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  1. thank you for the reply guys, But it said 6 (tho it's from the game right?) And also, i already have the tail too... It's already *3 Or is it 8/8? I might gotta try to get the weapon later then...
  2. Hello developers... I found another bug for White Cat Club set. It said that i need to use 6 *3 white cat club costume pieces to get the pfp. Then i checked on the images, it said i just need to put em into my costume inventory. But i already have them all (even i used them), i still couldn't get the pfp... Please fix this bug, i really want have the pfp for my violet btw... It looks good Thank you.
  3. ah.. Thank you for confirming by another chara Freir... i guess, it's just luna prob...
  4. look... this is really buggy... I hope developer really can fix it...
  5. It has already a month... But i wonder if the developers literally want to fix it or not...
  6. Absolutely love this! Even tho i'm still a noob player for my bae Vio :') (she's really beautiful in my heart tbh) And also, best place practice for Vio is => Andras operation (i just use that place for practicing the combos) Best Regards~
  7. sorry for a late reply... But do you need more screenshots by any chance? On my 1st post left is official server and right is on C:C
  8. I found a kinda weird location on this hat... I doubt that it was only my feelings. But after i checked with my old picture albums (when i played on official server one) the location looks totally off. since i just only have Luna character and seha (but the acc is on Luna only), i can't check to the other characters. If people can share their photos, it will surely help more. Can we fix this? I would be really grateful if the developers can do it. 😄
  9. i don't have much time to like that again... i already had to farm more than 3 weeks just for those mats... I'm working and why this server doesn't give that facility like on official one? Also This thing is still bugged and i can't use it... I already did TC from TC 3 to TC 4 more than 40 times and failed at all... Farming just for nothing is pretty making me stressful....
  10. A facility on the game shop to sell Transcendence Stone Preservative and Shape Memory Device via bits. why do I say that? Because some people have really bad luck in TC-ing and have no credits in game to get those items. And surely the impact for the developer itself is getting more money from it. So, why not? I hope you can fulfill this.
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