that are limited to the people who do party/hard only and not people who do easy?
  15. You'd be suprised how many end game players don't have more than 5 characters. Althought I don't know everything personally about closers but I've worked and played on games that are much more alt demanding that this game and you'd be suprised how many players don't even have a single alt. This game is no different it just depends on the person itself. This is why we aimed for such a number as I know theres going to be people with 15 alts and I know theres going to be with 0 alts. It's not really fair just to benefit the people with lots of alts as if you wanna earn 15 times the rewards you should have to put in 15 times the effort right. Like I said though the original idea was to give a big enough bonus on the first run to make people want to just atleast pass the dungeon 1 time then any extra is bonus but we failed due to some system constraints and for next time we know better. We will be changing somethings later today or something with a bug fix based on feedback but just being honest here the above will always apply. Just because a past event was very giving doesn't mean every following event has to match the amount of giving or be more than it. What do you mean theres a problem with the design. The hard mode has to be made solo otherwise its easy. Anything in a party turns easy so the hard mode was a bonus version we wanted to try and include for future events to help end game players have something that challenges them a bit more other than just mindless daily grinding for 10 mins then move on to what ever else you have to do in a day. Wouldn't you rather us try add new things to do and have new modes in the events rather than just make one event and copy and paste it next time cause if thats what you prefer since we're "oblivious" on how events here are run we can happily do this as its less work for us. We're a new dev team, we're trying new things that you may or may not like, but instead of coming here saying the events "f'd up" maybe give us some more constructured feeback like: We don't agree with the amount of runs because we're spending too much time on runs! Suggestion: Increase the rewards you get from the early runs and lessen them over time so the option to grind is there but its not neccessary to complete the main rewards or make the runs less and increase the rewards a bit. Sitting there saying we're oblivious and giving us a fat wall of text isn't helping anyone as it's harder to take in the right information. We're going to make some minor adjustments to the current event and we take the critism to future events. So just understand that we're new to closers, everything in this event was done without any assistance from Gitae as he only helps with major patches now not just events (example: Seth Update). For future feedback please break down you post a bit so its easier to understand what you're trying to explain and if possible try be a little less negative and write off an event in the first 4 days because personally your having a problem with it. Help us learn how to make the community better, so we can provide you with better events in future and improve on existing ones. This is a 2 way thing you have to help us so we can help you.
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