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  1. You're not providing us enough information for us to help you this is why it is pointless. To start off let me give you context to your original comment about being able to play other games and not Closers. This is because when you download a Triple A game whether its from Steam, Disk or Pirated that doesn't matter. They all come with an installer that will ask you to install the libraries needed for the game to run correctly. These libraries are stored locally for the game so only the game can access them. I'm not sure about the exact process but you need a license to be able to bundle these libraries into your game installer and this is something we do not have. There for you we require you to install the libraries you are missing IF they are missing. Now how can you help us help you? For a start you need to make sure you have installed the correct C++ libraries. You need to installed specifically version 2008, 2010 and 2012 as these are the libraries that the game needs in order to run. You also need to make sure you install both 32 bit and 64 bit libraries. Here is a link that I found that has a referance link for each package you need from the Microsoft website: https://support.solarwinds.com/SuccessCenter/s/article/Complete-download-links-for-Microsoft-C-Redistributable I want you to list every single one that you install in your next response. Don't just say C++ runtime installed, tell me what ones you installed. Next thing to try is the direct X libraries here is a link to the microsoft official download page for the specific library you should need https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=8109 Again I want you to list that you installed this. The next thing to try is the .NET. Now I'm not sure the exact version this game uses but here is a link to the common ones to try: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/Download/confirmation.aspx?id=65 https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=55167 We can only help you if you provide this information. Us being on screenshare with you will not change anything as we will be saying the exact same thing we're saying now. We do not need to watch you install them. So please let me know once you've done all the above thank you.
  2. Hey guys, We've been getting a lot of feedback from players that there is an issue with the game in regards to the following error message "not enough free system memory. Terminating Closers...". Although the first call of this issue could be to shout "Memory Leak" and this could be true as this issue does infact stem from a lack of memory it doesn't necessarily say with 100% certainty that this is the cause of this problem (Although I would say it's the most likely cause). What is a memory leak you may ask? A memory leak is when an object is created and then isn't deleted when removed. So for example say a player enters the map you are in. Your game will create an object of that player that will store all the information about that player that you need to know, an example of this is as simple as their name and what costume they're wearing. Now say that player now leaves the map, your game should then delete all the information about that player it stored because it no longer needs it. However, if your game doesn't delete that information and then forgets about that player then the data that was stored about the player doesn't just vanish into thin air but instead will stay somewhere in your RAM. So that doesn't seem like a massive problem right? But say if you encouter a 100 players then thats 100 times the memory used and that is when it becomes a problem. As the program still has the memory allocated even though it isn't able to access the memory or doesn't choose to access the memory. Note: This is not me saying that players are causing the memory leak but just an example of what a memory leak actually is so that you can be smart about it and understand what we're dealing with here. Now the problem may sound simple when put like that but in reality the problem could be anywhere. Saying that its like finding a needle in a haystack is for sure an understatement. It's one of the biggest issues and easiest issues to have so I do not blame anyone who may have caused it. I do not believe this issue is new with this patch as many people have been getting this issue for a long time but it does seem to be getting worse with every update. This is likely down to the game consuming more RAM due to having a bigger file map and more data from the data files stored in memory. This also doesn't rule out the fact that what every is leaking memory could be getting bigger too so inturn the amount of memory leaked per leaked object is bigger. So what can you do to help? Well we need a couple bits of information from you guys who are experiencing this issue by providing us with the following information: Operating System... Hard drive type (SDD or HDD)... Be specific if it's your main hard drive or a secondary hard drive... Amount of RAM... Every step from opening the game till the crash... I don't need to know if you walked left or right in Busan but rather what character did you log into one dungeons your did what maps you visited what actions you did (like craftings and such)... The more information the more helpful. I'm not going to sit here and promise you this WILL be fixed and WHEN it will be fixed. But I want to promise you that we're trying to fix it. I would also like to state if you cannot provide the above information to please only comment when you can (Especially in relation to the 4th bullet point). We need information to help and if the information is too vague then it might hinder rather than help. Thank you for taking your time to read this and thank you for any information provided. Posts that are unrelated to this issue or are too vague will be hidden to help improve clarity of the post. I hope that you understand this and if you can provide more information it doesn't stop you from posting again when you have the information.
  3. For our first round of custom content we've already planned it internally with the FO's and is already under early stages of development. We will be putting some priority on getting a small event out soon but the main reason it is small is so we can focus on the new custom content. This is definatly something we can do for a future custom content though but right now since its the first thing we wanted to keep it within our limitations but also so we can experiment more with the game during it. We will likley bring out some previews and have a discussion thread but most of that will come after the event as that will be our focus for the next few weeks. Private BM is something that we ran out of time for but something I will be looking into at some point in the future. As for the pet revamp we literally just missed it with the latest update. It caused us a lot of headaches with this update but unfortunatly it will be missing until we do a big update again. Apologies.
  4. Not really educated enough to answer 1 and 2 and 5. Rates are higher than the other servers yes so money is worth more when spent here. We're a private server so thats normal. We auto translate it then we go over it fixing it, so it's not perfect. Usually when En Masse catches up eventually we sometimes update ours with theirs but again in most cases its fine not to. Hope you give us a try and then maybe you'll stick around
  5. I'd have to check with Gitae but I believe the website time is incorrect. The game not only has a date listed but also a timer of when the item will expire. When I check with Gitae if the website is incorrect I will ask him to update it, sorry for any trouble.
  6. The box was coming regardless but we added more items for compensation since it's easier on our end to add more items than to make 2 boxes and also easier for you guys to only need to open 1 box rather than two. 😀
  7. Unless we get tied up with something else (Like a new main patch with the classes and stuff) then the next event should be Easter. This isn't a set in stone this will happen so don't hold us to it but this would be something we're hoping to do. Usually events would have been Valentines but I had some stuff to take care of so up until last week I couldn't commit to making an event, especially since I wanna go back to the drawing board a bit to improve the quality of our events a bit before releasing a new one. So to answer the question, most likely easter if not easter then we'd likely do something before summer regardless so would just be an event to have an event 😀
  8. Hey everyone, As you can tell Monday maintenance has no occurred because Gitae has been not able to get online due to some real life circumstances. I cannot confirm when he will be able to get back online next for maintenance but I would hope it will be sooner rather than later. We apologize for any un-planned delays and I hope for your patience in this situation. Sorry again for the delay and once Gitae is able to get online the first priority will be to get the maintenance done. Additionally I will make sure to push for some compensation for this delay.
  9. If we where to do a similar format then yes there would be a good chance that the items return and maybe have some new ones added.
  10. I'd like to thank you for the detailed and civil feedback about the event. Hopefully I can explain some of the points you made / mentioned. We made the currencies seporate because last time we tried to do somewhat of a challenge mode version players complained that they where not able to get everything from the main event crafting because they wheren't as geared. We made a seporate craft list in the hopes to split up the crafts as "extra's" rather than the main event crafts. Because either way you look at it if we didn't add the challenge dungeon these crafts wouldn't even exist in the main event crafts either. So it was to prevent people to loose out on the main event as this was just a small side project that was added for the end game players (which obviously has to have some sort of reward otherwise why bother). As for the 21 coins cap we had some conflicting ideas within the staff because some staff wanted to put xyz items but then other staff didn't like those items and was like "well there isn't really any reason for me to do the dungeon since I don't like xyz items". With adding more than aquirable we hoped to make sure that everyone could atleast 1 item they liked from the New Year dungeon rather than if you do every run you get everything. As for the Snowman Voucher and its limits this is down to the system being bugged and causing a lot of issues during the Halloween event. You're suppose to be limited by N number of Vouchers a Day/Week and limited to N number of characters that can max it. However, the limiting doesn't reset properly and then if you create new characters and bank share the firework boxes multiple characters can get multiple Candy Canes which not only harmed the players who wanted Top Rank because it would mean they're losing out on score but also giving an Unlimited amount of event tokens after only 2--5 days of hard farming which is not the aim of the event. So putting these daily limits not only helps us moderate how many event tokens can be distributed so the heavy grinders don't get 1000x more items than the people who only get a couple hours a day to play or less. This was also somewhat based on previous event feedback because last time we made an event dungeon that had lots of runs but then people felt obligated to do them all rather than having the choice to do it. It seems to be a constant battle with people wanting the abillity to grind but when given it feel obligated to put the time in and then want it lowered because they cannot. So before every event we calculate the Weekly/Event Duration amount of possible coins a player can get maxing out so that we can price the materials for the crafts around this so that most people should be able to get everything they want from the event (Not relating to the Credit Cost as thats not related to my point). The main issue with Tradable items was also partnered with the Credit Sink. As I wasn't really someone who wanted the Credit Sink but understood why it was needed I can't really comment on it. But event crafts are not always all Untradable, this event was just a bit more extreme on the matter. Moving on to your suggestions People complain when we make the event's grindable because they feel obligated to grind 12 hours a day or they're at a disadvantage so I'm not sure how we can get a good result making it limited or making it grindable to be honest. Event Materials are designed for people to earn by playing and not bought. I feel like this suggestion although good intentions would just make the event pay2win where people who have lots of Credits especially from selling bits would just buy at a high price and buy them all so they don't have to actually play the game. I don't really like the idea of people being able to just buy their way through the event at all but I guess if people really want it then it's what it is. Credit Sink / Already Mentioned / Yeh The problem with Credit Sinks is they need to be temporary and need to have items people want. I get its hard for newer players and such but the other issue is even if we run it seporately we'll get the same response. That its unfair for newer people. So it's really a bind but as discussed in another thread we can look into better methods of getting Credit Sinks done when needed. It usually is, but items should 9/10 have a cost. Our Halloween event was a bit too cheap but usually thats a good base. People complain / feel obligated if you just reward them with more Candy Canes and would cry unfair that xyz person can earn more Candy Canes than them. They where also designed to be bonus rewards that shouldn't really have an impact compared to the main craft list and if we didn't add the challenge mode then they simply just wouldn't be in the event at all. As mentioned above the limit was given so that people had options rather than have 1 - 5 items that maybe they don't want any of them at all. I'm not sure if this is possible but if it is maybe we could look into this as its not a terrible idea. These items mentioned are usually staple items in every event. I'm greatful for the feedback and hopefully my response has given you our outlook on the event when creating it and some of the reasons behind some of the decisions.
  11. Welcome back! Enjoy yourself!
  12. Just to comment on this or rather re-iterate what I said earlier but with more detail. I only have a little control on how hard a boss is. With the way the game is designed a boss is created to have the exact skills its given. In other games I've worked on in the past and other games I've helped with normally you'd have a skill/spell list and a monster list that you then given the skills/spells to the monster and thats that, so if you wanted to create a hard boss you can rag tag a couple of hard skills together and put them on the boss or make some custom skills that are designed to be hard via a mechanic. However, Closers is a completely different beast I'm afraid, the way their system is designed your monster is created with its skills externally and then imported into the game's data files as such. So although boss A and boss B might have 2 skills that could make a challenging fight we can't simply give the event boss these skills. So what does that mean? Basically the only choice we have to make a challenging boss fight is to take something that is already tricky or hard and change its stats to make it either unforgiving or match the current level of player base. I know this sucks and I wish I had more control on this but you can ask Rulebook and Rin about the many nights we where working on trying to make the original boss that we had before Seha hard and we just had no success. So the only real thing I can put forward is if people have suggestions of a better challenging boss for future challenge modes then suggesting it or passing a list to one of the player staff so that in the next event we can have something a bit more fun. I honestly wish there was more I could do with this game but Naddic have made a lot of poor design choices. I've worked with a lot of different systems over the past couple of years and this has to be one of the most poorly designed systems I've seen. You'd be best tagging one of the staff or Harpy about stuff like this as mentioned earlier I try my best to avoid making any decisions for the game as I do not and have not really played it to a degree where I feel like I know whats good/best. Harpy has and the other staff still do so usually even if I come up with ideas for the game it's always bounced of them first as my strength comes from actual dev work and not design. I will however tag Harpy so that when she is around she can look into it and give her opinion on the matter. @Harpy
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